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The Daily Dispatch: December 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], List of appointments by the Virginia annual Conference of the M. E. Church South. (search)
R. A. Gregory; Campbell, H. M. Linney, Jas. W. Compton, J. Sprigg, sup; Appomattox. James W. Blincos; Buckingham, Wm. W. Berry, M. L. Bishop, sup; Cumberland. Cyrus Doggett. Henry District--B. H. Johnson, P. E. Henry, Jas. E Joyner; Pittsylvania, Jacob Shough; Patrick, Geo. E. Booker; Patrick Mission, Wm. J Hunter; Smith's River, John G Bailey; Franklin, E. A. Gibbs; Alleghany, Jas. S. Porter. Randolph Macon District--P. W. Archer, P. E. R. M. College, Geo. H. Rav; Danville, Frank Stanley; R. M. Circuit, Wm. Carter; Union and Clarksville, Samuel. V. Hoyle; Mecklenburg. Thos. A. Pierce; Charlotte. Joseph Lear; Colored Mission, J. D. Southall; South Staunton, Jno. W. White; Halifax, J. J. Lampkin; South of Dan, David Wallace; Ringgold, Bedford B Shelton; Randolph Macon College, W. A. Smith, President; Danville Female College, James Jamieson, President. Farmville District--William H. Christian, Presiding Elder. Farmville, Nelson Head; Prince Edward. D. J. C. Slaughter
appointed Secretary, and P. A. Peterson Assistant Secretary. After appropriate and impressive religious exercises, the Conference proceeded to business. The presiding Elder of the Norfolk District and the preachers stationed in Norfolk and Portsmouth were appointed a Committee on Public Worship. The Presiding Elders of the Conference were appointed a Committee on Missions. J. S. R. Clarke, W. C. Blount, and E. M. Peterson, Committee on Memoirs. Jno. C. Granbury, Frank Stanley, and Thos. S. Campbell, Committee on Sunday Schools. An exhibit of the Book Agent of the M. E. Church South, was laid before the Conference, read, and , on motion, referred to the Committee on Publishing Interests. It was resolved to meet daily at 9 o'clock and adjourn at 1 o'clock P. M. On motion, it was resolved to proceed to the examination of ministerial character, and a large number of the clerical gentlemen present passed in examination of character. It was orde
t Conference, passed in examination of character, and (at their own request, except in the case of George S. May,) were severally discontinued. James E. McSparren and B. F. Ames passed in examination of character, and were continued as deacons. A resolution was offered by Dr. Smith relative to ministers connected with the Conference joining the army, which caused a very interesting and spirited discussion, in which Drs. Smith, Doggett, Lee, and Rosser, and Rev. G. W. Langhorne, Frank Stanley, and others participated. In the course of his remarks, and in justification of the course pursued by some of the ministers, Dr. Smith gave an exhibition of his well known power as a debater; and, touching upon the war, he thrilled his hearers with patriotic emotion. Others took the ground that the legitimate work of ministers is to preach the Gospel — to remain on the field of labor to which God has called them and the Church has placed them-- to preach and pray while the battle rages
The Daily Dispatch: November 27, 1861., [Electronic resource], Proceedings of the Methodist Annual Conference. (search)
the doors were opened to the crowds eagerly awaiting admission. Immediately thereafter Rev. H. B. Cowles, chairman, submitted a report from the Committee on the General Publishing Interests of the Church, which elicited some debate from Messrs. Stanley, Head, Cowles, Edwards, Wills, and Smith. There was really no difference of opinion between the speakers as to the real merits of the question involved, but only as to a matter of taste and verbal criticism. The report as presented by the ertand Street Church. Nearly half an hour earlier the house was nearly filled, and when the services really commenced the building was crowded in every part. John E. Edwards, President of the Society, called the meeting to order, when Rev. Frank Stanley conducted religious exercises, reading as the lesson the second psaim, singing the hymn-- "Jesus shall reign where'er the sun," and offering an appropriate prayer. Rev. Charles H. Hall was elected Secretary protempore, and read th
Wm. McDaniels an old and highly respectable citizen of Washington county, Va, was found murdered in the woods, near Abingdon, on the 4th instant. Ellwood Fisher, formerly editor of the "Southern Press," at Washington, D. C., died at Atlanta, Ga., on the 7th inst. Rev. Frank Stanley, who died suddenly in Danville, Va, a few days since, was a brother of the Federal Military Governor of North Carolina. Lieut. Col. Ben. Perley Poore, of the Massachusetts Eighth, has resigned his commission. Dr. Jos. Johnson, a prominent citizen of Charleston, S. C., died on the 7th inst.