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cipated with honor to themselves and the arm of the service to which they belonged. Among the light batteries of the Regular Army, equally heavy losses occurred in the following famous commands: B - 4th U. S. Artillery - Gibbon's or Stewart's.     K - 4th U. S. Artillery - Derussey's or Seeley's.     I - 1st U. S. Artillery - Ricketts' or Kirby's or Woodruff's. D - 5th U. S. Artillery - Griffin's or Hazlitt's.     C - 5th U. S. Artillery - Seymour's or Ransom's or Weir's. H - 5th U. S. Artillery - Gunther's or Burnham's.     A & C 4th U. S. Artillery - Hazzard's or Cushing's or Thomas'. The foregoing pages show accurately the limit of loss in the various regimental organizations in the civil war. The figures will probably fall below the prevalent idea as to the number killed in certain regiments; but these figures are the only ones that the musterout rolls will warrant, and no others can be accepted.
ines's Mill Morell's Fifth 87 8th U. S. Colored Olustee Seymour's Tenth 87 32d Iowa Pleasant Hill Mower's Sixteenth 86 Corps, Army of Virginia. 83 48th New York Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 83 15th Kentucky Chaplin Hills Rousseau's -----This regiment appears again in this same list. Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 77 72d New York Williamsburg Hooker's Third 77 rk Manassas Hatch's First 66 100th New York Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 66 142d Pennsylvania Fredericksburg Meade's Fir Wagner Assault of July 11, 1864--not the main assault. Seymour's Tenth 59 83d Pennsylvania This regiment appears ag's Nineteenth 58 54th Massachusetts (Col'd) Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 58 3d New Jersey Gaines' Mill Slocum's Sixth 58rk Cold Harbor Devens's Tenth 54 115th New York Olustee Seymour's Tenth 54 120th New York Gettysburg Humphreys's Third 22d) Leggett's Seventeenth 51 7th New Hampshire Olustee Seymour's Tenth 51 5th New Hampshire Fredericksburg Hancock's S
cluding mortally wounded. Per Ct. 5th Connecticut Cedar Mountain Williams's 424 48 11+ 7th Connecticut Fort Wagner Seymour's 191 28 14+ 17th Connecticut Gettysburg Barlow's 369 39 10+ 27th Connecticut Gettysburg Caldwell's 74 13 17+ 7mpshire Cold Harbor Barlow's 577 69 11+ 6th New Hampshire Manassas Reno's 450 68 15+ 7th New Hampshire Fort Wagner Seymour's 480 77 16+ 9th New Hampshire Spotsylvannia Potter's 502 68 13+ 12th New Hampshire Chancellorsville Whipple's 558d New York Antietam Sedgwick's 345 58 16+ 44th New York Malvern Hill Morell's 225 23 10+ 48th New York Fort Wagner Seymour's 516 83 16+ 49th New York Wilderness Getty's 384 39 10+ 49th New York Spotsylvania Getty's 284 52 18+ 57th Neww York Wilderness Birney's 433 72 16+ 96th New York Fort Harrison Stannard's 167 33 13+ 100th New York Fort Wagner Seymour's 478 66 13+ 101st New York Manassas Kearny's 168 26 15+ 105th New York Fredericksburg Gibbon's 177 22 12+ 107t
icers he had received permission to accept the command of a volunteer regiment. The Twenty-second New York Infantry lost at Manassas 19 officers killed and wounded out of 24 present in action; 9 of them were killed, among whom was the Lieutenant-Colonel, Gorton T. Thomas. The following list includes every infantry regiment in the service which lost 8 or more officers killed in any one engagement: Regiment. Battle. Division. Corps. Officers Killed. 7th New Hampshire Fort Wagner Seymour's Tenth 11 7th New York Fredericksburg Hancock's Second 9 22d New York Manassas Hatch's First 9 59th New York Antietam Sedgwick's Second 9 145th Pennsylvania Fredericksburg Hancock's Second 9 43d Illinois Shiloh McClernand's ---- 8 87th Indiana Chickamauga Brannan's Fourteenth 8 1st Michigan Manassas Morell's Fifth 8 14th New Hampshire Opequon Grover's Nineteenth 8 24th Michigan Gettysburg Wadsworth's First 8 120th New York Gettysburg Humphreys's Third 8
ed at the close of the war, rejoining their regiment before its muster-out. One of the severest regimental losses during the war, occurred in the Eighth United States Colored Infantry, at the battle of Olustee, Fla., February 20, 1864. It lost there 2 officers and 49 men killed, 9 officers and 180 men wounded, and 63 missing; total, 303. The missing ones were, mostly, dead or wounded men who were left on the field; for, in this action the Confederates held possession of the ground, General Seymour's forces being obliged to retreat. Colonel Fribley of the Eighth was among the killed. The number of the killed was increased to 87 by those who died of wounds,and certain ones who were erroneously included with the missing. This same regiment distinguished itself, also, at Chaffin's Farm. Upon the opening of the spring campaign in 1864, colored troops were a common feature of the armies before Richmond. Ferrero's Division of the Ninth Corps, and Hinks' Division of the Eighteenth
Charleston Harbor in the summer of 1863, the principal event being the bloody assault on Fort Wagner, July 18, 1863. This assault was made by a column of three brigades,--Strong's, Putnam's, and Stevenson's, the whole under command of General Truman H. Seymour. General Strong's brigade led the assault, with the 54th Massachusetts (Colored) at the head of his column. The attack was a failure, resulting in a loss of 246 killed, 880 wounded, and 389 missing; total, 1,515. The most of the missiwo of the three brigade commanders, General Strong and Colonel Putnam, were killed in the assault of the 18th, Putnam falling after he had effected an entrance into the fort. Stevenson's Brigade was held mainly in reserve. In February, 1864, Seymour's Division, of about 7,000 men, sailed for Florida, where it was engaged on the 20th in the battle of Olustee, a defeat in which some of the regiments suffered terribly. In April, 1864, the Tenth Corps was ordered to Virginia, where it was plac
64, the regiment, 650 strong, sailed from Hilton Head with Seymour's Division, bound for Florida. It was engaged on the 20thCedar Creek, after which the division was commanded by General Seymour. One Hundred and Ninth New York Infantry. Hartketts was wounded at Cedar Creek, and was succeeded by General Seymour The regiment did some good fighting in the Valley, andetts, who was wounded at Cedar Creek, and succeeded by General Seymour. At the battle of the Wilderness the regiment faced a Eighth U. S. Colored Infantry. Hawley's Brigade — Seymour's Division--Tenth Corps. (1) Col. Charles W. Fribley ead, S. C. After a short stay of two weeks, it sailed with Seymour's Division for Florida, where it was engaged, soon after, . The fighting at Olustee resulted in a serious defeat to Seymour's forces, and the Eighth, after facing the enemy's musketr Massachusetts Infantry.--(Colored). strong's Brigade — Seymour's Division--Tenth Corps. (1) Col. Robert G. Shaw (Ki
July 18, 1863.             48th New York Seymour's Tenth 54 112 76 242 54th Mass. (Colored) Seymour's Tenth 34 146 92 272 7th New Hampshire Seymour's Tenth 41 119 56 216 100th New York Seymour's Tenth 49 97 29 175 62d Ohio Seymour's Tenth 26 87 38 151 6th Connecticut Seymour'sSeymour's Tenth 15 77 46 138 Wapping Heights, Va.             July 23, 1863.             70th New Yb. 20, 1864.             8th U. S. Colored Seymour's Tenth 50 187 73 310 115th New York Seymour's Tenth 29 208 59 296 47th New York Seymour's Tenth 30 197 86 313 48th New York Seymour's Seymour's Tenth 32 163 49 244 35th U. S. Colored Seymour's Tenth 21 132 77 230 7th New Hampshire SeymouSeymour's Tenth 21 132 77 230 7th New Hampshire Seymour's Tenth 17 71 121 209 Buzzard Roost, Ga.             Feb. 25-27, 1864.             10th Seymour's Tenth 17 71 121 209 Buzzard Roost, Ga.             Feb. 25-27, 1864.             10th Michigan Davis's Fourteenth 16 36 14 66 Sabine Cross Roads, La.             April 8, 1864.   rk Potter's Ninth 9 43 8 60 106th New York Seymour's Sixth 8 40 -- 48 99th Pennsylva
sachusetts Nine-months' regiment. 1 10 11   101 101 112 Grover's Nineteenth. Nov., ‘62 53d Massachusetts Nine-months' regiment. 5 28 33   144 144 177 Emory's Nineteenth. May, ‘63 54th Massachusetts Colored. 5 104 109 1 160 161 270 Seymour's Tenth. June, ‘63 55th Massachusetts Colored. 3 64 67 2 128 130 197 Seymour's Tenth. Feb., ‘64 56th Massachusetts 6 120 126   100 100 226 Stevenson's Ninth. April, ‘64 57th Massachusetts 10 191 201   86 86 287 Stevenson's Ninth. Seymour's Tenth. Feb., ‘64 56th Massachusetts 6 120 126   100 100 226 Stevenson's Ninth. April, ‘64 57th Massachusetts 10 191 201   86 86 287 Stevenson's Ninth. April, ‘64 58th Massachusetts 10 129 139   156 156 295 Potter's Ninth. April, ‘64 59th Massachusetts 7 83 90 1 93 94 184 Stevenson's Ninth. Aug., ‘64 60th Massachusetts Hundred-days' men.         11 11 11     Sept., ‘64 61st Massachusetts One year's term. 1 5 6   20 20 26   Ninth. April, ‘65 62d Massachusetts One year's term.         2 2 2       Three-Months Service(‘61).                   April, ‘61 4th Mass. (Big