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ar, John H. Boschen, and John Campbell, (the latter a free negro,) were fined each $5 for huckstering in the 2d Market. The articles bought by the parties consisting of pears, onions, chickens, &c., were severally ordered to be confiscated to the use of the city.--Arthur and Mary Deary, husband and wife, charged with forcing an entrance into Catherine Eagan's room, for the purpose of beating her, were, on proof, required to give security to keep the peace.--The Recorder issue a summons to Ben Scott, to show cause why he should not be fined for allowing a nuisance to exist in front of his premises for five days past, in the shape of a dead horse.--Mary Sullivan, a white female resident of Rocketts, who has often been before the police authorities for offences of various calibres, was up for stealing a silk dress from Edwin Knotts, worth $50; 2 pairs of boots from Wm. D. Childress, worth $20, and a lot of wearing apparel, worth $50, from Mrs. Virginia Miller. It being proved to the sa
Proceedings of the Courts. Mayor's Court, Sept. 19, 1862. --Jno. Walls, for stealing a watch from a man dosing on a door step, was sent on for examination before the Hustings Court. The case of John Murray, charged with cutting and stabbing Nicholas Leary and Jas. McCormack, was continued until Tuesday, on account of the inability of his accusers to appear against him. Ben Scott, a negro, for threatening to kill his wife, and treating her with great inhumanity, was held to bail for his good behavior, Lucretia, the wife of Ben, convulsed the Court and spectators by applying to his Honor for a divorce. John Florida and Peter Dunnavant were bold to bail for good behavior for entering the house of some washerwomen, and conducting themselves in a violent and disorderly manner. Geo. Rhodes, Frank Botto, James Powers, Jas. Russell, and a whole family, of all ages, named Longenotti, were charged with riotous conduct in the street. The case was continued until Sa
bank note in appearance, and is well case entered to deceive any one at first sight. John, slave of Samuel Ayres, was arraigned yesterday on the charge of burglariously entering the residence of Major S. B. Frence on the night of the 25th of September and stealing a lot of choice liquors, silver ware, window shades, loaf sugar, and candles. The evidence proved the guilt of the accused, and John was sent on to the Hustings Court on the second Monday in October. A free negro named Ben Scott, arrested on the charge of entering the house of John Graves and stealing sundry articles of wearing apparel belonging to said Graves, was partly examined by the Mayor yesterday, and its further consideration deferred till this morning. Mary Wiley, a white woman of a depraved character, was yesterday arraigned on the charge of unlawful intercourse with a negro man on Sunday night last. Failing to give security in the sum of $200, she was sent to jail. The negro woman Emeline, w