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c.; they burned most of their tents, the rest they cut so as to render them unfit for use. On the fifth the Thirty-second Ohio was advanced beyond the Shenandoah mountain for the double purpose of scouting and foraging. The Seventy-fifth Ohio and Third Virginia, with Capt. Hyman's battery, were encamped at the foot of the mountain on this side; the rest of our force was at McDowell, at which place Gen. Milroy had his headquarters. On Wednesday morning the cavalry pickets belonging to Capt. Shuman's company First Virginia, were attacked and driven in after losing several men and a number of horses. The Thirty-second, under Lieut.-Col. Sweeney, drove the rebels back in good style, and then fell back across the mountain. Unfortunately this regiment was without transportation, and hence lost all their camp equipage and baggage, which was burned by the rebels. By this time we had learned from our scouts and from other sources that we were about to be attacked by the combined force
ma. To Albert L. West, for the best Architectural Drawings, First-Class Diploma. Class no. 28.-- Oil Paintings. To Mrs. S. D. Chapin, for the best Oil Painting on exhibition, $3. Class no. 29.-- Musical Instruments. To E. G. Wright, for Silver Bugle, Silver Medal. To Earnest Gable, for Piano Forte, Silver Medal. Class no. 30.-- Machinists' and other Tools. To L. F. Peyronett, for one case of Machinists' Tools, made by exhibitor, Silver Medal. To Lau &Shuman, for Files, Certificate of Silver Medal. To Boyle & Gamble, for best Circular Saws and also best Tenon and Panel Saws, Silver Medal. To Burger & Bros., for Circular, Rip and Cross-Cutting Saws, Silver Medal. To Berry Grube, for Cross — Cut Saw, Silver Medal. To A. Bridges &Co., of New York, for Punching and Cutting Machines. Railroad Machinery and Car Findings, Silver Medal. To Jos. R. Anderson &Co., Tredegar Works, for Railroad Chairs, Spikes, &c., Silver Medal.
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
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The Daily Dispatch: June 21, 1864., [Electronic resource], Grant's campaign an acknowledged failure. (search)
Capture of Runaways. --A Confederate scouting party yesterday captured the following runaway negroes, who were making their way to the enemy's lines; Wingfield Scott, slave of Col. Holt, of Columbus, Ga., Fountain, slave of William Taliaferro, of Hanover; John Rush, property of Beverly Douglass, of King William; Armistead Christian, slave of M Shuman, of New Kent; Henry Johnston, slave of William Doggett, of Caroline; Joe, slave of Thomas Harris, of Louisa; James Brown, property of John Scott, of Fauquier; and Robert, slave of Strother Wallace, of Culpeper.--They were committed to Castle Thunder to await identification by their owners.