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Francis Jackson Garrison, William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879; the story of his life told by his children: volume 1, Chapter 1: Ancestry.—1764-1805. (search)
St. John. There is no evidence that Joseph Garrison was of this number. All that can now be learned about him warrants the belief that he was an Englishman, who was found upon the spot by the second, if not already by the first, immigrants from Rowley. We know positively that on his thirtieth birthday, August 14, 1764, he was married to Daniel Palmer's daughter Mary, perhaps in that church which Richard Eastiek [Estey] and Ruth Essex Institute Hist. Collections, 14.152. his wife, Jonathan Smith and Hannah his wife, were dismissed from, the First Church in Rowley, to form upon or near St. John's River, Nova Scotia, May 20, 1764. Sabine, who, with doubtful propriety, includes Joseph Garrison in his Loyalists of the American Revolution, (1.464) styles him of Massachusetts; but the name has not been met with in that State before the present century by the most diligent searchers of her archives. His comparatively early death will account for the February, 1783. diversity of t
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
ston, Joseph Segman, Private Jno. H. Shepherd, Geo. W. Turner, John W. Wray, Co. D. Sergeant Wm. H. Swift, Robert Moreland, Private Thos. S. Adams, Private Francis Morriss, Geo. T. Wiles. Co. E. Sergeant Henry Ashburn, Corporal Jno. Smith, Private Wm. Wynne, Private Jas. Holland, S. J. Nelmes. Co. F. Sergeant Jno. C. Gornto, Corporal Wm. T. Brock, Private Jno. E. Absalom, Jas. G. Braithwaite, Wm. T. Brewer, H. W. Capps, Jno. T. Dames, Private Geo. E. James, S. McLaurin, James Seals, R. F. Haithcock, D. H. Hamer. Co. H. Sergeant W. S. Turberville, Corporal H. G. Bryant, Private P. Bryant, D. Calden, Zeno Johnson, J. W. P. Lewis, P. McCormick, Private W. T. McKenzie, J. H. Porter, Jno. Smith, G. W. Turberville, A. B. Turberville, Jno. A. McMillian, M. Watson. Co. I. Private A. J. White, J. T. Stukes, H. W. Ward, J. J. Readon, H. M. Wise, Private J. P. Mitchum, W. I. Clark, Jas. Jannette, W. N. Stukes. Co. K. S
Judd. The able and interesting History of Hadley makes frequent and honorable mention of Westwood and his son-in-law, Cooke, and presents a genealogy of their descendants. My father Samuel Cooke, about the year 1698, married Anne Marsh, daughter of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Dorcas Marsh, of Hadley. Besides three which died in infancy, seven of their children had families: viz., Anne, married to Aaron Cooke; Sarah, to Timothy (Emmons?); Hannah, to William Dickinson; Samuel; Mehitable, to Jonathan Smith; Miriam, to Josiah Pierce; and Jonathan. All survived our parents except Hannah. She buried six children in infancy, and her husband in 1741; she was left with two sons—six and two years old—and returned with her children to my father's house, where she died in 1745, aged 39. My father died September 16, 1746, aged 76. My mother died March, 1758, aged 77. My father by his will left his homestead at my mother's decease wholly to my brother Jonathan in lieu of my education. The res
Presentments by the Grand Jury. --The following true bills for felony were found by the Grand Jury yesterday: Chas. Amey, Richard L. Bohannon, Francis P. Blair, Jr., Jas. Blake. Leno Eacho, Jno. A. Faris, Geo. W. Farrell, Margaret Folin, Robert S. Ford, M. Fitzgerald, Michael Harrington, Chas. J. Mitchell, Jno. Smith, Chas. Pedrick. John G. Scott, John Downey, Susan Smith, Carter Tadlock, Wm. Elliott, John Postower, Wm. J. Walker, George Weill, Richard F. Williams. Mary Taylor, sent to the Grand Jury on the charge of larceny, was discharged, the jury not finding sufficient evidence, to send her before the Court. The Grand Jury then adjourned to meet again on Monday next.
he said were partly for his own use and the rest for sale. The eggs were confiscated and Anthony was ordered to be whipped. A charge was preferred against Jno. Smith, a member of the 19th Virginia regiment, of attempting to shoot James M. Densberry.--On Thursday afternoon Smith, in company with a number of his company, was wSmith, in company with a number of his company, was walking up Main street, and observing Densberry ahead of him, mistook him for a friend, when he playfully hallooed to him to look out or he would shoot him. D. was an entire stranger, and he had no intention to shoot him, or any one else. The Recorder dismissed the case, and directed that Smith should be taken to the Provost MarshaSmith should be taken to the Provost Marshal to be sent to his regiment. D. T. Wyatt, charged with stealing a horse from Andrew Rodgers, was remanded to jail to await an examination before the Mayor on Friday next. Wyatt & Dudley, fishmongers, charged with buying herrings to sell again, were discharged. It was proved that neither of the firm had anything to do wi