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less. While the public, no doubt, have a right to rejoice at this state of affairs, it imposes additional burdens on that useful, but unappreciated, class of individuals charged with the duty of hunting up the news. Yesterday the Mayor presided with his usual grace and dignity, but as our report shows, did not do anything specially brilliant, the material for any clever performance being non est. Case of Wm. Reynolds, for an assault (characterized in the bench warrant as "violent,") on Benedict Simon, was continued until the 29th.--Martha, slave of Jas. Bolton, was ordered twenty-five lashes for assaulting and attempting to cut Mrs. Harvey with a knife.--Gabe Smith, Sue Mosby, Joe Adams, and Kate Hall, free negroes, here without permission from a neighboring county, were sent to jail to be transported back.--Bill Scott, free, charged with an attempt to swindle, was again brought up and remanded, and Wm. White a black man, who had pestiferously obtruded himself on the proprietor of th
for examination until the 3d of April.--Wilson, slave of R. C. Nicholas, for getting very drunk and staggering about the streets, was ordered twenty lashes.--Richard, slave ames H. Oliver, was awarded thirty-nine scripes for being found in possession of thirty horse shoes; supposed to have been stolen.--Mary Garerty gave Patrick Lockland as security to keep the peace towards J. R. Pleasants,--William Reynolds was committed until the 3d of April, for perpetrating a felonious assault on Benedict Simon.--Margaret Pavin, a resident of Jail Alley, was committed in default of surety to keep the peace towards G. W. Thomas. The latter, in passing the locality above referred to, yesterday morning, found Pavin and another woman fighting, and carried them before the Mayor. Pavin made herself ridiculous by reviling. His Honor, and applying to him the misnomer of being an old Irishman. She also sung "Dixie" at the top of her voice. The hubbub in the Mayor's office was not quieted until. Hi
1st Regiment. Benj P Walker, Comp'y D, 4th Regiment. Wm H Whitenack, Comp'y B, 42d Regiment. Daniel B Kurtz, Comp'y D, 4th Regiment. Martin Spelimer, Comp'y C, 1st Battalion P F Frazier, Comp'y E, 42d Regiment. Wm Conley, Comp'y B, 27th Regiment. J A Garner, Comp'y C, 21st Regiment. Martin Sharp, Comp'y G, 23d Regiment. Wm M Wolfe, Comp'y D, 37th Regiment. John Purcell, Comp'y B, 27th Regiment. J H Davidson, Comp'y D, 37th Regiment. Simon D Anderson, Rockbridge Artillery. George W Rensell, Rockbridge Artillery. Samuel Anderson, Rockbridge Artillery. C Sullivan, Company B 27th Va Reg't. E M Wicker, Company A, 37th Va Reg't. J R Quillan, Company D, 37th Va Reg't. H D Danforth, Company F, 21st Va Reg't. Wm H Light, Company D, 2d Va Reg't. James P Jones, Company A, 2d Va Reg't. S W Clay, Company I, 42d Va Reg't. E B Taylor, Company F, 21st Va Reg't. Albert Durham, Company C,
Mayor's Court. --Yesterday, Louisa Jenkins, free negress, was committed for trial for stealing $100 worth of clothing from Captain John Thompson.--Wm. Taylor, arraigned for threatening personal violence to Frances Peppercorn, was discharged.--Thaddeus Scott. was examined and sent on for examination before the Hustings Court, for stealing forty-four dollars and fifty cents from William H. Gentry.--William Reynolds was remanded for indictment for a violent assault on Benedict Simon.--Case of Wm. Irwin, white lad; for stealing $29 from some unknown person, was continued.--Sally, slave of S. S. Cottrell, was acquitted of using abusive language to Jules Benedict.--Mr. Wm. J. Irving was summoned up because of his son's having cut the bark of some of the trees on Capitol Square. The case was dismissed.