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le, Marshall S. Scudder, George Higginson, Thomas Russell, Edward S. Philbrick, Oliver Ellsworth, Robert W. Hooper, John H. Stevenson, John H. Silsbee, Manuel Fenollosa, G. Mitchell, John W. Brooks, Samuel Cabot, Jr., John Lowell, James T. Fields, Henry Lee, Jr., George S. Hale, William Dwight, Richard P. Waters, Avery Plummer, Jr., Alexander H. Rice, John J. May, John Gardner, Mrs. Chas. W. Sumner, Albert G. Browne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William B. Rogers, Charles Buffum, John S. Emery, Gerritt Smith, Albert G. Browne, Jr., Mrs. S. R. Urbino, Edward W. Kinsley, Uriah and John Ritchie, Pond & Duncklee, John H. and Mary E. Cabot, Mary P. Payson, Manuel Emilio, Henry W. Holland, Miss Halliburton, Frederick Tudor, Samuel Johnson, Mary E. Stearns, Mrs. William J. Loring, Mrs. Governor Andrew, Mrs. Robert C. Waterston, Wright & Potter, James B. Dow, William Cumston, John A. Higginson, Peter Smit
, as the men were first exposed in the trying months of February and March. Now and then the monotony of camp life was broken by some noteworthy event. On April 21, a visit was received from the Ladies' Committee. Mrs. Governor Andrew, Mrs. W. B. Rogers, Mrs. E. D. Cheney, Mrs. C. M. Severance, Miss Abby W. May, Judge Russell, Rev. Mr. Grimes, Charles W. Slack, and J. H. Stevenson were of the party. Another event was the review by Governor Andrew and Secretary Chase in the afternoon of Ap cloudless. Very early, friends of the command began to arrive in private carriages, and by the extra trains run to Readville. Many prominent persons were present, including Surgeon-General Dale, Hon. Thomas Russell, Professor Agassiz, Prof. William B. Rogers, Hon. Josiah Quincy, George S. Hale, William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Samuel May, Rev. Dr. Neale, Frederick Douglass, and many others. The parade was thronged with white and colored people of both sexes, to the number of over
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Chapter 13: operations about Pocotaligo. (search)
ately, our pickets wounded. General Hatch pushed the One Hundred and Second United States Colored Troops along the railroad, and the Twenty-fifth Ohio through Green Pond, to Ashepoo, on the 14th, where the bridges were found burned. A force crossed the river in boats, and drove a few of the enemy away. Meanwhile, during our field service, the following changes had occurred in the Fifty-fourth: Lieutenant Duren, having broken a leg by falling from his horse at Morris Island, went North, and never returned. Lieutenant Littlefield resigned, and Lieutenant Hallett took charge of the camp. Lieutenant Rogers re-joined the regiment from there. Lieutenant James, recommissioned, reported; but his old wound soon forced him to return to Hilton Head. Captain Pope was made major, Lieutenant Howard captain of Company I, and Second Lieutenants Stevens and Charles Jewett, Jr., were promoted first lieutenants. Lieutenants Charles F. Joy and William L. Whitney, Jr., newly appointed, joined.
ny C, Lieutenant Spear; Company B, Lieutenant Hallett; Company H, Captain Tucker and Lieutenant Stevens; Company A, Lieutenant Rogers; Company D, Captain Chipman and Lieutenant Swails; Company G, Captain Appleton; Company E, Lieutenant Emerson, commr the woods directly in our front. Stevens deployed one platoon on the left of the road, holding the other for support. Rogers disposed of his company on the right in the same way. Advancing, we soon found the ground low and overflowed with water. making quick their retreat and leaving behind the heavy timbering of the work in flames. During the interchange of shots Rogers and two men of his company were wounded. We did not or could not cross the river. I remember well of being sufficientlympany, of dismounted cavalry. Privates J. C. Johnson and J. H. White, of Company H, were the men wounded. When Lieutenant Rogers was disabled, Lieutenant Stevens took command of Company A, which he retained until his death. After a march of fi
tenants Edmands, Swails, and Whitney were promoted first lieutenants. Assistant-Surgeon Radzinsky was made surgeon One Hundred and Fourth United States Colored Troops; and Lieutenants Leonard and Hallett, captains One Hundred and Third United States Colored Troops. Those who resigned, or were mustered out at the expiration of their personal terms of service, were Lieutenant-Colonel Hooper, Adjutant Duren, Quartermaster Ritchie, Captains Bridge, Jewett, and Emerson, and Lieutenants Spear, Rogers, Bridgham, and Jewett. Lieutenant Edmands acted as quartermaster until June 21, when Lieutenant Vogelsang was made regimental-quartermaster. Lieutenant Joy relieved Lieutenant Whitney as acting adjutant until Lieutenant Swails relieved him July 1. The latter was then succeeded by Lieutenant Conant. Sergeant Wilkins, of Company D, was appointed acting sergeantmajor, and Thomas E. Platner, of Company A, principal musician. Preparatory to discharge the Fifty-fourth was relieved from garris
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Roster of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
ass. Cav. 9 Apl 63. Spear, Daniel G.; 2nd Lieut. —— 1840; single; sailmaker; Boston. 2d Lt 19 Jly 63, must. 13 Mch 64. Resigned 3 Je 65. Other service:—Co. H 24th Mass. 10 Oct 61, Corpl, Sergt; re-enld 4 Jan 64. Died —— at Boston, Mass. Rogers, Frederick Eugene; 2nd Lieut. 16 Sep 45 Chelsea; single; clerk; Chelsea. 2d Lt 4 Feb 64, must. 3 May. Resigned 12 Je 65. Wounded 7 Apl 65 near Kingstree, S. C. Other service:— Co. D. 13th Mass. 24 Mch 62; re-enld. 4 Jan 64. Waco, Tex. Hall5. —— Remsley, George 19, sin.; laborer; Green Co. O. 12 May63; 20Aug 65. $50. Toledo, O. Rensellaer, Charles M. 21, sin.; blacksmith; Easthampton. 16 Nov 63; died pris. 8 Je 64 Andersonville, Ga. Captd. 20 Feb 64 Olustee, Fla. $325. Rogers, Edward 26, —— —— Burlington, Vt. 21 Dec 63; 20 Aug 65. —— Schuyler, Arthur T. 18, sin.; laborer; Lawrence. 4 Mch 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Scott, William 21, sin.; coachman; Newark, N. J. 14 Feb 63; 20 Aug 65. Wounded 20 Fe
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