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point, all signs betokening a battle imminent; but it was not to occur this day. At 2.40 P. M. I received an order further postponing the assault till 4.30 A. M., June 3d.—Hancock's Official Report. Just at dusk Gen. Gibbon rode up to Capt. Sleeper and delivered his orders in person. Captain, as soon as it is dark you will move your battery into those works directly in your front, your right piece resting on that large tree; at the same time pointing to a stalwart oak some twenty rods habit it had of intruding its shot into all suspicious occasions with greater or less accuracy. For some days after the battle our dead and wounded lay between the lines where they fell, and, under a broiling sun, the former were becoming Sleeper's Battery, Third position, Cold Harbor sketched by A. Waud. 1864 Harper's Weekly very offensive. Whereupon, on the afternoon of Sunday (the 5th), Gen. Grant sent a flag of truce to Lee, proposing to bury the dead and succor the wounded. Jun
s the present, for some of the voices that rang out clear and cheerful in the gloom of that Monday evening were hushed, ere the week was closed, in the solemn stillness of death. Morning reports. 1864. June 21. Two horses shot by order Capt. Sleeper —glanders. One horse died—exhaustion. June 23. One horse shot, farcy; one horse died—exhaustion. Corp. Paine and Thomas Ellworth sent to hospital. June 26. Two horses died,—exhaustion. June 27. Private Newton, Killoran and Corp'l Srook, Spooner, and Smith in hospital. Bailey, Killoran, Devereux, Newton, Trefry report to hospital. 0. W. Wheelock thrown from his horse and injured. July 27. O. W. Wheelock sent to brigade hospital. July 28. Two horses shot by order Capt. Sleeper, farcy. July 29. Frank A. Munroe sent to brigade hospital. July 31. Ten (10) horses received from Capt. Cochrane. Devereux, Bailey and Trefry, returned to duty. Twelve horses turned over to Capt. Strang. One horse died on the road-ex
enemy opened on us with one section of artillery. One section of Sleeper's Battery ordered up, which knocked enemy's section out of time infor they draw bead on both man and beast. Early in the action Captain Sleeper, who is riding slowly along in rear of the guns, utterly regargainst us. There is no retreat for the artillery—certainly not for Sleeper's Tenth Massachusetts—and we have but a few rounds of ammunition l; the fate of the other nine we here present more in detail: Capt. Sleeper was wounded in the arm, the bullet splintering but not fracturiresident. [Signed] E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Brevet Major J. Henry Sleeper, U. S. Volunteers, Thro: Comd'g Gen'l Army Potomac. Geo. G. Meade, Major General Commanding. To Capt and Bv't Maj. J. Henry Sleeper, Commanding 10th Mass. Battery. Head Qrs. Artillery Brig [Signed] Jno. G. Hazard, Brevet Lieut. Col. Comd'g. Brevet Major J. Henry Sleeper, 10th Mass. Battery. Morning reports. 1864. Au
. One recruit received—Timothy Herlehy. Two horses shot by order E. L. Smith, Lieut. Battery K, 4th U. S. Ar'ty, A. A. I. G. Oct. 26. Corp. G. A. Pease sent to general hospital. Oct. 27. Lieut's Granger and Smith and Privates A. C. Billings and Farrell wounded and sent to hospital. McAuliffe, leg broken also sent to hospital. Lieut. E. L. Smith Battery K, 4th U. S. Art'y and Lieut. Deane, 6th Me. Art'y temporarily attached. Seven horses shot in action. Hiram Pike slightly wounded. Oct. 28. Lieut. Asa Smith died at general hospital City Point, Va., from effects of wound received Oct. 27. Lieut. Granger sent to general hospital also Billings, Farrell and McAuliffe. Oct. 29. Capt. Sleeper returned to duty front leave of absence since Aug. 25. Lieut. Wm. G. Rollins returned to duty from ammunition train. Oct. 30. Private C. A. Mason dropped from the rolls Oct. 23 is taken up. Lieut. E. L. Smith returned to Battery K, 4th U. S. Art'y. One horse died—effects of woun
t— Battery E Resignation and departure of Major Sleeper—at it on the right Fort Steadman advance same line further east. Captain (now Major) Sleeper He had been breveted Major by general ordee months service. All its officers except Lieut. Sleeper and all its non-commissioned officers excelieutenant in the Tenth it the request of Captain Sleeper. He participated in twenty-six battles. Adams was now in command of the Battery, Major Sleeper being away on leave of absence. I havery their monotony. On the 27th of February Maj. Sleeper severed his connection with the Company, an reported to quarters. Dec. 20. Brevet Major J. Henry Sleeper absent with leave on court-martialOtis reported to quarters. Dec. 21. Major J. Henry Sleeper returned from absence with leave. Pri Hunt reported to quarters. Feb. 1. Maj. J. Henry Sleeper on leave and Private Joseph Cross on fne horse died; exhaustion. Feb. 22. Maj. J. Henry Sleeper returned to duty from leave of absence[2 more...]<
Roster and roll of the Company Name and Rank.Age.Residence or Place credited to.Date of Muster.Termination of Service, and Cause thereof. J. Henry Sleeper, Capt.,25Boston,Sept. 22, 1862,Wounded at Reams Station. Feb. 27, 1865, resigned. Brevet Major. J. Webb Adams, Capt.,41Boston,Feb. 27, 1865,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Brevet Major. H. H. Granger, 1st Lieut.45Boston,Aug. 20, 1862,Died of wounds, Oct. 30, 1864. Brevet Lieut. Col. J. Webb Adams, 1st Lieut.,39Boston,Aug. 20, 1862,Captain, Feb. 27, 1865. Wm. E. Rollins, 1st Lieut.,37Boston,Nov. 1, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Milbrey Green, 1st Lieut.,35Dorchester,Feb. 27, 1865,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Brevet Major. Asa Smith, 2d Lieut.,31Ipswich,Sept. 22, 1862,Died of wounds rec'd at Boydton Road, Oct. 28, 1864. Thos. R. Armitage, 2d Lieut.,36Charlestown,Sept. 6, 1862,Feb. 4, 1864, resigned. Wm. E. Rollins, 2d Lieut.,36Boston,Feb. 5, 1864,First Lieut., Nov. 1, 1864. Milbrey Green,
John D. Billings, The history of the Tenth Massachusetts battery of light artillery in the war of the rebellion, The Tenth Massachusetts Battery Association (search)
ting, when not decided upon by the Association, shall be appointed by the Executive Board. How amended. Art. VII These articles may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at a regular meeting. Order of business. Roll Call.Election of Officers. Report of Secretary.Dinner Call. Report of Treasurer.After-dinner Exercises. Report of Committees.Adjournment. New Business. A committee to nominate officers for permanent organization reported for President, Maj. J. Henry Sleeper; for Secretary and Treasurer, Lieut. Charles E. Pierce; and a list of two vicepres-idents, and au Executive Committee of five,—all of whom were unanimously elected. The Association has met annually ever since, usually at Young's Hotel, Boston, and now regularly on Patriots' Day, April 19. One very pleasant episode of the first meeting was an act of generosity on the part of Comrade A. E. Rice, which gave full possession of the battle-flag to the Association. A large amount
oon, Phila. Union Volunteer Saloon, Refreshment, 34, 433. Salisbury, 325, 326. Sedgwick, Gen., John, 101, 107, 130, 156, 189, 193, 194, 233. Schwartz, James L., 202, 203, 204, 205 207, 350, 399, 405, 441. Sheridan, Joseph, 205, 206, 349. Sheridan, Gen., Phil, 194, 357, 379, 413, 417, 418, 421. Sherman, Gen. W. T., 94, 228, 395, 431. Shattuck, Andrew B., 31, 83, 86, 87, 151. Sickles, Gen. D. E., 101, 144, 190. Slack, Charles, 42, 48, 115, 183, 205, 206, 207, 407, 408. Sleeper, Capt., J. Henry, 27, 28, 29, 31, 45, 60, 61, 65, 66, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 101, 117, 126, 132, 138, 147, 149, 151, 154, 155, 193, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 204, 205, 208, 212, 253, 260, 302, 305, 314, 324, 348, 349, 351, 375. Sleeper, Brevet Major J. H., 338, 376, 382, 395, 402, 405, 407. Slocum, Gen. H. W., 97, 107, 130. Smith, Lieut., Asa, 31, 47, 66, 67, 82, 83, 85, 200, 203, 204, 303, 304, 323, 357, 359, 361, 362, 367, 371, 375, 376. Smith, A. W., 202, 203, 207, 350. Smith, Geo. A.
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