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Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 14: fall of 1862 (search)
battle. This had been Lee's plan, if the threat of Jackson's position upon the Federal flank should fail to prevent their advance. Burnside's organization was as follows:— Grand Divs.corpsDIVISIONSBRIGADESARTILLERY Right Grand Division2d CorpsHancockCaldwell, Meagher, Zook CouchHoward FrenchSully, Owen, Hall, Kimball, Palmer, Andrews8 Batteries Sumner9th Corps WillcoxSturgis GettyPoe, Christ, Leasure Nagle, Ferrero Hawkins, Harland6 Batteries Centre Grand Division3d CorpsBirneyRobinson, Ward, Berry StonemanSickles WhippleCarr, Hall, Revere Piatt, Carroll9 Batteries Hooker5th CorpsGriffinBarnes, Sweitzer, Stockton ButterfieldSykesBuchanan, Andrew, Warren8 Batteries HumphreysTyler, Allabach Left Grand Division1st CorpsDoubledayPhelps, Rogers, Gavin, Meredith ReynoldsGibbon MeadeRoot, Lyle, Taylor Sinclair, Magilton, Jackson11 Batteries Franklin6th CorpsBrooksTorbert, Cake, Russell W. F. SmithHowePratt, Whiting, Vinton11 Batteries NewtonCochrane, Devens, Rowley 6 C
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 15: Chancellorsville (search)
d, as the finest army on the planet. His organization was as follows, with the strength of each corps present for duty equipped on April 30. corpsDIVISIONSBRIGADESARTILLERY Batts.Guns 1stWadsworthPhelps, Cutler, Paul, Meredith1052 ReynoldsRobinsonRoot, Baxter, Leonard 16,908DoubledayRowley, Stone 2dHancockCaldwell, Meagher, Zook, Brook848 CouchGibbonSully, Owen, Hall 16,893FrenchCarroll, Hays, MacGregor 3dBirneyGraham, Ward, Hayman954 SicklesBerryCarr, Revere, Mott 18,721WhippleFraArtillery, 2d Corps26124150 Total 2d Corps1,2626,8701,5019,63335,800 Lee, F., Cav. Brig.4711 Pelham's Arty.46818 Grand Total1,6839,2772,19613,15656,444 Federal casualties COMMANDSKILLEDWOUNDEDMISSINGTOTALSTRENGTH Reynolds's Div.115218 Robinson's Div.742655 Doubleday's Div.1233862 Total 1st Corps9804613516,908 Hancock's Div.784456011,124 French's Div.63506119688 Two Divs. 2d Corps1419517201,81216,893 Birney's Div.1199255631,607 Berry's Div.1,0372441,429 Whipple's Div.111682289
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 16: Gettysburg: the first day (search)
rmore averages at seven per cent for Infantry and Artillery and 15 per cent for Cavalry. Army of the Potomac. Present for duty, June 30, 1863 corps STRENGTHDIVISIONSBRIGADESARTILLERY Batts.Guns 1st CorpsWadsworth Meredith, Cutler ReynoldsRobinsonPaul, Baxter 10,355RowleyBiddle, Stone, Stannard523 2d CorpsCaldwellCross, Kelley, Zook, Brook HancockGibbonHarrow, Webb, Hall 13,056HaysCarroll, Smyth, Willard524 3d CorpsBirneyGraham, Ward, De Trobriand Sickles 12,630HumphreysCarr, Brewslds was killed. He was an excellent soldier and was well known to have been the choice of the army to replace Hooker. Meanwhile, Cutler was now reenforced by Rowley's division of the same corps, which extended its line farther to the right. Robinson's division also approached and was held in reserve near by. Later, as the engagement grew more severe, it was also put into the battle. Meanwhile, Hill had formed Pender's division in line of battle in rear of Heth, but it was held in reserve
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 17: Gettysburg: second day (search)
both sides suffered severely in men and horses. A number of Federal batteries were captured, and held temporarily, but only two or three guns could be brought off the field. Hunt's report says:— The batteries were exposed to heavy front and enfilading fires and suffered terribly, but as rapidly as any were disabled they were retired and replaced by others. Besides the reenforcements of 12 brigades already mentioned (including Crawford's Pa. reserves), Meade had followed them with Robinson's and Doubleday's divisions of the 1st corps, five brigades (taken from the lines in front of Hill's corps), and with Williams's division, three brigades of the 12th corps. Two more brigades, Candy's and Cobham's, of Geary's division of the 12th corps, were also withdrawn from the intrenchments upon Culp's Hill, and ordered to the left, but they missed their road and did not reach the scene of action in time. These withdrawals left of the 12th corps but a single brigade, Greene's, holding
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 18: Gettysburg: third day (search)
cIntosh's Arty.72532 Pegram's Arty.1037148 Reserve Arty.176216,735 3d Corps8374,4071,4916,735 Confederate casualties. Gettysburg. Approximate by brigades COMMANDSKILLEDWOUNDEDMISSINGTOTAL Hampton17581691 Lee, F.5162950 Lee, W. H. F.2261341 Jones1240658 Jenkins's Arty. Total Cavalry3614064240 Aggregate2,59212,7095,15020,451 Livermore's Estimate3,90318,7355,42528,063 Federal casualties. Gettysburg by divisions COMMANDSKILLEDWOUNDEDMISSINGTOTAL Wadsworth2991,2296272,155 Robinson916169831,690 Rowley2651,2965412,103 Wainwright's Arty.98611106 1st Corps6663,1312,1626,059 Caldwell1878802081,275 Gibbon3441,2121011,647 Hays238987661,291 Hazard's Arty.271193149 2d Corps7973,1943784,369 Birney2711,3843562,011 Humphreys3141,5622162,092 Randolph's Arty.88117106 3d Corps5933,0295894,211 Barnes167594142904 Ayres164802631,029 Crawford261813210 Martin832243 5th Corps3651,6112112,187 Federal casualties. Gettysburg by divisions COMMANDSKILLEDWOUNDEDMISSINGTO
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 20: battle of the Wilderness (search)
es60 Guns MottMcAllester Brewster 5TH corps. Warren GriffinAyresSweitzerBartlettWainwright RobinsonLeonardBaxterDennison9 Batts. CrawfordMcCandlessFisher54 Guns WadsworthCutlerRiceStone 6TH coy and Humphreys had hardly gotten into position when they were charged by the three brigades of Robinson's division of the 5th corps. Each brigade was formed in column of regiments, four lines deep. perior in numbers, the Federals were repulsed, leaving the ground strewn with dead and wounded, Robinson being among the latter. Haskell's guns took part in the repulse and did fine service, losing a, was moving upon him. Wofford and Bryan now rejoined Field. Meanwhile, after the repulse of Robinson's division, Griffin's division made two assaults. The first met about the same fate as RobinsoRobinson. The second did not come so far, but secured positions to our right, where they could find cover from 300 to 400 yards away, and began to intrench. Crawford's division next came up to Griffin's le