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City Council. --A regular monthly meeting of the Council was held yesterday. Present--Messrs. Saunders, Anderson, Denton. Griffin, Scott, Graitan, Crutchfield, Burr, Hill, Haskins, Richardson. Absent — Glazebrook, Roddey, Talbott, and Greaner. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Col. Haskins, fof Streets, reported in favor of giving William Ready the contract for indexing and numbering the streets, in accordance with the plan of the City Engineer. Mr. Scott opposed the report, first, because he did not know that the Council had the right to compel citizens to put numbers on their houses — and, second, because a citi was appropriated with which to paint the roofs of the first and Second Market-Houses. Mr. Richardson asked and obtained leave of absence. On motion of Mr. Scott, the ordinance "to amend an ordinance entitled an ordinance to establish a Fire Brigade in the city of Richmond, passed 1st February, 1859," was taken up, amende
Hustings Court. --This body commenced its November term yesterday morning, at 11 o'clock, and disposed of a large amount of business.--A free negro, called Peter Scott, charged with stealing a watch and chain from Dr. John N. Broocks, was called; but owing to the absence of witnesses, the trial was postponed until the December term. The Grand Jury met at 12 o'clock, and after being sworn, and charged by the Attorney for the Commonwealth, retired to their room, and found true bills against the following persons, indicted for misdemeanors: Wm. F. Simms, for assaulting Alois Reck with a stone; Chas. Ripley, for selling goods without a license, in violation of the revenue laws; Allen Nunnally, for keeping a disorderly and ill-governed house; Jackson Crouch, Allen McGregor and Alfred Wright, for assaulting Justice George E Sadler, while in the discharge of his duty. The Grand Jury then adjourned to meet again on Wednesday next.
ince the publication of the table yesterday, containing 140 counties: Breckinridge's Major's. In 110 counties14 565 Taxewell698 Wirt111 Jackson100 Grayson132 Louie256 Sussex109 Lee425 Hanover200 McDowell16 Mercer175 Russell48 Scott200 16535 Bell's majorities. In 110 counties15,695 Kanawha760 Patrick2 Lancaster67 Pendleton167 Randolph18 Nicholas811 Richmond county168 York139 17.327 16,836 Bell's majority792 Letcher's maj. in'59 in counties unheard Morgan13 Pulnam24 Raleigh238 Roane41 Wyoming93 729 [by Telegraph.] Lynchburg, Nov. 12-- In nine of the counties composing the 13th Congressional District, Breckinridge's majority is 2,075. The other four counties unheard from are Scott, Buchanan, Wise and McDowell. [The counties of Scott and McDowell are included in the returns published to-day.] [These 13 counties in 1859 gave a majority of 622 for Goggin, making a gain in the present election for Breckinridge of nea
City Council. --A regular monthly meeting of the Council was held in the Council Chamber yesterday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Present, Messrs. Saunders, Hill, Burr, Scott, Howison, Griffin, Crutchfield, Richardson, Greanor, Denoon, Haskins and Grattan. Absent, Messrs. Glazebrook, (sick,) Anderson and Talbott. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Col. Haskins, from the Commissioners of Streets, reported that they had obtained the condemnation of John Purcell's property, for opening 10th street, north of Clay, at the price of $1,755. The report was approved and adopted. On motion of Mr. Hill, the Committee on Police was instructed to bring in an ordinance empowering the Mayor to prevent the influx and settlement in the city of all paupers, vagrants, persons who have no visible means of support, and those whose presence may be dangerous to the peace of the city; and to defray the expenses thus incurred out of the Secret Police Fund. Mr. Grattan
Hustings Court. --This Court met yesterday, at 11 o'clock, and disposed of a large amount of business. We notice the criminal cases disposed of: John Stewart was fined $10 and costs for permitting his slave, George Mosby, to go at large. Mary Shay, charged with feloniously stealing $30 from Patrick Reynolds, on the 14th November, was examined and remanded for final trial before Judge Lyons. Peter Scott, a free negro, charged with stealing a gold watch from Dr. John R. Brooks, on the 18th of October, was tried and acquitted. Samuel H. Jefford, charged with feloniously stealing $30 from Martin L. Covington, on the 15th of May, having waived an examination, is to be tried before Judge Lyons on Monday next. Cornelius, slave to Wm. Tally, charged with feloniously cutting and stabbing Ephraim, slave to Nicholas Lipscomb, on the 29th of November, was found guilty and ordered thirty-nine stripes. P. J. Wright, for permitting his slave, Edward, to go at lar
ing members were present: Messrs. Saunders, (President,) Glazebrook, Griffin, Crutchfield, Hill, Haskins, Epps, Randolph, Scott, Walker, and Clopton. Mr. Scott, chairman of the Committee on Arms, submitted a report, setting forth the amount of Mr. Scott, chairman of the Committee on Arms, submitted a report, setting forth the amount of clothing which had been purchased and distributed by order of the Council to the soldiers in the field from this city. There being some deficiency in former appropriations, the following resolution was offered and adopted: Resolved, That the sum of $4,000 be, and the same is hereby, appropriated to make up the deficiency expended by the Committee on Arms. Mr. Scott also offered the following resolution; which was adopted: Resolved, that the sum of $25,000 be, and the same is hession by inserting a penalty of not less than $5 nor more than $20 for any such violation. A statement was made by Mr. Scott that he had, at the request of a man named Eddins, agreed to present a petition asking the use of Military Hall for the
arious little attentions which he had shown them. The Mayor continued the case for further consideration. The continued case of John W. Cariton, charged with stealing one horse from Geo. Miles, of Lancaster county, was called, but, without going into any further examination, it was sent on to the February term of the Hustings Court. The examination into the charge against Benjamin Bolton, of receiving five bottles of wine stolen from N. Tinsloy Pate, knowing they were not honestly gotten possession of, was further postponed till Tuesday next. The charge against John Slaughter, of going at large, was referred to the Hustings Court for final settlement. A negro named Peter Scott, alias Peter Williams, was ordered twenty-five lashes for having in his possession an improper pass. Several other negroes were ordered stripes, varying in number from ten to thirty-nine, for various trivial offences, the nature of which would be entirely uninteresting to our readers.