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e foot of the street, and as the boat came in view the most tremendous cheers rent the air. The troops were taken on board the Marion, lying in the North River. The following is a list of the officers: Colonel, Abel Smith; Lieutenant-Colonel, R. B. Clarke; Major, (vacant); Quartermaster, A Garrison; Paymaster, Boyd; Surgeon, Chase; Chaplain, The Rev. Mr. Lee; Commissary, Street; Sergeant-Major, J. H. Rosenquest; Quartermaster's Sergeant, Vail; Sergeant-of-the-Guard, Cheshire; Commissary Sergeant, Wetmore; Ordinance Sergeant, Carpenter; Right General Guide, Sherman; Left General Guide, Nash; Assistant Surgeon, Allingham; Colonel's Secretary, Brockway. Company Officers — A, Capt. Sullivan, Lieut. Mead; B, Capt. Sprague, Lieuts. Hay and McKee; C, Capt. Morgan, Lieut. Dodge; D, Capt. Balsden, Lieuts. Strong and Bennett; E, Capt. Jones, Lieut. Richards; F, Capt. Betts, Lieuts. Morton and Betts; G, Capt, Thorne, Lieuts. Johnson and Woodward. Engineer Corps, Sergeant Briggs. Com
tant-Quartermaster,----Corrle; Paymaster,----Stenway; Assistant-Paymaster,----Fielder; Surgeon, Dr. Hasse; Assistant-Surgeon, Dr. Rosa. Company A--Captain, Gerdes; First-Lieutenant, Neander; Second do., Brettman. Company B--Captain, Heitmann; First Lieutenant, Held; Second do., Manver. Company C--Captain, Betgeman; First Lieutenant, Wakle; Second do., Brunjes. Company D--Captain, Mayer; First Lieutenant, Sackersdorff; Second do.,------. Company E--Captain, Nickel; First Lieutenant, Lensifer; Second do., Maun. Company F--Captain, Happendeimer; First Lieutenant, Aberle; Second do., Bungert. Company G--Captain, Luke; First Lieutenant, Jauer; Second do., Keis. Company H--Captain, Barlock; First Lieutenant, Kaltenparr; Second do., Leonpard. Company K--Engineer Corps-Captain, Dodge; First Lieutenant, Schloemer; Orderly Sergeant, Kirmuel; Non-Commissioned Staff — Calour, Beaness, Ernst, and Acker; Right Guide, Leonard; Left Guide, Michaelis; Drum Major, Berchet.--N. Y. Times, April 2
Doc. 126.--Albany burgesses Corps. There are 82 members, two drummers, and one fifer, besides the officers and non-commissioned officers, who equipped and armed themselves at their own expense before offering their services to the governor. They are furnished with the regulation musket, case bayonet, knapsacks, haversacks, canteens, &c. Their uniform is a blue cap, light blue overcoat trimmed with red, plain blue frock coat, light blue pants with a broad white stripe down the side. The following are the officers and non-commissioned officers: Capt., H. Kingsley; 1st Lieutenant, J. C. Cook; 2d Lieutenant, W. D. Mahoney; Orderly Sergeant, H. C. Haskell; 2d, J. Vischer; 3d, T. Padlow; 4th, N. Van Antwerp; 1st Corporal, W. Vanderlip; 2d, Chas. Latham; 3d, C. F. Clapp; 4th, W. M. Netterville.--N. Y. Tribune, May 2.
the troops to Philadelphia. Field Officers.--Colonel, George W. Pratt; Lieutenant Colonel, Hiram Schoonmaker; Major, Theodore B. Yates. Staff Officers.--Adjutant, J. B. Hardenburgh; Engineer, D. T. Van Buren; Hospital Surgeon, (assigned to duty in the brigade,) A. Crispell; Surgeon, C. Leonard Ingersoll; Assistant Surgeon, Robert Longham; Quartermaster, John S. Giffin; Paymaster, P. T. Overbaugh; Commissary, W. Sonnsby; Chaplain, Rev. H. H. Reynolds. Non-commissioned Staff.--Quartermaster Sergeant, P. F. Hasbrouck; Sergeant of Infantry, W. Webster Shaffer; Drum-Major, Geo. Myers; Fife-Major, A. Goller. Line Officers.--Company A, of Cairo, Greene county, First Lieutenant, A. G. Barker, commanding; Second Lieutenant, James Stevens. Company B, of Kingston, Captain G. H. Sharpe; First Lieutenant, Jacob Sharpe; Second Lieutenant, Cornelius Houghtaling. Company C, of Kingston, Captain, J. Rudolph Tappen; First Lieutenant, Walter W. Van Ranselaer; Second Lieutenant, Peter S.
Doc. 167.-Second Connecticut Regiment. List of officers. Colonel, Daniel Tyler, Norwich; Lieut.-Colonel, George S. Burnham, Hartford; Major, John L. Chatfield, Waterbury; Adjutant, Theodore C. Bacon, New Haven; Quartermaster, Justin Hodge, Harkhamsted; Surgeon, C. P. Stearns, Hartford; Surgeon's Mate, Frederick Dibble, New Haven; Sergeant-Major, J. L. Spalding, Norwich; Quartermaster Sergeant, J. V. B. Williams, Preston.--National Intelligencer, May 17.
, A. M. Wood; Lieutenant-Colonel, E. B. Fowler; Major, James Jourdan. Staff.--Adjutant, A. W. H. Gill; Engineer, Captain R. Butt; Chaplain, Captain J. S. Inskip; Surgeon, Captain J. M. Homeston; First Assistant Surgeon, Lieutenant J. L. Farley; Second Assistant Surgeon, F. Swalm; Paymaster, Lieutenant A. G. Gaston; Quartermaster, Lieutenant A. S. Cassiday; Commissary, Lieutenant H. L. Cranford. non-commissioned Staff.--Sergeant Major, T. Head; Sergeant Standard Bearer, F. Head; Quartermaster Sergeant, J. Howard; Right General Guide, J. Miller; Left General Guide, W. A. Burnett. line.--Company A.--Captain R. B. Jordan; First Lieutenant, J. D. McClaskey; Second Lieutenant, John H. Styles. Company B.--Captain, George Mallery; First Lieutenant, J. Uffendell; Second Lieutenant, E. E. Pearce. Company C.--Captain, William M. Burnett; First Lieutenant, David Myers; Second Lieutenant, Wm. H. Burnett. Company D.--Captain, C. F. Baldwin; First Lieutenant, J. Thornton; Second Lieut
Doc. 190 1/2.-First and Second Ohio regiments. The officers of the First regiment are: A. D. McCook, Colonel; E. S. Parrott, Lieutenant. Colonel; J. Hughes, Major; J. S. Parrott, Adjutant; J. McKinsey, Sergeant Major; Jas. Hill, Quartermaster; M. Steele, Quartermaster Sergeant; C. G. Smyth, Color Sergeant. companies.--Co. A, Lancaster Guard, Capt. Stafford; Co. B, Dayton Lafayette Yagers, Capt. Deisher; Co. C, Dayton Light Guard, Capt. Pease; Co. D, Dayton Montgomery Guard, Capt. Crowe; Co. E, Cleveland Grays, Capt. Paddock; Co. F, Franklin Blues, Capt. Kell; Co. G, Light Guard, Capt. Bayley; Co. H, Zanesville Guard, Capt. Hazlett; Co. I, Mansfield Guard, Capt. McLaughlin; Co. K, Jackson Guard, Capt. Brook. This Regiment is accompanied by the Cleveland Brass Band. The officers of the Second Regiment are Col. Wilson, Lieut.-Col. Mason, and Major Perry. companies.--Co. A, Rover Guard, Capt. Finch; Co. B, Columbus Videttes, Capt. Sprall; Co. C, State Fencibles, Capt Mitch
nd the localities from which they hail: Staff.--Colonel, M. W. Tappan, of Bradford; Lieutenant-Colonel, Thos. J. Whipple, of Laconia; Major, A. F. Stevens, of Nashua; Adjutant, E. Q. Fellows, of Sandwich; Quartermaster, R. A. Batchelder, of Manchester; Staff-Secretary, Chas. L. Brown, of Manchester; Surgeon, A. B. Crosby, of Hanover; Assistant-Surgeon, H. C. Shaw, of Hanover; Chaplain, L. G. Abbot, of Bradford. non-commissioned Staff.--Sergeant Major, Geo. Y. Lawyer, of Nashua; Quartermaster Sergeant, A. Lull, of Nashua; Fife Major, Frs. H. Pike, of Manchester; Drum Major, Wm. Carr; Paymaster, Moses K. Hagleton. line-officers.--Company A, of Dover--Captain, L. Bell of Farmington; Lieut., Geo. W. Colliath, of Dover; Ensign, O. M. Clark, of Dover. Company B, of Dover--Captain, D. R. Kenny, of Laconia; Lieut. Chas. W. Sawyer, of Dover; Ensign, J. G. Wallace, of Dover. Company C, of Manchester--Captain, J. L. Kelly; Lieut., M. V. B. Richardson; Ensign, Chas. o. Jennison.
Doc. 205.-the Washington Artillery. The following is a list of the officers: Staff--Major J. B. Walton; Adjutant, Lieut. W. M. Owen; Surgeon, Dr. E. S. Drew; Quartermaster, Lieut. C. H. Slocomb. Non-Commissioned Staff.--Sergeant-Major, C. L. C. Dupuy; Color Sergeant, Louis M. Montgomery; Quartermaster Sergeant, S. Kennedy. Color Guard.--Corporals George W. Wood, E. J. Jewell, A. H. Peale, and J. H Dearie. First Company.--Capt. M. M. Isaacson; First Lieutenant, J. B. Richardson, Jr.; Second Lieutenant, H. G. Geiger. Second Company.--First Lieutenant, C. C. Lewis, commanding; First Lieutenant, Samuel J. McPherson; Second Lieut., C. H. Slocomb. Third Company.--Captain M. B. Miller; 1st Lieutenant, J. B. Whittington; 2d Lieutenant, L. A. Adam; 1st Sergeant, Frank McElroy; 2d do., A. V. Hero; 3d do., L. Prados; 4th do., J. T. Handy; 1st Corporal, E. J. Jewell; 2d do., A. H. Peale; 3d do., W. H. Ellis; 4th do., Collins. Fourth Company.--Captain, B. F. Eshleman; 1
hard Ellis; 1st. Lieut, John Corley; 2d Lieut., George Young; Orderly Sergeant, S. L. McKinny. Company B--Capt., Timothy Meely; 1st Lieut., Peter Summers; 2d Lieut., Robt. H. Porter; Orderly Sergeant, James Johnson. Company C--Capt., Robt. M. McClure; 1st Lieut., Edwin W. Cox; 2d Lieut., Fred. A. Conrad; Orderly Sergeant, John St. John. Company D--Capt., Patrick McDonough; 1st Lieut., John D. Shoch; 2d Lieut., John Gill; Orderly Sergeant, Wm. Crow. Company E--Capt.,----Bringhurzt; 1st Lieut., George Keit; 2d Lieut, Wm, J. D. Eward; Orderly Sergeant, Christ. POrderly Sergeant, Christ. P. Rass. Company F--Capt., William Knox; 1st Lieut., Thomas Weir; 2d Lieut., Thomas Jack; Orderly Sergeant, David Chitester. Company G--Capt.,Orderly Sergeant, David Chitester. Company G--Capt., James Brynes; 1st Lieut., John P. Robinson; 2d Lieut., Francis Knox; Orderly Sergeant, Jas. R. Nightengale.--Easton (Pa.) Express, May 30. , James Brynes; 1st Lieut., John P. Robinson; 2d Lieut., Francis Knox; Orderly Sergeant, Jas. R. Nightengale.--Easton (Pa.) Express, May 30.
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