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ecruiting stopped celebration at Fort Sumter the President assassinated by J. Wilkes Booth Gov. Seward murderously assaulted by Payne Powell accession of Andrew Johnson to the Presidency offers clergyman, but generally known to his intimates as Payne, presented him-self at the door of Secretary Seward's house on President Square, where he claimed to be charged with an errand from his physici the floor in utter insensibility. The noise of this encounter brought from the sick room Miss Fannie Seward, the Secretary's only daughter, by whom the villain instantly rushed, and, throwing him-se he savagely assaulted and wounded with his bloody weapon, but did not succeed in mastering. Gov. Seward, meanwhile, exerting his remaining strength, succeeded in rolling off the farther side of the bed; while Miss Seward shrieked murder from the window and the porter ran into the street crying for help. The assassin, aware that another moment's delay must seal his doom, now broke from the sold