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d reading next day; when Mr. R. K. Meade, of Virginia, moved that it do lie on the table, which was decisively negatived; and then the bill passed the House by 126 Yeas to 87 Nays. Mr. Aylett Buckner (Whig of Kentucky), who had made a forcible and thorough-going speech in favor of excluding Slavery from the Territories, voted with his Whig colleague, Green Adams, and all the Whigs and all but four Messrs. Samuel A. Bridges of Pennsylvania, and William Kennon, jr., John K. Miller, and William Sawyer, of Ohio. Messrs. Chas. Brown, Chas. J. Ingersoll, and other such, did not vote. of the Democrats from the Free States, in the affirmative; while all the members present from the Slave States but Messrs. Adams and Buckner voted in the negative: so that the House divided very nearly on Mason and Dixon's line. But Mr. Buckner paid for his speech and vote on this occasion with his seat. He had succeeded in 1847, over his Democratic opponent, by 386 majority; he was thrown out in 1849 by
two former received $112, the two latter $78. The male teachers for the winter schools in these four districts were: Joseph S. Hastings, of Shrewsbury, for the Woburn Road school; P. R. Russell, Jr., for the West Cambridge Road school; William Sawyer, Jr., for Winter Hill; and Henry C. Allen, of Bridgewater, for Milk Row. All Were to begin the first Monday in December. Lewis Colby, of Cambridge College, seems to have taken Mr. Hastings' place for a few weeks. January 18, 1830, Mr. Allen ine in his school. His resignation was accepted, and Lewis Colby, a member of the Cambridge school, was put in charge. From bills approved we learn that Mr. Allen received $51.68; Mr. Hastings, $98; Mr. Russell, $120; Mr. Colby, $76.40; and Mr. Sawyer, $124. At the examination of No. 7, Messrs. Wyman and Jackson reported that Mr. Hastings had taught the school with much ability, and they were highly gratified. No. 6 was also commended by the examiners, Messrs. Wyman and Walker. Mr. Colby's
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