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The Daily Dispatch: January 5, 1863., [Electronic resource], Subscriptions for the Fredericksburg sufferers — life in Camp. (search)
ties were put in Castle Thunder yesterday: Samuel Levy, co. K, 15th Le, desertion; J. H. Mudder, co S. 2d N. C., desertion; Wm Riley, Jos Wassen, Chas Price, John Ualt, Louisiana Zouaves, sent in by Col Coppens; S. B. Quaries, co. I, 5th Va cavalry; Geo W Todd, co C. 2d La, for being absent without leave; H. D. Saunders, co. K, 10th La, desertion. Castle Thunder is now quite full, but the pressure is daily relieved by sending off to the army large numbers of straggling soldiers, who find a lodgment there under the general head of deserters. Thos Glenn, Courtney's Artillery, desertion; Lieut John Brandon, Privates Lewis Steele and Joseph Stephens, arrested and sent in by city police for drunkenness and disorderly conduct; Joseph King, co C. 14th La, desolation; Wilson Coots and Jas. F. Briltain, sometimes since arrested and paroled by Gen. Winder, work handed over to the city authorities for trial. Sixty men were sent off to their regiments, near Fredericksburg, on Sunday morning.
e in Mrs. T.'s room only an hour before the fire occurred, and the whole contents of it being destroyed before the alarm was given, he had no doubt that Fanny stole the articles before applying the torch.-- Johnson described the negro as the worst character he had ever heard of. She had for four months, while with him, harbored a runaway, and stolen things from his family without number. The Mayor sent her on to the Hustings Court, to answer the charge of arson. Thomas Mahoney and Joseph Stephens, charged with breaking into and robbing the store of Wm. Holt Richardson, on Saturday night last, of several hundred dollars' worth of ready-made clothing, underwent an examination, and the evidence being of a convincing character His Honor remanded them to prison to answer an indictment before the February term of the Hustings Court. John Little, an Irishman, was called to answer the charge of stealing two runlets (ten gallons each) of whiskey from Thomas McClarrens, also a native
The Daily Dispatch: February 9, 1864., [Electronic resource], Carrying off Citizens of North Carolina. (search)
Hustings Court. --The Hustings Court of Magistrates met in the City Hall yesterday morning at 11 o'clock, and disposed of the following business: The charge against John Reid, of stealing a horse, was examined into, and the accused sent on for trial before Judge Lyons's Court. Thomas Mahoney and Joseph Stephens were examined and remanded for trial by Judge Lyons, on the charge of burglary. The Attorney for the Commonwealth, by the direction and with the advice of the Court, declined further to prosecute in the case of John, a slave, accused of aiding another slave, charged with aiding a slave of William Robinson to escape from his master. The Court remanded for trial before Judge Lyons, Asa O. Bevill, who was examined on the charge of larceny. John W. Carlton was acquitted of a charge of horse stealing, for which he had been sent on from the Mayor's Court. The charge against John M. French, of stealing $1,900 in Confederate notes from John Wesley Co
wealth as for the prisoner, a verdict of guilty was rendered, and his term of confinement in the penitentiary assessed at four years. Thomas Maloney and Joseph Stephens, jointly indicted for breaking and entering the store of Wm. Holt Richardson and stealing a quantity of clothing, were set to the bar, and upon their arraignmook up the case of Maloney, who was tried, convicted, and assessed with three years confinement in the penitentiary. The Court then went into the trial of Jos. Stephens, and the case having been fully argued a verdict of guilty was rendered by the Jury, and the prisoner assessed with one year's confinement in the penitentiary. Sentence was then pronounced by the Judge upon Reed, Maloney and Stephens, who were then removed from the Court-room and carried to the Penitentiary by one of the Sergeant's deputies. In the case of Joseph Reck, indicted for stabbing and wounding Henry B. Cralt, the prisoner being set to the bar and arraigned planned no