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Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.from the tenth Legion. Page County, Va, May 09, 1861 Page county will roll up a heavy majority for the Secession Ordinance, to be voted upon this mouth. In the immediate neighborhood in which I have been living, there were but two men who expressed any aversion to secession. Last Saturday, (though an unfavorable day,) there was quite a military display. The Regiment, probably three hundred in number, under the command of Col. Spitler; the Infantry, a new company, numbering in all about eighty-five men, under command of Captain Young, and the Cavalry company (not fully made up) under command of Captain Jordan, all par?ded at Luray, the county seat. There was a crowd of probably three hundred of the sterner sex, and of course a large throng of ladies, who are deeply interested in this momentous struggle. After the military exercises were over, Mr. Borst, the representative of the county in the Convention, made a glowing and anima
Armory.--Messrs. Neeson, Coghill, Caraway, and Douglas. On Executive Expenditures.--Messrs. Day, Newman, Early, Dickinson of Prince Edward, and Pennybacker. On Library.--Messrs. Christian, of Middle-sex, Urquhart, and Whittle. On First Auditor's Office.--Messrs. Nash, Bail, and Neeson. On Second Auditor's Office.--Messrs. Marshall, Wiley, and Pate. On the Register's Office.--Messrs. Taliaferro, Massie, and Bruce. On the Treasurer's Office.--Messrs. Pennybacker, Spitler, and Branch. On the Bonds of Public Officers.--Messrs. Newman, Caraway, and Christian of Middlesex. On Public Printing.--Messrs. Newton, Hart, and Pate. On Enrolled Bills.--Messrs. Thomas of Henry, Logan, Pennybacker, Thompson, and Massie. On Clerk's Office.--Messrs. Early, Taliaferro, and McKenny. Resolutions. The following resolutions were offered and adopted: By Mr. Douglas.--Instructing the Committee on Finance to inquire into the expediency of compensa
re at Dibrell's Warehouse, and recommending that all the tobacco warehouses of the State be made fire-proof. Referred to the Committee on Agriculture and Commerce. Exports. Mr. Logan, from the Committee on General Laws, reported House bill entitled an act to amend and re-enact the act entitled "an act providing for the employment of negro convicts on public works," with an amendment; also, a bill constituting a part of New River a lawful fence. Resolutions of Inquiry By Mr. Spitler, relative to authorizing the Sheriffs in the counties' that have not been able to hold Courts of Inquiry for the present year to suspend the collection of muster fines until December 1, 1862; by Mr. Newman, of paying to T. P. Turner the sum of fifty dollars for services as Common wealth's Attorney, in the county of Jackson; by Mr. Ball, as to whether James G. Armstrong was elected, and is now a Senator from the Hampshire district; by Mr. Johnson, of amending the ordinance to provide again
or twelve months who, at the expiration of their term of service, shall re-enlist or volunteer, to reorganize themselves into companies and elect their company officers, with power to organize said companies into battalions or regiments and elect their officers in the manner prescribed by the fourth section of an act passed by the Congress of the Confederate States, which is inapplicable to the volunteers of Virginia because of an exception therein contained. An election ordered. Mr. Spitler, of Page, offered the following: Resolved, That the President of the Senate be directed to issue a writ of election to the counties composing the 32d Senatorial District, to supply a vacancy existing in the Senate of Virginia from said district, and that by publication of proper notice he fix Thursday, the 26th of the present month, as the day for holding said election. The resolution was adopted. After the consideration of some private bills-- On motion of Mr. Newman
The Daily Dispatch: December 14, 1861., [Electronic resource], [correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.] (search)
ld in the counties composing the district, to vote in an election to be held in camp or elsewhere within our military lines; and that the Committee of Privileges and Elections be instructed to report a bill in accordance with the terms of this resolution. Mr. Wiley moved to strike out all the latter portion of the resolution commencing with the words "and when wholly impracticable, &c. This motion was withdrawn, when Mr. Rosserton moved to amend the resolution by striking out the words "within our military lines." This amendment was adopted. Mr. Wiley then renewed his motion to strike out, which was not agreed to — ayes 12, noes 22. The vote was then taken upon Mr. Cochill's substitute, and resulted — ayes 25, nose 9. So the question was decided in the affirmative, The question recurring upon the adoption of the resolution as amended, the vote was taken, and resulted — ayes 18, nose 16. So the resolution passed. On motion of Mr. Spitler, the Senate adjourn
ich was laid upon the table: Resolved, (the House of Delegates concurring,) that when the Senate adjourns on Saturday the 21st of the present month, it be to meet on the 2d January, 1862. Resolutions of Inquiry. By Mr. Alderson--Of raising an army of 10,000 men for the exclusive purpose of the defense of this State. By Mr. Carraway--Of providing an increase of the compensation allowed to sheriffs and jailors for keeping and supporting persons confined in jail. By Mr. Spitler--Of incorporating the Cotton Manufacturing Company in the county of Shenandoah. [A bill was subsequently reported.] By Mr. Robertson--Of amending or repealing the laws in relation to condemned slaves. By Mr. Johnson--Of amending section 11 of chapter 29 of the Code of 1860, as to exempt property of persons in the military service of the State from distress for rent. Bill rejected. The bill to compensate Peter P. Penn for the loss of his slave Albert, was put upon its p
lor the tax paid by him on a license not used, because of the conduct of the public enemy. By Mr. Gareett--Of enlarging the jurisdiction and increasing the compensation of the constables of Henrico county. By Mr. Brannon--Of reporting bill No. 81 of the last session, "authorizing the issue of registered certifices of State stock to Franklin Torrey, in lieu of two lost bonds." By Mr. Newman--Of authorizing proceedings against faithless tenants. Personal explanation. Mr. Spitler arose to a personal explanation. He said: I notice in some of the papers of this morning that a resolution, which I offered on yesterday, has been reported incorrectly, entirely perverting the object which I had in view in offering it. The resolution which I submitted was to require the County Courts to provide for the support of families of soldiers who are in a destitute condition, which would include the militia as well as volunteers, which was the object I had in view, whilst t
ng to be discharged from the further consideration of the subject. Agreed to. Resolutions of inquiry. The following resolutions inquiring into the expediency of legislation upon the subjects mentioned, were adopted. By Mr. Newman: Of imposing a tax of fifty cents per gallon on all liquors distilled out of corn or wheat. By Mr. Coghill: Of refunding to John T. Ellis a license tax paid by him, which he did not use by reason of his absence in the military service. By Mr. Spitler: Of reporting a bill directing clerks to refund the tax which has been paid them on seals of court connected with papers of deceased soldiers. By Mr. Thomas, of Fairfax: Of compensating William R. Delaney, Attorney for the Commonwealth in the Circuit Court of Fairfax, and Charles E. Stuart, Attorney for the Commonwealth in the Circuit Court of Alexandria, for their services for the year 1861. War Damages. Mr. Brennan offered the following resolution, which was adopted:
r their approval. Public expenditures. The joint resolution, offered some days ago by Mr. Robertson, for the appointment of a committee with instructions diligently to examine the expenditures of the several departments, civil and military, and report whether any, and if any, what deductions may be made therein without detriment to the public interest, was taken up and passed. The following committee was appointed on the part, of the Senate: Messrs. Robertson, Johnson, Neeson, Spitler, and Dickinson of Grayson. Judge Thompson's salary. The first resolution directing the payment of the salary of Gen. W. Thompson, Judge of the 20th Judicial Circuit, was taken up and passed — years 26, nays 11. The order of the day. The bill generally known as the "Stay Law" was taken up, and, on motion of Mr. Whittle, (who has prepared a substitute for the proposed amendment,) made the order of the day for Thursday next. Military bill. The bill to raise and organi
General Assembly of Virginia.extra session. Senate. Tuesday. April 1st, 1862. The President pro tempore, Mr. Johnston, called the Senate to order at 12 o'clock M. It being ascertained that a quorum was present for the transaction of business, the Proclamation of the Governor convening the Legislature in extra session, was laid before the Senate and read. On motion of Mr. Spitler, the rules of the last session were adopted. Mr. Thomas, of Fairfax offered a resolution requesting the House of Delegates to instruct their Clerk to return such Senate bills communicated to that body as had not been acted on by them. Agreed to. A message was received from the House of Delegates announcing the adoption of a resolution by that body denying the right of members to receive mileage for their attendance upon the extra session, and also to receive pay during any recess of the same. The Senate took up and proceeded to act on the resolution, and it was concurred in.
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