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Charged with larceny. --August Smith, a person of bilious exterior, was arraigned before the sitting magistrate at the Police Court yesterday for stealing $500 in Confederate Treasury notes from Mary Stephens, a person of dubious antecedents. The larceny was so satisfactorily established that the authority above named found no difficulty in bringing his mind to the conclusion that a larceny of a grand character had been perpetrated. The defendant was sent on to be tried before an examining Hustings Court.
H. Snow, of the 10th Louisiana, Sunday ovening about 4 o'click, on Broad street, near the corner of Brook Avenue. The circumstance attending the affair, as appeared by the testimony of a number of witnesses, were as follows: Jones, being under marching ordere, had obtained leave of absence from Camp Lee to visit the city. He had getten nearle to Mr. Kelley's blacksmith shop, on the corner of Mar. hall street and Brook Avenue, when he had occation to pass a grogery kept by a woman named Mary Stephens. In front of this place (which was open) was a large crowd of idle, dissolute, and half drunken men some soldiers and some civiliaris. Some one of the party stepped in front of Jones, and, with his hand drawn up claw-fasbion, grabbed at his which was torn considerably on the right side by the finger-nails of his assailant. His expression of anger on the occasion wer treated as good . He finally got into the Avenue, and was tening away from the scene of the renconter, when Snow and hi
ation, and that he in a fit of desperation had shot him for the purpose of escaping serious and undeserved bodily harm. Jones was acquitted. The Grand Jury assembled and were sworn in, George W. Smith acting as foreman. After retiring to their room and examining a large number of witnesses, they returned into Court with indictments against the following parties for misdemeanor, viz: Elias Vanderlip and George Wilkinson, Elias and Mary Vanderlip, Anthony Bradley, Charles, Mitchell, Mary Stephens, John F. Hockaday, Josephine DcMerritt, Mary Brown, Kate Clinton, Anna Lewis, Belle Jones, John R. Blankinship, Timothy Lotsey, Samuel W. Chipley, Margaret Paffey, Andrew J. Winn, Britton Allen, John M. Michie. Richard D. Mitchell was presented for an assault on Wm. H. Beveridge. The Grand Jury returned the misdemeanor presentments against Patrick Shahes. Wm. B. Cooke, and Henry W. Lee, "not true bills," The Court sits again to-day at 11 o'clock. Mayor's Court--Monda
y for a third, with pay, &c., forfeited for same period; private E. H. Land, Co. I, 22d N. C., desertion, barrel jacket two hours per day for two months, forfeit pay for do, and receive 50 lashes on his bare back; private Caleb Austin, 10th Va. Bat'n, conniving at the escape of prisoners under his charge, to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, hard labor, ball and chain, for one year, with forfeiture of pay, and to be drummed out of the service at the end of said year; Mrs. Mary Stephens, citizen, selling liquor, fined $100, and liquor confiscated; private James Champion, Bossieux's company, neglect of duty, forfeiture of pay and extra duty for one month; private Harrison Ball, 26th Va. regiment, desertion, one month's extra duty in camp and forfeiture of pay for the same period; private John Anderson, company H, 6th Va. desertion, fifty lashes on the bare back, and forfeiture of pay from the time of desertion to 1st of January, 1863; Charles S. Karigot, citizen, sell
to be of good behavior on the charge of getting drunk and firing a pistol in one of the public streets. Hustings Court--Thursday, Dec. 11. --Presents Recorder Caskie and Aldermen Lipscomb, Clopton, and Anderson. George Hoppell and John W. Brown were examined and sent on for trial before Judge Lyons, for breaking into John H. Seribner's sleeping apartments and stealing several hundred dollars' worth of wearing apparel from him. Peter C. King. found in the street by Scribner in possession of one of his coats, was examined and discharged, it appearing that Brown, one of the above parties, had made him a present of it. Patrick Murphy and Joseph Mitchell were tried by jury for making a violent assault on Mary Donahoe, found guilty and fined each $23. The Court put them in jail for thirty days in addition to the fine. Mary Stephens, a German female, was put on trial for keeping a disorderly house near Clay st. and Brook avenue. The defendant was acquitted by the jury.
--Joseph Patrick Mulligan, charged with assaulting and beating Robert H. Shumate and offering violent resistance to officer Morris, who tried to prevent him, was called up, and, after an examination, he was required to give $500 security to keep the peace and be of good behavior for one year, and the same amount to appear before the grand jury of the Hustings Court and answer an indictment for misdemeanor. Sam, clave of Julius Nash, charged with stealing $3,000 in gold from Isaac Jacobs, was acquitted, no witnesses appearing against him. John Kelley, charged with stealing a jacket, worth $20; from Philtre Hynes, was acquitted. A case against the same individual, for stealing a gold watch, worth $100, from Joh Whitehurst, was heard and continued. Nicholas Carroll, Mary Stephens, and Wm. T. Goode & Co., were fined for keeping their houses open on Sunday, and selling liquor without a license. A number of cases against other parties for the same offence were continued.
Heavy Robbery. --Carter Tadlock and Willie Edett were yesterday arrested by officers Seat and Perrin, charged with robbing Mary Stephens of $1,000 in bank notes, $365 in Confederate notes, $260 in gold, two gold watches, worth $200 each, and a silver watch, worth $50. They were lodged in the lower station-house and will be examined before the Mayor this morning. They were very well dressed, and their passage down the street in custody excited some interest in the case.
e Ellett, and John Postower — were before the Mayor on the charge of feloniously breaking and entering the house of Mrs. Mary Stephens, and stealing therefrom $1,000 in State Bank notes, $360 in Confederate notes, $260, in specie, two gold watches, one silver watch, one pistol, and one dirk knife. Mrs. Stephens keeps a small establishment in Brackett's old tavern, on Broad street. On Monday afternoon last the three prisoners called at Mrs. S's store, and getting into conversation remained there an hour or two. During their sojourn Mrs. Stephens had occasion to open her trunk, in which her money was kept, and thus exposed it to their view. That night, between the hours of 1 o'clock and day break, the front door was opened by false keys e first having $120 in State money, and the last having $111. On each party notes were found which were recognized by Mrs. Stephens as having been stolen of her. The officers found the watches, etc., buried in the ground, and the trunk was also foun
ws of the Commonwealth. Hammond L. Wigand, charged with buying the same, knowing the manner in which the goods were obtained, was also sent on to the examining Court of Magistrates. Both parties were bailed in the sum of $5,000 each. Mrs. Mary Stephens was charged with stealing one colored counterpane from Mrs. Susan Figic. Witnesses for the Commonwealth proved that the article in question was taken from the house of the complainant and afterwards found in Mrs. F's house. The transaction occurred on Saturday last. The accused expects to prove that she has owned the counterpane claimed by Mrs. Stephens for the last four years, and in order that she might have time to procure her witnesses the case was continued till this morning. Mary, slave of Thomas Edwards, and Elizabeth, slave of Wm. F. Taylor, were charged with stealing a breastpin, valued at $3,000, from Mrs. John Johnson. The evidence not being sufficient to prove them guilty of the theft, they were discharged.
Mayor's Court. --The Mayor yesterday morning disposed of the following cases: Martha, slave of Mrs. William B. Macarthy, charged with being a runaway, was, at the request of her mistress, whipped and then discharged. Jerry, slave of Mr. Mary Hanlon, charged with stealing a piece of beef from the Second Market, and Joe, slave of E. D. Eacho, arrested for throwing stones in the street, were also ordered to be whipped. Mrs. Mary Stephens, charged with receiving one counterpane, the property of Theodore Figes, knowing it to have been stolen, proved by several witnesses that the article claimed by the complainant had been in her possession some time anterior to the loss of the one in dispute. She was accordingly discharged. Dick, slave of J. B. Anderson, charged with stealing a lot of brass castings from the Virginia Central railroad shops, was remanded to jail to await a hearing this morning.