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Mr. Lambert, by seven boys, in Hanover street, June 20, 1825 Watchman Houghton, by John Holland, in State street, Dec. 12, 1825 Joseph White, by Knapp and others, at Salem, Apr. 16, 1830 John Rich, by Elmer Campbell, in Ann street, Sep. 24, 1832 Sarah M. Connell, by Ephraim K. Avery (susp.), Tiverton, R. I., Dec. 31, 1832 -Lowell, by-Riley, in Clinton street, Mar. 20, 1836 Ellen Jewett, by Richard P. Robinson, in New York City, Apr. 14, 1836 Charles N. Lincoln, by Abner Rogers, in State Prison, June 16, 1843 James Germain, by Charles Greenleaf, in Sudbury street, June 1, 1844 James Norton, by Peter York, in Richmond street, July 2, 1844 Murder Jonas L. Parker, by unknown, in Manchester, N. H., Apr. 1, 1845 Maria Bickford, by Albert J. Tyrrell (charged), in Mt. Vernon avenue, Oct. 22, 1845 David Estes, watchman, by unknown, in Sister street, Apr. 27, 1848 Ellen Oakes, by Augustus Dutee, in Hanover street, Apr. 27, 1848 Thomas Harding,
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 2., The development of the public School of Medford. (search)
Furness taught a term, and as no other man seems to have been employed with him the second room was probably unoccupied. Teachers in the third School-house 1795-1846 FromToHarvard classNotes 1795May, 1796Joseph Wyman 1796Aug.-Dec. 1796Thomas Mason1796from Princeton, Mass., b. 1769 1796Dec.-July, 1797Leonard Woods1796from Princeton, b. 1774 1797Aug.-Aug. 1799Daniel Appleton White1797from Methuen, b. 1776 1799Sept.-Nov. 1800Silas Warren1795from Westown, b. 1767 1800Mch.-April, 1803Abner Rogers1800from Hampstead, N. H., b. 1775 1803May-June, 1803Peter Nourse1803from Boston, b. 1774 ??Daniel Swan1803b. 1781 at Charlestown 1806Feb.-Aug. 1807Samuel Weed1800from Amesbury, b. 1774 School-house enlarged and two schools established 1807 1807July-May, 1809Abijah Kendallfrom Templeton 1807Aug.-Aug. 1808David Bates1807from Cohasset, b. 1784 1808Sept.-Nov. 1811Noah Kendall 1812April-Oct. 1812Eliphas B. JonesTaught Girls School 1813May-Nov. 1813Jeduthan RicharTaught Girls School 1
. A large, powerful man; a great wrestler. Settled as minister of Deerfield, 1799. Fall 1796, 1797. Leonard Woods of Princeton, for six months. Joined the church under Dr. Osgood. President Andover Theological Seminary. Died there Aug., 1854, aged 81. 1798, 1799. David A. White of Methuen, to Aug., 1799. Afterward Latin tutor in Harvard College nearly four years, State senator, member of Congress, judge of Probate, Essex Co. Died Mar. 30, 1861, aged 84. 1800 to 1802. Abner Rogers of Hampstead, N. H. Afterward proctor in Harvard College, then a highly respectable lawyer in Charlestown. Died there Feb. 23, 1814. 1802. Daniel Kimball of Bradford. Afterward minister in Hingham, then principal of Academy in Needham. 1802. Peter Nourse, six months. Afterward librarian of Harvard College, then minister in——. Aug., 1803, Aug., 1805. Daniel Swan of Medford. Studied medicine with Gen'l Brooks, afterward physician in Brighton and in Medford since 1816.