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e opposition. As soon as his army was supplied and rested, General Grant sent a force under General Steele to Helena to cooperate with General Schofield's troops against Little, Rock, and another undnd missing, was only about two hundred and fifty. As soon as Vicksburgh had capitulated, Major-General Steele was sent with a force to Helena, with instructions to form a junction with Brigadier-Gene Crowley's Ridge, and drive the enemy south of Arkansas River. The junction being effected, General Steele established his depot and hospitals at Duvall's Bluff, and on the first of August advanced aHeadquarpers of the army, Washington, D. C., Sept. 18, 1863. I think, from all accounts, that Steele is sufficiently strong. All your available forces should be sent to Corinth and Tuscumbia to opEast-Tennessee, with commendable promptness. These were to be replaced by reenforcements from Steele's corps, in Arkansas, which also formed a part of Grant's army Hearing nothing from General G
Doc. 55.-re-organization of Arkansas. The following are the instructions of President Lincoln to General Steele in reference to the reorganization of Arkansas: Executive mansion, Washington, Jan. 20, 1864. Major-General Steele: Sundry citizens of the State of Arkansas petition me that an election may be held in that State, at which to elect a Governor; that it be assumed at that election, and thenceforward, that the Constitution and laws of the State, as before the rebellion, are Major-General Steele: Sundry citizens of the State of Arkansas petition me that an election may be held in that State, at which to elect a Governor; that it be assumed at that election, and thenceforward, that the Constitution and laws of the State, as before the rebellion, are in full force, except that the Constitution is so modified as to declare that there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except in the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted; that the General Assembly may make such provisions for the freed people as shall recognize and declare their permanent freedom and provide for their education, and which may yet be construed as a temporary arrangement, suitable to their present condition as a laboring, landless
for some time, the rebels were repulsed, and commenced a hasty retreat. The following are the casualties to the Second Iowa at that place: Frank Byland, company L; Charles F. Brown, company I, killed on the field; and Nathan Patterson, company M, wounded, since dead. Their bodies came into camp this evening. Wounded: Corporal Thomas Dulin, company L, face and right arm; private James H. Reed, company L, left leg broken; Sergeant James Crawford, company L, right lung, severely; Corporal Joseph Steele, company C, in calf of leg, serious; Private Edward Perry, company C, in left breast, serious; Corporal William Wallace, company B, in left breast, serious; private Stelton Heinly, company G, in head, serious; private E. B. Chamberlain, company H, through breast, serious. The wounded are now all in camp, except Crawford Z. Chamberlain, who is too dangerously wounded to be moved. The rebels left eighteen dead on the field. Their loss must have been near one hundred. After bein
Doc. 130.-General Steele's expedition. Little Rock Democrat account. little Rock, May 3, e operations of the gallant little army of General Steele, from the day he left here. The advancer, a rapid stream and difficult to cross. General Steele had the choice of three crossings: that atemy very truly supposed that the object of General Steele was to reach Camden, and occupied the road the crossing of our army. Learning this, General Steele moved his command forward, as if he intend by the enemy, who did not know which road General Steele proposed to take. An artillery fight tookdisposition. On the twelfth, at daylight, General Steele pushed forward and so disposed his forces could avoid a battle and go round Camden, General Steele decided to evacuate the place and return t the roads and weather prevented marching, General Steele decided to send General Carr to Little Roc to Grand Ecore, made a further advance by General Steele, with his small army, impossible. It was
to await the attack of the enemy, and finding it impossible to subsist the army in a country without water or forage, concluded to move the trains back to Grand Ecore, there concentrate our army, and await news from the cooperating column of General Steele, which is known to be moving through Arkansas on Shreveport. Accordingly, before our lines were formed, the trains were ordered to move, and before noon we had a clear field, and were ready for the attack. In order to look his army face to e statement that the enemy were determined to dispute this road, and that they expected to fight against us there because it was remote from the river, and where we could not receive the cooperation of the gunboats. The latest advices from General Steele were that he was within either sixty miles or one day's march of Shreveport, with fifteen thousand men. Admiral Porter, with two monitors and his flag-ship, went up the river from Grand Ecore a week since, it is presumed to operate against
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
iah T. Sugg. Co. A. Sergeant James W. Gay, Private Henry T. Britton, Harrison R. Daughtry, Wm. J. Johnson, Private Solomon Powell, Joseph N. Peldon, Amos Stephenson, Robt. T. Stephenson. Co. B. Sergeant Wm. C. Wolf, Corporal Wm. J. Long, Private Wilson W. Alexander, Jas. S. Bicket, (courier to General Cooke) 1 horse, bridle and saddle, Jas. A. Craig, Jno. T. Craig, Richard C. Forbis, Private Calvin Helms, Harison B. Knotts, Jas. M. Pistole, Jacob C. Sikes, Joseph Steele, David D. Stinson, Geo. M. Stinson, Wm. T. Wolf. Co. C. Sergeant Samuel H. Rippy, Mus'n Chesley McCraw, Private Harvy W. Bickerstaff, E. J. Blanton, Perry G. Humphries, Jno. Humphries, Lawson Humphries, Private Sumna Humphries, Jno. B. Love, Jno. C. McCraw, Jas. R. Perkinson, Joseph D. Robinson, Wm. G. Wiley, Jno. C. Champion. Co. D. Sergeant Wiley L. Kirby, Samuel W. Brewer, Private A. Calicut, Daniel C. Dellinger, [70] Corporal Thos. S. Oldham, Thos
The Columbus (Mississippi) Republic learns, through a private letter from Kentucky, that the Lincolnites had filled the Glasgow jail with Southern-rights men, and confiscated negroes, horses, etc. The Natchez Courier learns that Mr. Samuel Scott, an old citizen and planter of Jefferson county, Miss., committed suicide at his place on the morning of the 10th inst. D. W. Hay, under sentence of death, for the murder of Joseph Steele, at Lancasterville, S. C., has had his sentence commuted by Gov. Pickens to entry into the army for the war. We regret to learn that the Armory at Aberdeen, Miss., was destroyed by fire recently. Everything in it, except a few guns, was destroyed. "A system of modern Geography," by John H. Rice, has lately been published in Atlanta, Ga. Dr. John Y. M. Jordan, while fighting as an amateur in Capt. Tyler Jordan's company, on the Peninsula, a few days since, was struck down by a shell and killed. Our pickets on the Peninsula
ans O Luncford, badly; Fitzgerald Thornton, badly; Robt Lynn, slightly; Wm O Haggerty, slightly; Snowden B Martin, do. Company D. Capt. Wm N Berkeley — Wounded: Sergt Geo W Moran, very seriously; Albert Morris, slightly; Corpl French Gulick, slight; Privates Leven Luckett, very badly; David Gulick, badly; L F Hutchison, slightly; Francis Chiner, slightly. Company E, Capt. John R Career — Wounded: Corpl J A Tavener, badly; Sergt Wm Moon, slightly; Corpl Richd Marshal, badly; Privates Joseph Steele, very badly; Wm Hann, slightly. Company F, Capt. Alexander Grayson--Killed: Lieut R O Grayson; Private Wm T Dickey. --Wounded: Lieut H W Chamblin, badly. Company G, Capt. J O Berry — Killed: Private Asa Peck. Wounded: Privates Geo L Williams, slight; Armistead Thompson, slight; Thos Holden, badly; J W Butler, badly; Geo Ghee, badly; J W Kidwell badly; Robt Wells, badly; Company H, Capt. Fistus Griffith--Wounded: Corpt Chas A Cox, badly; Private John Manett, slightly. <