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ower part of this county and the upper part of Boone, I ask a small space in your paper to give the facts as they occurred. Captain Steinmitz belongs to company C, First Prov. regiment, E. M. M., Colonel Douglas commanding. The Captain left Glasgow at two o'clock P. M., May thirtieth, at the head of fifteen men of his company. He travelled till twelve o'clock that night, and reached Mrs. Jackman's farm, (mother of the bushwhacking colonel,) and after a good and complete search — for Captain Sam never leaves a thing half-finished — he was satisfied that the game had flown. He found some ammunition, and learned that the Colonel had been there only five hours before. We concluded it was best to stay in the vicinity until light, which we did. At eight o'clock A. M., thirty-first, we took the road for Rocheport, thoroughly scouring the intermediate country. We arrived at Rocheport at one P. M., thirty-first. During our rest of one hour, we learned that Major Rucker had been in
, Va., 567. Williamsburg, Va., 122. Yazoo Bluffs, Miss., 289. [See Minor Conflicts, p. 775.] Bayard, Gen. Geo. D., reports advance of the enemy, 175; killed at Fredericksburg, 347. Baylor, Col., wounded at Bull Run, 189. Beatty, Lt.-Col. Sam., succeeds Van Cleve on his fall at Stone River, 279. Beauregard, Gen. P. G. T., 545; at Pittsburg Landing, 60; succeeds Johnston. 64; dispatches from, 66-70; extracts from his report of battle at Pittsburg Landing, 67, 69, 70; retreats toreat to Corinth, 52; reasons for leaving Kentucky. 59; 60; in command at Pittsburg Landing, 60; killed, 64. Jones, Gen. D. R., at Thoroughfare Gap, 183; wounded at Antietam. 206. Jones, Gen. Thomas N., evacuates Pensacola, 459. Jones, Major-Gen. Sam., at Wytheville and Lewisburg, 403. Jones, Maj.-Gen. J. M., wounded at Malvern Hill, 166; moves to Harper's Ferry. 200; wounded at Gettysburg, 389; killed at the Wilderness. 568. Jones, Col., 24th Ohio, killed at Stone River, 281. Jon
idewell, on Century street, 1704 One built on Barton's Point, 1802 One built at South Boston, 1833 Convicts allowed to enlist, Nov., 1861 Of Industry, established at South Boston, June, 1833 Removed to Deer Island, May, 1834 Number of inmates, 1322, April, 1879 Of ill-repute, one on Prince street, destroyed by a mob, 1825 Driven from the Hill, 1826 Plenty in Ann street, 1850 Great raid on Ann street, Apr. 23, 1851 Said to be 150 in the City, 1860 Houston, Gen. Sam. lectured at Tremont Temple, Mar. 14, 1848 I. Ice A ship load sent to Calcutta, 1834 Twenty-five thousand tons shipped South, 1846 Ice Has become a great article of trade, 1880 Impeachment of President Johnson; great sensation, Feb., 1868 The last vote; attempt failed, May 26, 1868 Indians Obatinewat, Sachem of Shawmut, Sep. 19, 1621 Chief Miantunnomok gave Gov. Winthrop a skin, July 13, 1631 Women and children sold as slaves, July 6, 1637 Of B
ntion, 75 Harvard College, 75 Haunted House, 75 Hay, 75 Hay Scales, 75 Health Officers, 75 Heth, Joyce 75 Hewes, G. R. T. 75 Highway Surveyors, 75 High Sheriffs, 75, 76 Hills, 76 Holidays, 76 Homes, 76, 77 Hook, Jacob 77 Hoop Skirts, 77 Horn Blowing, 77 Hornet's Nest, 77 Horticultural Hall, 77 Horse Trot and Show, 77 Hospitals, 77, 78 Hotels, 78-82 House of Correction, 82 House of Industry, 82 Houses of Ill-Repute, 82 Houston, Gen. Sam 82 I. Ice, 82, 83 Impeachment, 83 Indians, 83 Independence, 83, 84 Innholders, 84 Insurance Offices, 84 Intelligence Offices, 84 Ireland, 84 Islands, 84-86 Italians, 86 J. Jay Treaty, 86 Jefferson, Thomas 86 Jews, 86 Jim Crow Rice, 86 Johnson, Isaac 86 Johannes, Count 86 Juba, 86 Jubilee, Peace 87 Judges of Courts, 87 Justices, 87 K. Kean, Edmund 87-88 Kenny, Hannah 88 Kearney, Dennis 88 Kid, Capt., Robert, 88 K
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The laying of the corner-stone of the monument to President Jefferson Davis, (search)
dore George N., 88. Howitzers, The Richmond, at Harper's Ferry in 1859, 110 Howlett House, Battery at, 40. Hunton, General, Eppa, Brigade of, 83. Irby, Captain, Richard, 240. Ireland, Mission of Lieutenant J. L. Capston to, in 1863, 202. Jackson, General John K., 121. Jackson, General T. J., Pen picture of, 135. James City Cavalry, its organization and service, 353. James, Captain C. F., 83. James, Captain George S., 111. Jones' Farm, Battle of, 337. Jones. General Sam., 67. Johnson, General Bull, 81. Johnson, General Bradley T., 117. Johnston, General, Albert Sidney, 119 Johnston, Colonel, William Preston, 122. Kenney's Farm, Battle of, 329. Kentucky, Attitude of in 1861, 295; soldiers in Mexican war, 59. Kilpatrick and Dahlgren Raid, 278. King William Artillery, Carter's Battery, Roster of, 156 Lane, General James H., 324. Lasker, M., services in Texas, 49. Last Battle of the War. 309. Last Gun fired in the War, 42. La
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.47 (search)
Fry, James, private. Know nothing. Gillet, Thomas, private. Know nothing. Gilliland, Sydney, private. Dead. Gibson, Stephen, private. Dead. Ginger, Sam, private. Living; Hively, Va. Greever, James, private. Living; Staunton, Va. Griner, George, private. Know nothing. Gay, Paul, private. Know nothing. Hiner, Byrd, private. Dead. Hickman, William A., private. Know nothing. Hicks, John, private. Dead. Hicks, David, private. Know nothing. Hepler, Sam, private. Living; Goshen, Va. Hook, Newton, private. Dead. Hodge, William, private. Living; Williamsville, Va. Hodge, Joseph, private. Dead. Hodge, n, Dave, private. Know nothing. Shelton, Jim, private. Know nothing. Swearingin, John, private. Not known. Stinespring, Henry, private. Dead. Siple, Sam, private. Living; West Virginia. Stewart, Fred., private. Know nothing. Stewart, Ned, private. Dead. Stewart, Henry D., private. Living; Huntington, W.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.64 (search)
Wayne, Carle, George, Coffman, Joseph, Childs, Ben, Cunningham, John, Daugherty, Sam, Davis, R. C., Duffy, J. W., Duval, H: R., Md.; Davis, Frank, Dyer, Robin, Dyce, Sam, Devectman, P., Md.; Enright, E. C., Fay, J. B. Md.; Fisher, J. G., Frederick, Lewis, Gray, S., Grady, George, Harness, G. S., Halterman, J., Harvey, J., Hevene, Harper, John, Judy, D., Jones, H. C., Johnson, Charles, Jacobs, George, Jones, Sam, Johnson, Fisher, Johnson, John, Kiracoffe, Nelson, Ketterman, H., Lobb, Robert, Md.; Markwood, George, Magalis, William, Michael, J., McKaig, John, Md.; Moore, Sam, Miller, Simon, Moupin, Lincoln, Mace, John, Mason, J. H., Miller, Charles, Mart John, Rhodes, O. L., Richards, B. F., Robinson, I. N., Rosser, Robert, Shaffer, Sam, Smith, John, Showalter, John, Senman, William, Stewart, F., Md.; Seymour, Henrylliam, Temple, J. M., Tabb, Harlan, Tabb, P., Trumbo, M. G., Tucker, E., Tucker, Sam, Truehart, H. M., Tex.; Triplett, John, Triplett, Joseph, Taylor, G. R., Tevebau
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
Battery, Capt. Edward, 12 Hammond, W. S..69 Hampton, Col. Frank T. 153 Hampton and Reconstruction Work, 183 Hanover Grays, Co. I, 15th Virginia, Roll of and Deaths in 363 Hanson's Command, Col. Chas. H. 273 Harper's Ferry, Jackson's Demonstration on, 241 Harrison, Jr., Gen. Paul, 66 Hartsville, Tenn., Battle of 262 Haskells of S. C., Remarkable Record of, 151 Henderson Judge Don E., 185 Hickman, Capt., Wm. Lewis, 279 Hood's Texas Brigade Fame of, 185 Houston, Gen. Sam; Why he Left his Bride, 146 Hutchinson Miss Mary. 303 Hunter Major Robert W.. 132 Hutter, Col., J. Risque, 857 Jackson, Capt. John H., 280 Jackson, Gen. T. J. Career of, 79 How he was called Stonewall, 80 Valley Campaign of, 82 Demonstration on Harpers' Ferry, 341 At Chancellorsville 87 Severe discipline of 89 Fatal wounding of 96 Valentine's statue of, 97 Johnson, Col. Adam R., 111 Johnston, Gen., Albert Sydney, killed, 214 Johnston, Miss, Mary, 29 Jones, Col. John
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 16., Medford parsonage and later occupants. (search)
use, which sat low on the ground and was doubtless in early times banked in winter for warmth of cellar. Like the Watson house, it was enlarged rearward at a later date, but with the same style of gambrel roof, with skylights and larger chimney. Mr. Caleb Swan filed the following away at about 1856 relative thereto. After Mr. Turell's death (1778) his house was occupied by Mr. Timothy Fitch from Nantucket, who married Mrs Plaisted a Quaker widow—he had previously owned the house of Mrs Saml Swan, [Watson house] which he bought of Mrs Samuel Angier about 1780. Mr Fitch died 28th Sept. 1790. The house was then bought of Nathl Gorham, (son of Judge Gorham) and sold by him to John Coffin Jones, Merchant of Boston, in Dec. 1794. Mr Jones & family passed his summers there till April 1805, when he sold it to Josiah Bradlee, merchant of Boston, for $5,000. —Mr Bradlee sold it to Mr John Prince, Merchant of Boston, for his Father Dr John Prince formerly of Salem, widower—who lived t<
May 1 the town voted to sell, and immediately after voted to sell their Farm at Piscataquogge within twelve months. As to what the result of the discourse forthwith with the Gentlemen at Portsmouth was, and whether a sale was made or not, we are not informed, but the town's vote a year later July 31, 1750 Selectmen sell the utensils of the Town Farm certainly has an ominous look. Historian Brooks says the vote to sell at auction was reconsidered, and that May 15, 1749, Andrew Hall, Capt. Saml Brooks, and Richard Sprague were chosen to manage the affairs for selling the Town's farm, and adds his own statement, It was sold soon after. Our own opinion is, that as the grant of the provincial legislature was, provided that it does not interfere with any former grant, the Mason grant was valid, and the discourse at Portsmouth convinced the Medford committee that the house and fencing were a dead loss to Medford, and that the utensils only remained for the town to realize anything
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