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utenant Walker, of company E, in the Forty-fourth regiment, highly distinguished himself for his gallantry. The Fifty-eighth had four killed and eighteen wounded. The Forty-fourth had fifteen killed and thirty-five wounded, nearly one half of those present at the battle. The Fifty-second had twelve killed and sixty-five wounded, and seven missing. Amongst those were Lieutenant G. W. Seaford, killed, and Captain P. Moore and Lieutenant W. Ridgeway, wounded, in the Fifty-eighth. Lieutenant William H. Robertson, killed, and Captain John T. Martin, Captain Thomas R. Buckner, and Captain John S. Anderson, and Lieutenant Omohundro, Lieutenant James H. Hughes, wounded, in the Forty-fourth. Captain B. T. Walton, killed, and Lieutenant Lewis Harman, Lieutenant S. Brown, Lieutenant John Hanna, and Lieutenant James White, wounded, in the Fifty-second. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, W. C. Scott, Commanding Brigade. Report of General Taliaferro. headquarters Third brigade
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
Ordered to report to A. J. F., Medical-Director, Dalton, Jan. 27, ‘64, ordered to report to Major Robertson, commanding Reserve Artillery, Jan. 31, ‘64. Bassett, H. W., Assistant Surgeon, appointeecretary of War Sept. 26, ‘62, to rank July 23, ‘62. Passed Board July 24, ‘62. Jan. 31, ‘62, Robertson's Battery, vice Thomassen's by order Surgeon Foard, July 31, ‘63, Water's Battery. Jan. 31, ‘6. 31, ‘63, 2nd and 15th Arkansas Regiments. April 30, ‘64, 2nd and 24th Arkansas Regiments. Robertson, James E., Surgeon. Passed Board, of which O. B. Knode was President. March 31, ‘63, 9th Texhnston's Battalion. Roberts, J. J., Assistant Surgeon. Sept. 30,‘63, 5th Texas Regiment. Robertson, Wm. H., Assistant Surgeon. Passed Board at Charleston, S. C., April 6, ‘64. April 28, ‘64, ostant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War, Aug. 16, ‘62, to rank May 21, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘62, Robertson's Battery. Sept. 30, ‘63, Dent's Battery. Mar. 31, ‘64, Court
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Hospitals and Medical officers in charge, attached to the Army of Tennessee, July, 1864. (search)
olling A. Pope. Zzzauburn, Alabama. Texas Hospital, Acting Surgeon Lewis A. Bryan. Zzzbarnesville, Georgia. Kingsville Hospital, Surgeon B. N. Avent. Kingston Hospital, Surgeon George W. McWade, Assistant Surgeon V. S. Hopping. Medical College Hospital, W. P. Westmoreland, Surgeon. Flewellen Hospital, Surgeon Miles H. Nash. Erwin Hospital, Surgeons Joseph A. Groves and B. N. Avent. Zzzcuthbert, Georgia. Hood Hospital, Surgeon V. H. Morrison. Hill Hospital, Surgeon William H. Robertson. Templar Hospital, Surgeon Edward Lea. Zzzcolumbus, Georgia —Carlisle Terry, Senior Surgeon. General Hospital, Carlisle Terry, Surgeon. Lee Hospital, W. A. Robertson, Surgeon. Marshall Hospital, T. A. Weams, Surgeon. Walker Hospital. Zzzcovington, Georgia. Lumpkin's Hospital, Edward Lea, Surgeon. General Hospital, F. E. Daniel, Surgeon. Zzzeufaula, Alabama. General Hospital, Paul De Lacy Baker, Surgeon. Zzzedonton, Georgia —John W. Henson
Judge Halyburton, of the C. S. Circuit Court, has been engaged two days in hearing a cause which will prove of interest to all who have put substitutes in the field. Mr. Robertson, it seems, employed John Murphy, a non-conscript, and had him regularly received and mustered in as a substitute.--Some time after said Murphy was claimed as a deserter from some regiment, and taken possession of by the officers of that regiment, he denying that be was a deserter.--Twelve months after Robinson was conscripted because his substitute had been thus claimed, though no proof was shown that Murphy was a deserter. Robinson thereupon sued out a writ of habeas corpus, and Judge Halyburton is to decide whether R. is liable to service under the circumstances above stated. His opinion is looked to with great interest.
The cage. --The following parties were received at the cage yesterday: Beverly, slave of Hardgrove & Co., charged with having a hog not his own, and believed to have been stolen; Daniel Ryan, a white man, charged with receiving one piece of yarn cloth of the value of $300, the property of John B Harvey; Wm. H. Robertson, charged with intent to break the peace by being engaged in a duel with W. O. McCorkle.
Almost a Dad. --On Wednesday last the day police arrested Dr. William H. Robertson, of Petersburg, and Dr. W. O. McCorkle, of Tennessee, charged with being about to engage in a duel, in violation of the laws of this Commonwealth. Yesterday morning the parties were before the Major, and each held to bail to keep the peace in the sum of $1,500. The parties were prisoners at Fort McHenry, where a difficulty occurred between them, which they determined to settle as soon as they were liberatediberated. Arriving here on the flag-of-truce boat on Tuesday morning, Dr. Robertson soon after sent a challenge, which was accepted by Dr. McCorkle, and the duel would have taken place on Wednesday morning but for the serious indisposition of Dr. McC.'s second. In the course of the day the acquaintances of the parties got wind of the pending hostilities, and, to prevent the effusion of blood, called in the officers of the law to their aid-- "Blessed is the peace maker," saith the good book.