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1959$2029.03 Swan, Reed & Wyman20080. ————— Acres 2159$2109.03 Remonstrants against a Seperation of the Town of Charlestown. Names of Resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax A BabcockHouse & Store18 1/257.36 Edward CutterHouse & Store4341.47 Fitch CutterHouse & Store814.27 Timothy TuftsHouse & Store3 1/219.89 T SargentHouse & Store52.50 (torn)nnyHouse & Store525.51 (torn) TorryHouse & Store5853.80 (torn) eph Adams jrHouse Barn &c2527.44 James RussellHouse Barn &c4141.70 P. R. RussellHouse Barn &c7054.14 S P TeelHouse Barn &c2218.91 Names of Resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax Eb. Cutter610.18 T Gould2-3 do 1-3 Brewery39.22 J HagerHouse & Store15.13 E Lampson L Stanton65.63 Samuel GardnerHouse Barn &c5527.02 Jonathan Teel jrHouse Barn &c3616.92 Jonathan Teel71 1/241.40 (18 Resident Landholders) N. R. Landholders C Thomson Wm. Wyman N. Wyman W Dale C Wright166.16 (5 N. R. Landholders) Tenants Charles BradburyHouse & Brickyard16.11 Ja
s, to begin the first Tuesday in November, at $30 per month; Mr. John Parker, of Chelmsford, was engaged for the ward 6 school, at $32, from November 15; Philemon R. Russell, Jr., received the appointment to ward 4, at $27; and Bowan A. Tufts for ward 5, at $26, both to begin November 1 and to continue through the season. The nuthirty-eight for ward 5, and sixty-seven for ward 6 (Winter Hill). The teachers of these schools received for services as follows: Ezekiel D. Dyer, $150; Philemon R. Russell, Jr., $112; Charles Tidd, $102; Andrew Wallis, $160. In the report for ward 6 we read: This school in point of order and discipline has deteriorated since our was relieved February 5, 1828, on account of ill-health, and the latter probably did not serve that season, as the teachers, according to pay-roll, were Philemon R. Russell, Jr., $124, Bowen A. Tufts, $98, and A. G. Hoit, $137.60. Bills approved: Elizabeth D. Gardner, $63.40; Ann E. Whipple, $80; Susan R. Warren, $80; Elizabeth G
ore was appointed to school No. 4, Miss Stearns to No. 5, Miss Ward to No. 3, land Miss Gerrish to No. 6, tall for the summer term. For the winter term, Philemon R. Russell, Jr., was engaged to teach in ward 4, Samuel Pitts in ward 5, Joseph W. Jenks in ward 3, and Francis S. Eastman in ward 6. As the last named did not accept, ths. Of bills approved, Lemuel Gulliver received $125; Eliza D. Ward, $88; Miss Gerrish, $88; Miss M. Whittemore, $71.50; Miss Maria H. Stearns, $6.5; Philemon R. Russell, Jr., $120; Mr. Pitts, $98; and C. C. King, $160. Within the Neck, at the examinations, 1,035 were present out of an enrollment of 11,235. Two additional phe two latter $78. The male teachers for the winter schools in these four districts were: Joseph S. Hastings, of Shrewsbury, for the Woburn Road school; P. R. Russell, Jr., for the West Cambridge Road school; William Sawyer, Jr., for Winter Hill; and Henry C. Allen, of Bridgewater, for Milk Row. All Were to begin the first Mo
auditors of all bills that came before the trustees were Richard Frothingham, Jr., and Charles Forster. Special appropriation to repair Russell district schoolhouse$200.00 Salaries: Joshua Bates (Winthrop school)900.00 and for teaching ancient languages.100.00 Samuel Swan800.00 Mary B. Symmes200.00 Sarah G. Hay200.00 Harvard school:— N. Merrill45.00 Paul H. Sweetser855.00 Charles Kimball800.00 Mary E. Jones$200.00 M. S. Fernald200.00 Bunker Hill— William D. Swan724.25 Robert Swan175.00 B. F. Tweed157.50 Charlotte Cutter200.00 Primary teachers, each $210, fourteen Schools2,940.00 Winter Hill:— Ann E. Newell20.00 Ellen A. Damon45.00 James Hove280.00 Prospect Hill:— Miss E. P. Whittredge120.00 Amos S. Allen210.00 Milk Row:— Miss S. M. Burnham120.00 Joel Pierce192.50 Russell district:— Clara D. Whittemore96.00 P. R. Russell, Jr120.00 Gardner district:— M. W. J. Evans96.00 William R. Bagnall120.00 (To
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tisfaction, Miss Sarah M. Burnham was unanimously chosen to her place November 30. For the winter the teachers in the Russell and Gardner districts were Philemon R. Russell, Jr., and Stephen A. Swan, respectively. Mr. Russell received $120 for his services, and out of a total of thirty-nine pupils held an average of thirty. DeceMr. Russell received $120 for his services, and out of a total of thirty-nine pupils held an average of thirty. December 30 John C. Hooper was chosen to the place made vacant by the death of Stephen A. Swan, who was drowned while skating on Medford pond the 25th instant. December 16 we read that a violent gale injured the new schoolhouse building within the peninsula. March 5, 1840, this new structure, which was of brick, was named the Warreo. 20; Miss Elizabeth A. Caverno, at the Russell district. According to the annual report, she was succeeded for the winter term by Levi Russell, but by Philemon R. Russell, Jr., according to the records. Miss Charlotte Reynolds taught in the Gardner district. She was succeeded by a male teacher, to begin the first Monday in De
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