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t which takes a loop from one needle and transfers it to another for narrowing the fabric. Presser; a device which closes or depresses the beards of the needles. Presser-bar; the bar which carries the presser in a straight machine. Shifter. See point-shifter (supra). Shogging; giving endway motion to a bar carrying yarn-guides. Shifter-bar; the bar which carries the shifters, points, or ticklers. Sinker; a device which presses the yarn down on to and between the needles. Slack course; a row of long loops made at the end of a piece of ribbed fabric (a sock-top, for instance), to facilitate its being placed upon the needles of another machine. Sley; a grooved or partitioned bed or bar in which the needles or sinkers slide. Slur-cock; a cam which depresses the sinkers. Spring take-up; a spring-actuated device which bears against the yarn to prevent slackness. Thread or yarn guide or carrier; a device which delivers the yarn or thread to the needles. Ti
arrisMay 21, 1872. 134,518CollinsJan. 7, 1873. 134,669Henry et al.Jan. 7, 1873. 137,947OburgApr. 15, 1873. 138,153Henry et al.Apr. 22, 1873. 138,412LeslieApr. 29, 1873. 142,042Rayor et al.Aug. 19, 1873. 143,046WebberSept. 23, 1873. 143,726SlackOct. 14, 1873. 144,326EvingerNov. 4, 1873. 146,561WestJan. 20, 1874. 27. Miscellaneous. 12,984CaperonMay 29, 1855. 16,315Johnson et al.Dec. 23, 1856. 27. Miscellaneous. (continued). No.Name.Date. 18,817LazelleDec. 8, 1857. 20,006SteenAp the river, as it tends to obstruct navigation, as, for instance, at the Chaudiere Mills, Ottawa, Canada. Slab-line. ´╝łNautical.) A rope fastened to the foot of a sail and used to truss it up after hauling upon the leech and bunt lines. Slack. 1. (Nautical.) The loose part of a fixed rope. 2. Small coal screened at the mines from household or furnace fire-coal of good quality. Slack-course. ´╝łKnitting-machine.) A range of loops or stitches more open than those which pre