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rious coming of it. The hostile force may be only a small one and we daresay will not give battle, but retire on its main body. For, in the field we live merely from day to day anyhow and sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. We are not in the confidence of the powers that be and know nothing of their Confederates in camp This photograph of Confederate troops in Camp was taken at Camp Moore, Louisiana, in 1861. The man writing the letter home on the box is Emil Vaquin, and Arthur Roman is the man completing the washing. Thomas Russel is gleaning the latest news from the paper, and Amos Russel is grinding coffee. The fifth man is Octave Babin. Names of French extraction, these, appropriate to Louisiana. The soldiers are facing their period of breaking-in. A veteran of the eastern army describes this transition period: Our breaking — in was rather rough—it was the beginning of a prolonged spell of wet, raw weather, which is so often mentioned in McClellan's reports o
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