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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Wee Nee volunteers of Williamsburg District, South Carolina, in the First (Hagood's) regiment. (search)
of Williamsburg; they were comfortably clad. I never had my command as comfortably quartered again during the war. They had passed through the diseases incidental to camp-life with the loss of only one man, and were now in good health. They were thoroughly drilled as artillerists. A small detachment was kept at Green Creek bridge and had charge of the howitzer there. This detachment was frequently changed so that all could alike enjoy our comfortable quarters. B. P. Brockinton, the Orderly Sergeant, a most efficient officer, shared my quarters with me. Garrison duty was faithfully attended to and discipline rigidly enforced, to which, almost without exception, the men submitted cheerfully and without complaint. We were separated from our excellent surgeon, Dr. Martin Bellinger, but his place was filled by Dr. Thomas Grimke, who was the surgeon of the post. He was well supplied with medicines, kept in an office in vials and boxes, all neatly labeled. In his absence I attended at
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 19. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.42 (search)
Bagiacaluppo, Byron, Ball, Carr, Carrico, Cardwell, Cross, (deserted,) Carrington, Chamberlaine, Corneau, Chichester, A., Sergeant, Chichester, D. M., Levy, Coon. Cook, J. D., Sergeant, McCaffrey Cook, J. E., Crook, (deserted,) Constantini, Cochran, Davis, DeMaine, Doggett, Petty, Dinwiddie, W., Dinwiddie, M., Dominck, Ewing, Evans, Freeman, Fleiner, Flannigan, W. W., Gleason, Guillemot, C. J. Orderly Sergeant, Hitt, Hunter, Holmes, James, Sergeant, Holmes, Hammond, Irving, Carter, Irving, Jesse, Lawrence, Lucas, Link, Larking, Lumpkin, McGregor, Jesse, Moore, H. L., Montenegro, McClellan; O'Brien, O., Sergeant, Prime, Sergeant, Pearce, Paoli, Rassini, Roberts, Ryan, (boy) Smith, 2d., Smith, J. C., Bugler, Shreve, George, Sergeant, Shields, Sully, Turner, Tapp, Wingfield, Yallapo—89. Romain,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 21. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The muster roll [from the Staunton, Va., Vindicator, March 3, 1893.] (search)
han and private C. G. Berry. On the morning of the surrender the regiment formed as a company numbered but fifty-one men, rank and file. The loss of the Fifth regiment at the battle of Cedar Mountain was three killed and seventeen wounded, of this loss Company D sustained one-third, as three of our comrades were killed and four wounded. The following abstract of General Order from headquarters, giving history of campaign of 1862, may be of general interest to all soldiers of the Stonewall Brigade: During the year 1862, the Stonewall Brigade lost 1220 men in killed and wounded, no record of those that died of disease; Fifth regiment lost 400, almost one-third of entire loss. We marched 1500 miles, encountering the snow and ice of the mountains of Hampshire and Morgan counties; the miasma of summers in the swamps of Henrico and Hanover. The brigade at the beginning of 1863 numbering but 1200 muskets. T. M. Smiley, Orderly Sergeant, Co. D, fifth Va. Infantry, Stonewall Brigade.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.12 (search)
Company, but was promoted to Colonel and assigned to command of Camp Lee, the fall of that year was elected First Lieutenant, and John Thompson Brown, who went out in 1861 as captain of the Second Company, and was promoted to Colonel of Artillery, and fell on May 6, 1864, in the Wilderness, was elected Second Lieutenant. The company on the John Brown raid was armed as infantry with muskets. Respectfully, J. V. S. M'Creery. The roll is follows: Captain, George W. Randolph. Orderly Sergeant, G. G. Otey. Privates: James A. August, Robert M. Anderson, Thomas S. Armistead, A. M. Archer, Wilson N. Bugg, John Thompson Brown, William H. Blackadar, William P. Burwell, Oscar Cranz, Charles Crane, Henry C. Carter, John Esten Cooke, W. W. Caldwell, James Ellett, Horace Edmund, James B. Ficklen, Alex. B. Guigon, Joseph H. Ghio, E. S. Hubbard, A. L. Holladay, Henry S. Jones, William H. Lipscomb, Lucian Lewis, Dr. Theodore P. Mayo, John Mathews, Paul Michaux, Thomas J. Macon, Lawrenc
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Very complete roll [from the Richmond, A., Dispatch, September 16th, 1900.] (search)
Captain when Dr. Campbell was made Surgeon of 33d Regiment, and died February, 1862. Fountain, Mehomiah—Second Lieutenant, subsequently Captain. Was injured by falling from a wagon at Centreville, Va., 1862. Surrendered at Gettysburg, July 31, 1863. Imprisoned at Johnston's Island twenty-three months, and died since the war. Magruder, George W.—Second Lieutenant. Was commissioned Surgeon Confederate States Army, and died at Fort Worth, Texas, since the war. McInturff, Levi—Orderly Sergeant, Mexican war veteran, and discharged because of disability. Kibler, Jacob H.—Second Sergeant; elected Captain. Killed at Chancellorsville, May 2, 1863. Magruder, Philip W.-Third Sergeant; elected Lieutenant. Wounded in spine and knee at Chancellorsville, May 2, 1863. Bushong, Edward M.—Fourth Sergeant. Wounded at Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862, Transferred to cavalry. Williams, Samuel C.—First Corporal. Transferred to Chew's Battery. Died at Broadway, Va., since th
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.20 (search)
oof is now, irrefragable, I give, you will observe not only the names, but the exact wounds received, just what I sent to the Richmond paper soon after the battle. I was detained in a hospital in Richmond some weeks after the battle. The orderly Sergeant's statement as you will see, fully agrees in all essential features with my report. These papers will, I think, enable you to clinch every claim we make for Company F. Yours truly, R. M. Tuttle. There was enclosed in the above letter a statement signed by J. T. C. Hood, Orderly Sergeant, Company F, 26th Regiment North Carolina Troops, as follows: Company F, 26th Regiment, North Carolina Troops, went into the fight at Gettysburg, Pa., with eighty-eight answering to roll call on the morning of July 1, 1863, besides three commissioned officers (one private being detailed to guard our knapsacks). Having been wounded on the first day in both leg and foot, I hobbled to the stone bridge two miles south of Gettysburg, w
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.28 (search)
ead. First Lieutenant—John W. Graves, dead. Second Lieutenant—Thomas M. Fowler, wounded, lost arm. Third Lieutenant—John S. Fowler, killed. First Sergeant—Benjamin Turner. Second Sergeant—John Shelton Anderson, afterwards captain, killed. Third Sergeant—John Woodson. Fourth Sergeant—John B. Shelton, killed. First Corporal—A. V. Irby, wounded, lost leg. Second Corporal—John Butcher. Third Corporal—George Adams. Fourth Corporal—Zack. Armstrong, dead. Commissary Sergeant—George A. Bowles, dead. Privates. R. C. Bowles; T. J. Bowles, wounded; John R. Bowles, killed; J. U. Bowles, dead; James Amos, dead; Thomas Amos, wounded; William Amos, dead; Richard Carter; Alex. Fleming, wounded, lost hand; George Fleming; Frank Fleming, wounded; John Gates, killed; Jack Gates; William Gammon, dead; Thomas Gammon, wounded; Jeff. Gammon; Benjamin Glass; Leonard Glass, dead; David Glenn, dead; Alonzo Glenn, wounded; Richard Hargrove, wounded, de
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 29. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.39 (search)
Lieutenant. John Brown Budwell, Second Lieutenant. J. H. Guerrant, Third Lieutenant. Isaac Curd, First Sergeant. J. D. Massie, Second Sergeant. T. E. Gathright, Third Sergeant. John Morris, Fourth Sergeant. J. T. Ballou, Comissary Sergeant. T. A. Curd, Quartermaster Sergeant. H. H. Hoye, First Corporal. Ned Miller, Second Corporal. F. M. Woodson, Third Corporal. F. E. Woodson, Fourth Corporal. H. R. Sutton, Fifth Corporal. W. B. Bowles, Sixth Corporal. JQuartermaster Sergeant. H. H. Hoye, First Corporal. Ned Miller, Second Corporal. F. M. Woodson, Third Corporal. F. E. Woodson, Fourth Corporal. H. R. Sutton, Fifth Corporal. W. B. Bowles, Sixth Corporal. J. O. Massie, Seventh Corporal. N. B. Terry, Eighth Corporal. Privates. R. N. Allen, R. A. Allen, G. W. Allen, Jr., W. H. Armstrong, J. J. Atkinson, Spott Atkinson, Bob Alvis, J. L. Alvis, Lunsford Armstrong, Jeff Branch, Sam Blankenship, J. H. Brooks, * Tucker Cocke, *R. E. Clough, * Henry Childress, J. E. Crouch, Milton Cragwall, * Otho Carter, *W. E. Clark, *Dr. Duval, Pryor Drumwright, * Tom Dunn, * Henry Davenport, *Joe Drinker, * N
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.43 (search)
S. Bernard, Private D. Meade. Blakemore, Private James H. (courier). Crow, Sergeant John E. Davis, Private Richard B.; wounded. Fitzgerald, Private Henry W. Farley, Private James W.; killed. Harrison, Sergeant Marcellus W.; killed. Harrison, Sergeant Hartwell B. Hatcher, Private Robert. Henry, Private Robert R. (courier). Johnson, Sergeant William C. Stith, Private Putman; wounded. Scott, Private William H. Turner, Sergeant John R. Tayleure, Orderly Sergeant W. W. Company F —Huger Grays. Barnes, Private Hezekiah. Barnes, Private John R. Cardwell, Private George W.; wounded. Ferguson, Private Alexander. Mitchell, Private William. McKenney, Private Peter; killed. Phillips, Private J. J. M. Spence, Private Joseph. Whitehorne, Sergeant J. Edward; wounded. Welton, Private George; wounded. Welton, Private William; killed. Company G —Richmond Grays. Burke, Private Edmund; killed. Brett, Sergeant
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), History of Crenshaw Battery, (search)
d December 13, 1862, at Fredericksburg. Hobson, Charles L., Junior 1st Lieut., March 14, 1862; resigned April 15, 1863; sent to England by Confederate States government; lost at sea 186–. Johnson, A. B., Senior 2d Lieut., March 14, 1862; commissioned 1st Lieut. December 13, 1862; served until surrender, April 9, 1865. Ellett, Thomas, Junior 2d Lieut., March 14, 1862; commissioned Captain April 15, 1863; served until surrender at Appomattox, April 9, 1865. Scott, William C., Orderly Sergeant, March 14, 1862; commissioned Captain Quartermaster's Department, June 23, 1862. Hollis, E. G., Sergeant, March 14, 1862; commissioned 2d Lieut., November 5, 1863; captured at Five Forks, April I, 1865. Allen, William B., Corporal, March 14, 1862; commissioned 2d Lieut., November 17, 1863; wounded at Gaines' Mill, June 27, 1862; resigned March 9, 1865. Allegre, William R., Sergeant and Corporal, March 14, 1862; served until surrender, April 9, 1865; wounded at Rixeyville, Novem
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