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dence, if she wished in future to avoid molestation. A number of men appeared to answer the charge of being persons of evil name, fame, and character, and suspicious persons having no visible means of supports. From the boarding house of James Sexton, on 17th street, between Broad and Marshall, the police brought up, besides the proprietor, John Quinn, Jos Knight, John Dresden, Jeff. Flannagan, Wm. Gordon, Francis McMahon, Rowland Corbin, Wm. Jones, Wm. Conway, Wm. Wathins, Wm. Riley, Johnrdy, Pat. Keenan, George Dote, and William Breetlan.--None of the parties are citizens of Richmond, but came from different points of the Confederacy, either in the possession of the enemy, or threatened by him. All had three of those arrested at Sexton's showed that they were either employed, and obtained visible means of support in that way, or were discharged soldiers, waiting like Wilkins Macawher, for "something to turn up." Those who could give no satisfactory account of themselves were co
Examination for Forgery. --Wm. F. Watson, Esq., Confederate Commissioner, was occupied during most of yesterday in investigating the case of Samuel W. Wyvill, formerly a Lieutenant of Artillery, who was brought before him charged with forging sunday checks purporting to be signed by John Ambler, as C S Quartermaster, with the design of defrauding the Treasury Department. At the same time Thomas H Kerr and James Sexton were examined for attempting to pass the checks fabricated by Wyvil. The latter had, previous to his last street, made himself notorious by being arrested for forging soldiers' pay claims and commissions of army officers, in which business he is said to have been quite successful. The three prisoners, after an examination by Commissioner Watson, were committed for trial before the District Court, on the 15th of May.
C. S. Circuit Court, judge Halyburton presiding. --This Court met yesterday at 11 o'clock. The Grand Jury, after being sworn and charged, retired to their room for hearing the causes submitted to them. On their return they made the following report: Robert J. Graves, of North Carolina, indicted for treason; not a true bill. Sandy Jackson, a slave, indicted in three cases for felony, not true bills. Wm. H. Butrick, indicted for misdemeanor, three cases, true bills. Wm. E. Thompson indicted in two cases for misdemeanor, true bills. Wm. H. Thomas, indicted for misdemeanor, true bill. James Sexton. N. B. Kerr, Timothy O'Brien, John Doyle and Perry Moses, indicted for misdemeanor; true bills. The Grand Jury were then adjourned, to meet again on Friday next at 11 o'clock.
Prison record. --At Castle Thunder, since our last report, there have been twenty-eight arrivals. Of these we notice the names of J. T. King, of the 13th Va. cavalry, to be court-martialed; J. S. Tyler, charged with mutiny; and James Sexton, charged with forgery and attempting to go North. Wm. Adkins, of the 53d N. C. regiment, died at the Castle yesterday morning. At the "Libby" everything has been quiet, the register not showing the arrival of a single prisoner. Preparations are making for the reception of those captured at Winchester, 1,500 of whom are expected down this evening.
Captured. --James Sexton, indicted in the C. S. Circuit Court for forgery, forfeited his bail, and made an effort to escape to the Yankee lines, but was recaptured by detective Craddock, when near the Rappahannock river, and brought back to this city for trial.
g his exchange. He will, doubtless, be sentenced to confinement during the war, that being the sentence pronounced for a similar cheat last week. At Castle Thunder, N. B. Dickinson, Geo. Needham, John Ruley, Louis Budeauk, Jno. Booth, David Preston, Jas. Millan, Jno. Kelly, and Pat Phelan, were received, charged with attempting to escape to the enemy. The parties were arrested below the city with arms. They claimed that they were out on a "scout" by permission of Gen. Winder. Jas. Sexton, Pat Camick, and five soldiers, escaped from Castle Thunder yesterday morning, about 3 o'clock. In making their escape they seized, disarmed and carried off the sentinel, leaving his musket leaning against the fence. At the lower City Station House the following committals were made yesterday: Miss Laura Eacho, living on 18th street, arrested by officer Adams, charged with stealing $66 from J. E. Brooks. Jno. Cromley and Lewis Hasom, by officer Pleasants, charged with stealing $72 fr