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f our detestable enemy is founded in wisdom.--But when that day comes, it will be a new day in the history of nations, and one which will prove that we deserve to be conquered. It has been given out repeatedly of late by the Lincoln press that Gen. Scott desired to delay an advance till cool weather and till his army was fully organized. But they could not brook the wise delay recommended by the only General in their ranks that deserves the name, and the Republican papers at Washington pronounced Scott behind the times. They will discover before long that it would have been well for them to take his counsel. They disregarded his advice once before in their attempt to reinforce Fort Sumter, and they will find a worse result from their present contempt of his military experience and judgment.--This ferocious and vile attempt to subjugate Virginia will be crushed at every point where it is made, and there is not a man in the Commonwealth who does not rejoice that it is made now, when
ourselves in the poorest as in the richest prospect that the face of the earth can show." These ideas will appear strange to many, but we are disposed to think there is a great deal of truth in them. Lord Macaulay has proved in his history that the magnificent views in the Scottish highlands, which now command the attention of every traveller, were not at all estimated a century ago. He quotes from the books of a number of travellers of that period to prove the fact. It was not until Scott began to throw around them the halo of his genius, that they began to be admired and appreciated. We doubt very much whether English travellers would admire the beauties of the Rhine, the Alps, and Italy, half as much as they do, had Childe Harold never been written. A taste for art is a cultivated taste, beyond all doubt. No man admires the masterpieces of the great painters at first sight, as he does after long study. Their beauties grow upon the student, and he finds a new one every d
A Negro Woman, named Maria Scott, was arrested yesterday evening, by officer Perrin, for breaking the arm of a child of Mrs. Rachel Otterheimer, of Rocketts, and afterwards attempting to throw it in the river. It had excited her ire in some way, and she would undoubtedly have carried her felonious intentions into execution had she not been prevented.
Continued. --The cases of Lewis G. Close and Richard Washington, two parties arrested as suspicious characters, was yesterday continued by the Recorder until to-day. The case of Maria Scott, for attempting to murder Mrs. Ottenheimer's child, by throwing it into the river, a few days since, was continued until the 5th of June.
ices in a moment. There was a growing alienation of feeling in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, which superficial observers called a growth of Unionism, because a pretended abandonment of coercion policy had allayed excitement. Then came the Proclamation, and four States rise in their might, united as one man for resistance. Let patience have her perfect work. Kentucky has no love for her renegade son. Virginia and Kentucky will yet stand side by side in resisting the matricides, Scott and Lincoln. If Virginia is disposed to complain of Kentucky, let her remember Blanton Duncan and his band of Spartans. When they have poured out their blood in defence of the mother State, we'll send a hundred men to take the place of each of them. We have no arms now, but we intend to have them. Reason bids us stand until we are "parati animisque opibus." Let us unite our people, and if the war is forced upon us, if we come in at the eleventh hour, we ask to be allowed the first pl
Samuel B. Lipscomb — to affect Joseph H. Birdsall, alien enemy. Green & Allen, builders — Patterson & Bro., Allen enemies. Charles E. Childress — E. H. Harnford & Co., and others, alien enemies Wm. P. Graves — Monro Philip, alien enemy. Obediah Alley — Walter Mead, alien enemy. J. J. Bishop — Joseph Willmar, alien enemy. Camilla Loyal — David G. Farragut, alien enemy. John Neil — Francis James and sons, and others, alien enemies. John E. Barry — Havel & Co, and others, alien enemies. Jno. H. Nicholas — P. H. Cowen and others, alien enemies.--Leiffort — Lewis Tudor, alien enemy. E. E. Orvis and B. A. Cocke — H. C. Teffey and others, alien enemies. John C. Patterson — J. R. Jaflrey and sons, and others, alien enemies. F. H. Dade & Co.--J. R. Jeffrey, alien enemy. Wm. R. Aylett — N. D. Sampson and wife, alien enemies. Thos. W. Thomas — George H. Thomas, alien enemy Bolling W. Haxall--Mrs. Maria Scott, (wife of Gen. Winfield Scott,) alien enemy.