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Mayor's Court. --The cases brought before His Honor for adjudication yesterday were exceedingly frivolous. The following is an enumeration of them and the result of the Mayor's inquiries into each. Susannah Harris, free, no papers and drunk, 10 lashes; Patrick H. Connell, drunk and disorderly in the street, discharged; Armistead, slave of James Gray, no papers and after hours, 15 stripes; William, slave of George Fitzhugh, stealing wood from Daniel B. Currie, 15 stripes; James Weaver, stealing a horse from T. W. Steward, valued at $75, acquitted; Clara, slave of George W. Royster, stealing $3 from Lewis Linnaman, acquitted; King, slave of J. H. F. Mayo, stealing two umbrellas and one cane from Wm. P. Strider, 30 lashes; Lewis G. Close, suspicious person, continued in jail; L. J. Slater, assaulting Abraham Solomon, required to give $100 security for his good demeanor; Robert Lewis, charged with murder, acquitted.
Mayor's Court. --Yesterday, a number of petty cases were brought to the attention of his Honor and thus disposed of: Wm. Schad drunk and lying in the street, discharged; Joseph Dawson, drunk and trespassing on L.Wagner, committed in default of surety; Calvin Sellers, drunk and lying on the sidewalk, let off; Emma Wittenham and Mike Kearney, sent on to the Grand Jury, and required to find surety for keeping a disorderly house on the basin; case against Abraham Solomon, for selling liquor without a license, continued; Ro. Mulloney, drunk and assaulting a negro in the street, required to give $150 security to be of good bebavior.
ail; Daniel Terry, drunk and resisting the watch, committed for want of surety; Henry, slave of Emily Wright, pretending to be a free man, whipped; Julius Levy, security required for beating Mark Lazarus and insulting his wife; John, slave of J. H. Crenshaw, ordered ten lashes for carrying another darkey's pass; Margaret Moore, required to give surety for assaulting Ann Shannon and calling her "evil names;" Ann Shannon, acquitted of a similar charge preferred by Margaret Moore; care of Abraham Solomon, for retailing ardent spirits without a license, continued; Robert Liggon, (free,) ordered 15 stripes for going about without his register; Anton Beeker, held to bail for assaulting Mary Jane Husher, and selling liquor without a license; Elizabeth Taylor, sent down for committing personal violence on, and shooting a pistol at, Jas. A. Adams. John, slave of Gilbert McNear, John Roberts, (free,) William Roberts, (free,) and Daniel, slave of M. Howard, were arraigned for stealing $35 from