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In the Mayor's Court at Richmond, October sixteenth, James Simpson was charged with buying one hundred and seventy dollars worth of bacon, butter, and eggs, to sell at his store; the facts being established, the butter and eggs were confiscated. In the same Court, J. Cropper had twenty-two dozen eggs confiscated, and E. J. Talliafero was fined ten dollars for riding a horse in the street faster than six miles an hour. The Varieties Theatre to-night gives a benefit for the sufferers of Wilmington, N. C.--Richmond Examiner, October 17.
Lydia Maria Child, Isaac T. Hopper: a true life, The Uncomplimentary invitation. (search)
s within, she answered in the affirmative. Tell her I wish to see her, said Friend Hopper. The girl was evidently astonished at a visitor in Quaker costume, and of such grave demeanor; but she went and did the errand. A message was returned that her mistress was engaged and could not see any one. Where is she? he inquired. The girl replied that she was up-stairs. I will go to her, said the importunate messenger. The mistress of the house heard him, and leaning over the balustrade of the stairs, she screamed out, What do you want with me, sir? In very loud tones he answered, James Simpson, a minister of the Society of Friends, has appointed a meeting to be held this afternoon, in Penrose store, Almond-street. It is intended for publicans, sinners, and harlots. I want thee to be there, and bring thy whole household with thee. Wilt thou come? She promised that she would; and he afterward saw her at the meeting melted into tears by the direct and affectionate preaching.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
in 1856, and joined his parents, who had previously located in San Antonio. After a few months preparation in reading, he went to Scotland and entered the University of Edinburgh. He remained there four years, taking the degree of M. D. The university was then in the zenith of its fame, and numbered among its officers, Sir William Gladstone and Lord Brougham; in surgery, Sir James Syme, of whom it was said: He never spoke an unnecessary word, nor spilt an unnecessary drop of blood. Sir James Simpson to whom the world is indebted for the invaluable boon in the discovery of chloroform, conferred upon Dr. Jones a special diploma in obstetrics. He also took a special course in surgical pathology and operative surgery, under Sir Joseph Lister. Graduating at Edinburgh, he went to Dublin, and was appointed resident student in the Rotunda Hospital, one of the most extensive and renowned maternity institutions in Europe. While there he attended the clinics of Stokes and Corrigan, also t
Glenn, and Harrison Carden, severely wounded; Harrison Pickett and Owen W. Willett, slightly wounded. Company B, Capt. Avery, commanding.--Private Joshua M. Sorrell, mortally wounded; Privates J. R. Roberts, Jacob Thomas, Thos. L. Ollis, and J. C. Freeman, severely wounded; Capt. Isaac E. Avery, Serg't James E. Howell, Privates Joseph Boone, Tillman Vance, Anderson J. Davis, and Brice McGee, slightly wounded. Company F, Lieut. Carter, commanding.--Privates Jas. P. Stewart, and James Simpson, killed; privates W. P. White, mortally wounded; privates Eldridge G. Thompson and W. P. Gouge, severely wounded; private Jos. B. Thompson, ear shot off; and Jas. G. Watson, slightly wounded. Company G, Capt. Craige, commanding.--Privates G. Noah, A. B. Corriher, J. R. Corriher, J. S. Smith, Jason D. Setzer, Jno. Hess and Jacob Safrit, killed; privates John Howard and N. Lindsay Dancy, severely wounded; privates W. Rufus Owen, Henry W. A. Miller, Jacob W. Miller, and Bartlett Allen,
; Privates A D Dunlop, slightly; G Frizzle, severely. Company D, Capt Jas Alken, commanding. Killed: None. Wounded: Capt Jas Alkep, slightly; Privates J T Bumes, severely; J D DcVangan, slightly; S P Kennedy, slightly; J T Pearce, severely; J M Reynolds, mortally; J J Wheeler, severely. Company E, Capt M D Robinson, commanding — Killed: Serg't Jno G Kidd. Wounded; 1st Lieut Jno D Robinson, severely; Serg't J. 8 Keer, slightly; Private W J White, severely. Company F, 2nd Lieut James Simpson, commanding — Killed: None. Wounded: 3rd Lieutenant A J Simons, severely; Corporal Pope, slightly; Privates Ed Gastlebury, slightly; L B Freeman, severely; Henry Magourik, severely; F M Piyler, severely; W L Ward, severely; E C Hancock, slightly; S C Watts, slightly, Company G, Lieut L P Broughton commanding — Killed: Serg't J R Green, Private F M Haiden. Wounded: Serg't W Bennett, severely; Private S A Callaway, slightly; L C Harvel, slightly; J W Martin, severely; On Willia<
n the charge of cutting, stabbing, and wounding Mary J. McMiun with a knife, Wednesday night, on 2d street. The wounds were of such a character as to preclude the attendance of the witness, and the case was continued until the 22d inst.0 James Simpson, grocery keeper on 17th street, was summoned up, at the instance of the Clerk of the 1st Market, for buying $200 worth of bacon, butter, and eggs, in the market, for the purpose of selling them again at his store. The Mayor reserved his decision as to the bacon, which had been carried home. The eggs and butter, which had not been delivered, were ordered to be sold for the benefit of the city. Simpson said he was not aware that he was violating any law in doing what he did. Daniel White was fined for permitting water to escape from the hydrant on his lot. Hunter Taliaferro was fined $10 for riding his horse on 2d street at a faster rate than six miles per hour. Margaret Dooley was required to give security to keep
eredith, and Charles, slave of Ed. Furneyhough, three very small boys, charged with throwing stones in the street, were turned over to their masters for punishment. Amanda Boyd, a free negro, was ordered to be whipped for being in the city with Henrico free papers, and permitting Moses, a slave, to be in her house without the written consent of his owner. Fines were imposed upon Mrs. Sarah Fulliam, for permitting her son to throw stones at Mrs. Elam's house; Margaret Holland and George Howard, for permitting their sons to fire off guns within the corporate limits; and James Simpson, charge with trading with negroes. The following cases were continued: Jerry Dunnavant and Lee Whitehurst, charged with stealing a valuable diamond breastpin from Lieut. Col. James Nelligan; Jordan Miller, for receiving a horse known by him to have been stolen, and Margaret and Mary, slaves, charged with stealing a lot of crockery, bedding, &c., valued at $200, the property of Robert Lowry.
whipped. A big, Jolly old black woman, who came to the witness stand pulling and blowing as if she was propelled by steam, testified that Bill Jackson acknowledged stealing the money and watch from her daughter Minerva's trunk, and said that he had spent some of the funds, but what was left of it he had given to his mother; the watch was at his aunt's. The accused was ordered to be well whipped. Sally, slave of H. W. Fry, was also whipped for stealing meat from the Second Market. James Simpson was fined for dealing with negroes without permission from their owners. William Wright slave of Robert Land, of King and Queen, and Jim Johnson, slave of Dr Mayo, of Powhatan, arrested on the charge of stealing a large lot of bed quilts, shirts, blankets, &c, from the Medical Purveyor's Department, were called for a hearing. In the room occupied by these negroes the stolen articles were found, as well as about a half measure of keys of every description. There being no doubt of
rs could be obtained. Robert, slave of Mary J. Phillips, and Daniel, slave of William Court, charged with stealing a piece of bacon from the Jackson Hospital, were ordered to be whipped. Similar punishment was inflicted upon Jim, slave of John Moore, and Mary and Nancy Lewis, free negroes, charged with receiving stolen money and a watch, the property of Minerva Jackson, knowing that such was the way in which the articles were obtained. A fine of twenty dollars was imposed upon James Simpson, charged with trading with a negro without a written from his master being first obtained. Two little negro boys, slaves of Joseph Myers and E. H. Chalkley charged with throwing stones in the streets, were discharged, as were also a half dozen boys arrested for bathing in public places. A man named Samuel W. Crubbs, arrested for wandering about the streets and having no place to stay, was sent to the poor-house, in Hanover, from institution he has recently absented himself.
Richmond Circuit Court, yesterday. In the matter of a petition of James Simpson for a writ of habeas corpus, praying to be discharged from Colonel Danforth's regiment of militia, as coming under the purview of the joint resolution of the Legislature, a writ was issued returnable to-day; and, after proving his age, the court ordered his discharge. Josiah H. Harris, of Hanover county, came before court yesterday under a writ issued and directed to Captain Grover. His application for discharge was based upon the fact that, in May last, he was elected an overseer of the poor for said county. The military authorities having refused to release him, he sues out a writ, and upon the hearing of the case was remanded to the custody of the officer who had him in charge.