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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 5. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Leading Confederates on the battle of Gettysburg. (search)
ght (38) missing. Our entire loss in the trans-Potomac campaign was seven hundred and thirty-one (731). Colonel Avery, of the Thirty-third, who continued at his post after he had been bruised by a shell, refrains from making special allusion to any one of his command, as they all gallantly discharged their duties. Colonel Barbour, of the Thirty-seventh, refers to his heavy loss as sufficient evidence of the gallantry of his command. The loss of such officers as Lieutenants D)ohertv, Royster, Jno. P. Elms, and W. N. Michle, who nobly discharged their duties, will be seriously felt. Colonel Barry, of the Eighteenth, is proud of his command, which acted throughout the campaign in a manner satisfactory to him and creditable to themselves. Colonel Lowe, of the Twenty-eight, was wounded and had to leave, but Lieutenant-Colonel Speer speaks in high terms of the bravery of his officers and men during the whole of that desperate and hard-fought battle. He alludes to Adjutant R.
he day. But the loss was fearful. Col. John M. Wimer and Col. Emmet MacDonald were killed, and many other field and company officers. Col. John C. Porter was shot from his horse and seriously wounded, at the head of his troops. Shelby mentioned of his command, Maj. G. R. Kirtley and Capt. C. M. Turpin, of the First, killed; Captain Dupuy, of the Second, lost a leg; and Capt. Washington McDaniel, of Elliott's scouts, fell with a bullet through his breast just as the enemy retreated. Lieutenant Royster was left on the field badly wounded; Captains Crocker, Burkholder, Jarrett and Webb, of the Second, were also severely wounded; Capt. James M. Garrett fell in the front of the fight. Captains Thompson and Langhorne, and Lieutenants Elliott, Haney, Graves, Huff, Williams, Bullard and Bulkley were also severely wounded. Shelby was hard hit on the head, and his life was saved by the bullet glancing on a gold badge he wore on his hat. That night, January 11th, the dead were buried by
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.9 (search)
tt, James H. Harrison, Samuel J. Harvey, John B. Isaacs, Wm. B. Jinkins, Andrew James, Edwin T. Johnston, Andrew Lyons, William H. Leftwich, John H. McCance, Thomas W. McKeil, John W. Martin, Jordan H. Meredith, R. L. Mitchell, John (Irish patriot). Maury, Robert H. Montague, John H. Purcell, John Perkins, E. T. Paine, Robert A. Palmer, George S. Peachy, Dr. St. G. Quarles, Benj. M. Randolph, Joseph W. Richardson, R. P. Royster, George W. Spence, E. B. Starke, P. H. Starke, Marcellus T. Sutton, William M. Snead, William W. Staples, W. T. Smith, George W. Smith, Samuel B. Scott, James A. Tucker, John R. Tyndall, Mark A. Valentine, Mann S. Wright, Philip J. Wells, Alex. B. Wilson, Edward Wilson, John J. Worthan, C. T. Wortham, C. E. Weisiger Powhatan Whitlock, Chas. E. Whitlock, John E. Wynne, Chas. H. Walker, Isaac H. Honorary members.
New Hospitals have been established in this city, under the general superintendence of Dr. St. Geo. Peachy, at the commodious factories of the Messrs. Grant, on 19th street, and at Royster's factory, on 25th street, with a capacity to accommodate eight hundred sick soldiers. One is already in operation, and the arrangements are of such a character as to ensure the comfort, so far as possible, of those who may be brought there for medical treatment.
Personal. --Among the arrivals at the Exchange Hotel yesterday were Ex Governor Henry S. Foote; Hon. Messrs. Hanley, Butsen, and Royster, Arkansas; R. J. Breckinridge, Wm. Ballard Preston, Hon. E. S. Sparrow, Louisiana; Hon. Messra Henry, Haynes, and Wilcox, Tennessee; M. W. Clusky, 2d Tennessee regiment; Captain G. R. Gaither, Maryland. We were pleased to see on the streets yesterday. Col. W-m B. Taliaferro, of the old 23d Virginia regiment, and commander of the 4th brigade, Gen. Boring's force. Col. T. looks well, although he has seen as hard service as any in the field. His command, we understand, has been ordered to Manassas.
mith of Va., Gaither of N. C., Dawkins of Fla., and Chambliss of Va. Judicatory.--Messrs. Gartrell of Geo., Russell of Va. Dargan of Ala., Moore of Ky., Garland of Ark., Heiskell of Tenn., Gray of Texas, Ashe of N. C., and Holcombe of Va. Commerce--Messrs. Curry of Ala., Trippe of Geo., Cooke of Mo., McDowell of N. C., Lyons of Va., Sexton of Texas, Villere of La., F. W. Bruce of Ky., and Chambliss of Miss. Post-Offices and Post Roads.--Messrs. Chilton of Ala., Conrow of Mo., Royster of Ark., Johnson of Va., Clark of Geo., Davidson of N. C., Welsh of Miss., Hilton of Fla., and Herbert of Texas. Territories and Public Lands.--Messrs. Wilcox of Texas, Marshall of La., Jenkins of Va., Freeman of Mo., Foster of Ala., Batson of Ark., Lewis of Geo., Ewing of Ky., and Meness of Tenn. Indian Affairs--Messrs. Singleton of Miss., Elliott of Ky., Hanley of Ark., Dupre of La., Goods of Va., Tibbs of Tenn., Wright of Texas, Arrington of N. C., and Rawis of Ala. Parent
The Daily Dispatch: August 6, 1863., [Electronic resource], Morality and Might the Old World and the New (search)
For Hire --For the balance of the year, a good House Servant, Washer, and Ironer, For a good home the price will be reasonable. Wm S Royster, Corner Cary and Virginia sts. au 6--2t*
For Hire --For the balance of the year, a good House Servant Washer, and Ironer. For a good home the price will be reasonable. Wm S Royster, Corner Cary, and Virginia sts. au 6--2t*
For hire --A first rate House Servant, Washer, and Ironer, just from the country. For a good home the price will be reasonable. Geo W Royster, Corner 13th and Cary streets, (up stairs) au 11--1t*
Negroes for Hire. --Two sprightly young Men, a Bricklayer and Farm Hand, can be hired on fair terms by applying soon to. J. B. Royster, 26th and Franklin sts. au 17--3t*
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