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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 21: capture of New Orleans.--first attack on Vicksburg by Farragut's fleet and mortar flotilla.--junction of flag-officers Farragut and Davis above Vicksburg.--ram Arkansas. (search)
ordinary seaman. Mortar flotilla.--6 scalded, 1 killed, 1 drowned. Wounded-30. Flag-ship Hartford.--Charles Allen, seaman, slightly; Alexander Capron, landsman, slightly; Lawrence Fay, boy, slightly; Patrick Roach, coalheaver, head; Philip Roberts, seaman, severely; Sylvester Becket, landsman, slightly; Alfred Stone, landsman, slightly; John H. Knowles, quartermaster, slightly; John Hardgan, landsman, slightly; Joseph----, ordinary seaman, slightly; Nathan Salter, ordinary seaman, contllen, seaman, head; Alex'r Capron, landsman, head; Lawrence Fay, boy; Patrick Roach, coal-heaver; Sylvester Becket, Alfred Stone and John Hardigan, landsmen; Jno. H. Knowles, quartermaster and Nathan J. Salter, ordinary seaman; all slightly. Philip Roberts, seaman, severely; Joseph Guido, ordinary seaman, thigh; Flag-officer D. G. Farragut and Jno. L. Broome, captain of marines, slight contusions. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. M. Foltz, Fleet Surgeon. Commander Richard
My officers and men are entitled to great praise, and fought with the most perfect coolness and determination. I had with me Majors Humphrey and Wallis, (wounded,) Captains Gifford, Chidister, Knight, (wounded;) Cameron, Blake, more, and Booth; Adjutant Stevenson; Battalion Adjutant Blackburn, (wounded,) Lieuts. Harrington, Shear, Ellsworth, Bayley, and Shattuck, all of the Ninth Illinois cavalry. My guide, William McCulloch, Sergeant-Major Price, Battalion Sergeant-Majors Knight and Roberts, and Chief Bugler Fritson also behaved admirably. I was struck with a rifle-ball in the breast, which sickened me for a time, but I soon recovered from its effects sufficiently to give orders. My wounded men were well cared for by Surgeon James W. Brackett and Assistant Surgeon Charles Brackett, for which they have my thanks. My loss was thirty-three officers and men killed and wounded. Seven horses killed and twenty-four wounded. The loss to the enemy, under Colonel Matlock, was
killed, seven.--Flag-ship Hartford--Edward E. Jennings, seaman, from Massachusetts. Richmond — George Allstrum, ordinary seaman; Thomas Flarity, seaman. Oneida — Stephen H. Randall, seaman. Pinola — William H. Thomas, quarter-gunner; Thomas Graham, landsman. Scioto — Augustine Ellsworth, ordinary seaman. wounded, thirty.--Flag-ship Hartford--Chas. Allen, seaman, slightly; Alexander Cafrau, landsman, slightly; Lawrence Fay, boy, slightly; Patrick Roach, coal-heaver, head; Philip Roberts, seaman, severely; Sylvester Beckit, landsman, slightly; Alfred Stone, landsman, slightly; John H. Knowles, quartermaster, slightly; John Hardegan, landsman, slightly; Joseph Lands, ordinary seaman, slightly; Nathan Salter, ordinary seaman, contusion; Capt. John L. Broome, marine, contusion; Flag-Officer D. G. Farragut, slight contusion. Richmond — Howard F. Maffat, master's mate, amputated arm; James Noonan, ordinary seaman, contusion; Thomas Nolan, marine, do.; George W. Harris,
o, by the way, has always been the brains and right hand of Woolford's cavalry, declares that he will never believe another rebel, will take no more prisoners, and intends to fight against treason in this war and the next, and the one after that indefinitely. He rallied his boys, made a speech to them, and upon their return to the field nearly monopolized the fighting. Twenty-five men of the First Kentucky were killed and wounded. Among the number are Captain G. W. Drye, wounded; Lieutenant Phil. Roberts, wounded; Captain Kelly, killed; Lieutenant Cann, missing; Lieutenant Peyton, missing. Of the Forty-fifth Ohio, ninety-one were killed, wounded, and missing, among whom are Captain Jennings, wounded; Captain Ayler, wounded; Lieutenant Macbeth, wounded; Lieutenant Wiltshire, wounded; Lieutenant Mears, wounded. The conduct of the rebels was barbarous in the extreme. All prisoners, dead, and wounded were stripped. Four dead bodies of the Forty-fifth were found quite naked. One w
Continued. --The case of Chas. Jordan Miller, charged with beating Philip Roberts, will be heard to-day.