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in the limits of this Precinct. The Rev. Samuel Abbot Smith, in his work entitled West Cambridgcommon at day-break, ready for active service (Smith ). The Cambridge militia company of the other of the articles of enlistment is published in Smith's Address, p. 59. The original in the possessi, Cambridge; John Stewart, Cape Ann. (53.) Smith's Address, pp. 60-62, omits two names in the ae, and the surviving ones sent to Medford (see Smith ). The following story related by Smith con have been determined to remain at his house. Smith says, He barricaded his gate with bundles of sround, and in the clothes in which they fell. Smith says they were laid head to point. The tradit spot used for the burial-place of the slaves.—Smith. The Danvers men, by being thus surroundedhe pursuit by the Provincials prevented much. Smith mentions several houses which were entered on se, and carried him away to a place of safety.—Smith. 1776 In 1776 an adjourned meeting of th[8 more...
of recruiting; and the two physicians of the town, Drs. Hodgdon and Harris, tendered their professional aid to soldiers' families gratis, during their term of service. Among those who lost their lives in connection with the war, was the Rev. Samuel Abbot Smith. He was born April 18, 1829, grad. H. U. 1849, prepared for the ministry at Cambridge Divinity School, and settled over the Unitarian Society in Arlington June 27, 1864, where he remained till his death. He died of a malarious fever town, had no previous historical significance in the place. It is a purely distinctive appellation, and was deemed a good post-office designation, unlikely to be confounded with the various adjacent localities in Cambridge. The lamented Rev. S. A. Smith, in his published address in 1864, already alluded to, thus protested against a change of name: I hope the name of the town will never be changed. It would be like giving up our birthright. As the Second Precinct of Cambridge, we hold
ough several of the principal streets, and thence to the cemeteries, where each grave of a soldier of the war was generously decorated with flowers, in accordance with the custom throughout the country. The names of those whose graves were decorated were as follows: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.—Edward Clark, James Ferguson, Franklin Ford, Samuel Gates, James Gibson, John Grant, Charles G. Haskell, Charles C. Henry, John Locke, Thomas Martin, Charles J. Moore, Henry S. Pollard, S. G. Rawson, Minot Robbins, William W. Snelling, George H. Sprague, William Stacy, George Trask, Nathaniel White, Henry W. Whittemore. 20. Old Burying Ground.—George P. Cotting, William Cotting Tomb; Augustus O. W. Cutter, Nehemiah Cutter Tomb; Albert Frost, Ephraim Frost Tomb: Rev. Samuel A. Smith. 4.—Arlington Advocate. Hiram Lodge.—Of fraternal societies in the town, the most ancient is the Hiram Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, organized 1797. The Odd Fellows re-instituted a lodge here i
1851, 1853-55. Joseph Burrage, 1852, 1853. James E. Bailey, 1852. Rev. Joseph Banvard, 1853. Dr. Joseph Underwood, 1854, 1855, 1857. Dr. J. L. Alexander, 1865. Rev. Samuel B. Swaim, 1856, 1860-62. William E. Parmenter, Esq., 1856-67. Dr. Richard L. Hodgdon, 1856, 1857. Warren S. Frost, 1866. Josiah Crosby, 1857, 1859-67. Edwin Locke, 1858. John Adams, 1858. John D. Freeman, 1858-63 (resigned). Rev. Daniel R. Cady, 1861-67. Rev. William E. Gibbs, 1862-67. Rev. Samuel Abbot Smith, 1863-66 (deceased). Henry Swan, 1864-67. Samuel G. Damon, 1866-67. Rev. Amos Harris, 1867 (declined). Rev. Charles C. Salter, 1867. Principal town officers of Arlington, 1867-1879. representatives. Joseph S. Potter, 1867. Jesse Bacon, 1869. J. Winslow Peirce, 1872. Samuel D. Hicks, 1875. William G. Peck, 1877, 1879. Selectmen. Samuel S. Davis, 1867, 1871. Joseph S. Potter, 1867, 1868. Charles H. Crane, 1867. J. Winslow Peirce, 1868-71, 1873. Jacob F
testify their grateful attachment to the memory of their deceased pastor. A sermon preached at West Cambridge on the Sabbath after the death of Mr. Brown, by Rev. Nathaniel Hall, of Dorchester, who officiated at his funeral, by vote of the parish was published. Text, John 17: 4. A work of 96 pages, entitled The Children's Gift (Boston, 1854), printed expressly for the children of his Sunday School, in accordance with his wish, contains a number of his writings. 1854, March 13. Samuel Abbot Smith invited as pastor. Ordained June 22, 1854. He died in West Cambridge, May 20, 1865, aged 36, and in the eleventh year of his ministry. 1856, Jan. 1. The Society lost their meeting-house by fire. A new meeting-house (the present edifice) was dedicated Jan. 1, 1857. 1865, Oct. 2. Charles C. Salter chosen minister. Ordained June 6, 1866. Resigned Jan. 31, 1869. 1869, Dec. 27. George W. Cutter chosen minister. Ordained Jan. 26, 1870. Resigned Jan. 31, 1877. 1871. The st
rlestown. Died of wounds June 10, 1863. Buried here, age 24—monument. 326 George H. Sprague, age 30, Co. B, Forty-Third Regiment Infantry (nine months), Oct. 11, 1862, credited to Boston. Died March 27, 1863, at Newbern, N. C. Buried here. 327. George Trask, age 18, Co. M, First Regiment of Cavalry (three years), Oct. 1, 1861—residence or place credited to not given-transferred to Co. M, 4th Cavalry. (Died May 3, 1862, Port Royal, S. C.—Family account and monument. ) 328. Rev. Samuel A. Smith, minister First Congregational Parish, missionary to the army, died of a fever contracted at Norfolk, Va., on May 20, 1866, aged 36. Given in Letters from Two Brothers, and not previously mentioned: 329. Alfred Bloxham, age 26, First Battery Light Artillery (three years), July 24, 1862, to Oct. 19, 1864, credited to Cambridge. 330. George H. Cutter, age 19, Co. H, 3d Wisconsin Infantry, enlisted April 24, 1861, for three years, re-enlisted Dec. 25, 1863; promoted Corp. Nov. <
mon, at Rev. Mr. Cooke's ordination, by Rev. E. Turell, 30; by President Langdon at Watertown, cited, 66 Sermons by Mr. Cooke, 32-37, 39, 41-47, 49-51, 57, 84-89, 93, 94, 98-100; by Rev. Mr. Fiske, 107, 108, 122-128 Sexton, 107, 108, 114, 143 Sheds at Old Cambridge for Menotomy residents, 20; on parish land, 117, 141 Shooting of a woman in Menotomy in 1770, 42 Sidewalks, 141 Singing, 49, 109, 111, 113, 114, 242; school, 114, 116 Sketch of Major Ingalls, 157, 158; of Rev. S. A. Smith, 169: of Thomas Adams, 149, 160 Smith's West Cambridge on the 19th of April, 1775, 66, 77, 78, 160 Snake hunt, 31 Soldiers in war of 1676, 18,19; enlisted in 1775, 67; war of 1861-65, 339-51 Sons of Temperance, 157 Squa Sachem's Reservation west of Mystic Ponds, 7 State Records, 1, 2, 4, 38 St. John's Church, 179 St. Malachy's Church, 179 Stone house on training field, 145 Stores in West Cambridge, 130 Stoves in meeting-house, 116, 117 Stranger found dead i