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overlaid with railroad iron, so fitted together as to present a smooth inclined surface, to be properly greased when ready for action. Its heavy guns, three in number, were fired through embrasures supplied with strong iron shutters. General Beauregard likewise approved of Mr. Stevens's plan, and added to it such suggestions as his engineering experience justified. This battery was erected at Cummings's Point, only thirteen hundred yards from Fort Sumter. Both Captain Hamilton's and Mr. Steven's batteries proved the wisdom of their inventors, and fully met General Beauregard's expectations. They were, in fact, the first experiments from which sprang all iron-clad war vessels and land batteries in the United States, and to them may be attributed most of the important changes and improvements since made in naval architecture and armaments. On the 6th of April, says General Doubleday, in his Reminiscences, Beauregard restricted our marketing to two days in the week. On the 7th
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 17: heresy and witchcraft. (search)
what our daughter have seen and felt in the time of her affliction, she can declare, if she be called to it. Following this long and tedious statement (with much more to the same purpose), is a recapitulation of the same facts, with the names of the witnesses by whom they might be proved. Their deposition is authenticated by the Recorder of the Court: 4 (2) 1660. Jno. Gibson, senr., Rebeccah Gibson, Jno. Gipson, junr., Rebecca Sternes, Martha Belsher, Bethia Michelson, Charles Sternes, Steven ffrances, sworn in Court to their respective evidences; as attests, th. Danforth, R. In defence of her character as an honest, Christian woman, Mrs. Holman submitted two certificates, which yet remain on file, signed by two of the deacons, John Bridge and Gregory Stone. and several members of the church: We, whose names are underwritten, we do here testify that Winifret Holman, we having been acquainted with her this many years, she being near neighbor unto us, and many times have had
the Ferry point at Charlestown, Charter street. The way Leading from Corwithys corner in Prince street to M r Phipp s corner in Charter Street, Salem street. The way Leading Northerly from Travises corner to Prince street, to y e end of Ferry-way by Hudsons Point, Snow hill. The way Leading So East ly From Snow Hill to Salem Street, Hull street. The way Leading North Westerly from M r Jonas Clarks corner to Salem street, Bennett street. The way leading North-Westerly from Capt. Steven s Corner in North street, with y e return into Bennett street, Love lane. The Alley Leading from Charter street down by Benj a Williams in Lyn street, Sliding alley. The Alley Leading from y e burying place in Charter street to Adkins Lime Kiln in Lyn street, Lime alley. The way Leading from Charter Street down by 1 Mrs Buckleys into Lyn street, Henchmans lane. The Alley Leading from Charter street down through Mr Greenough s building yard into Lyn street, Greenough s alley.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
2, July 31, ‘64, 30th Alabama Regiment, Oct. 13, Resaca, Ga. Carter, J. A., Surgeon, Aug. 31, ‘64, 1st Georgia Regiment, S. L. Remained with Regiment in Georgia. Cumming, H. M., Assistant Surgeon, May 31, ‘64, 63d Georgia Regiment. Ordered to report for 30 days to Brigadier-General Fry, commanding Post at Augusta. Cluck, N. M., Assistant Surgeon, Sept. 16, ‘64. Ordered to report to Colonel M. H. Cofer, Provost Marshall-General, A. T. Clower, W. P., Surgeon, May 31, ‘64, Senior Surgeon Steven's Brigade, 29th Georgia Regiment. Colgin, G. J., Surgeon. Appointed by Secretary War to rank from May 16, ‘62, passed Board at Mobile, May 7, ‘62. May 31, ‘64, Senior Surgeon Baker's Brigade, 40th Alabama Regiment, August 31, ‘64, transferred. Cochran, W. A., Surgeon, appointed by Secretary War, June 2, ‘63, to rank from Nov. 25, ‘62. Passed Board Nov. 25, ‘62. May 31, ‘64, 24th Alabama Regiment. Coffman, S. H., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 7., An eighteenth century enterprise. (search)
hat mafters of families Lay in for themfelves and thofe under theire charge according as the law provides and that all other perfsons upon the plantation whatsoever enjoyned by law hall make good each man his proportion which is two [ ] of powder & three pound of balls per man dureing the time of theire abode upon the plantation aboue fayd. . . . 14 June 1678 Goodman: Hall Jr by money:0-15-0 Tho: willows in money0-07-6 Goodman: whitcomb & Daniell woodward0-05-0 mr Nathaniel wade0-05-0 Steven willows0-02-6 Jno. whitmore0-2-6 peter Tuft0.02-6 Goodman ffillebrowne0-05-0 John Bradfho0-02-6 —— 17-6 Strangers in Medford, (continued from Vol. 6, no. 4). Names.From. Date.Warned out.Remarks. Goldthwait, Benjamin Major. Tavern keeper.Boston, June 2, 1760Tenant of Col. Royall.   Charity (wife)   Children Gould, AbrahamMar. court, 1758Servant of Benj. Peirce. Gould, ElizabethReading, April 12, 1762In house of Nathan Tufts. Gray, John, and familyDec. 28, 1750 G
are about the extent of their armament thereabout, it is believed by competent judges. The steamers Pawnee, Harriet Lane, and Yankee, went down the river during last night. The steamer Anacostia has had her boilers put aboard of her, and is being rapidly fitted up. The steamer Jacob Bell has gone into dock for repairs. Doings across the Potomac. Washington, Oct. 16. --Col. Taylor, of the Thirty-third N. Y. Regiment, has been temporarily appointed to the command of Gen. Steven's brigade, the latter having been detached for important service elsewhere. Morrell Allen, of the N. Y. Thirty-fifth Regiment, Company H. was dangerously wounded to day by the rebel pickets, at Barrett's hill, beyond Falls Church. From the observatory at Upton's hill to-day a large rebel force, consisting of cavalry and d companies of infantry, were seen on the Leesburg turnpike, four miles from Falls Church. Twenty-three army wagons accompanied there, and the supposition is t
Attempted murder. --A most diabolical attempt at murder was committed near Benton, Miss., a few ughts since. As Mr. Richard Boyd was returning home from town and had gone into his house, he heard some one calling him in the yard. He got up to answer the voice, when he saw two of his slaves. Andy and Steven standing in the yard, the latter having his double barrelied shot gun cocked and presented towards his head. He fired one barrel, the contents of which fractured his left arm severely and the other passed over his left shoulder, leaving one buck shot. The cause of this is not known, as he was an indulgent master.
be beat to the shape of the set from stem to stern, and listened to the timber with comical-heathed bolts of one and a half inches in diameter. It is understood that the Department designs to thus clear the vessels of war with the least possible delay. The Mephistopheles of the Satay Congress. The New York, on the 11th. It appears that Thadens Stevens, of Pennsylvania in, was the leading spirit among the Sitars clique at the Republican congressional cause on Monday evening. Steven is the Mephistopheles of the gang, and is playing in the House exactly the same factions, disorganizing, fault trading perverse and anti-administration game that the traitor Breckinridge so effectually played out in the Senate last session. Military affairs in Kentucky. Louisville, Ky., Dec. 10. --Gen. Zollicoller has not advanced north of the Cumberland river, as reported, Gen. Schoeff has with drawn to Sumerset, and there awaits rain forcements. From Western Virginia.
--A few cases of an ordinary kind occupied his Honor an hour this morning. We merely state the following as a fair sample: Jonathan Dick, (colored,) brought up for stealing a carpet-bag. It appeared that he was employed to carry trunks and the carpet-bag from the depot to the hotel. The trunks came to hand, minus the carpet-bag. Jonathan admitted that he received the carpet-bag. It not appearing that any search had been made, the prisoner was remanded for further proceedings. Steven, (colored,) for breach of the peace Steven was arrested on Franklin street while trying to get into a quarrel with a white man. The fifty-two lashes he is to bear will teach him a lesson of forbearance and humility. James W. Masham, a soldier on furlough, found drunk, was dismissed without comment. Ben (colored) had secured an unclaimed pair of ducks in sight of a witness, and was found with a bottle of wine — of which profert was made — which he said he had bought at a blacksmith'
on our side. Further from Florida. The Savannah Republican, of Monday last, says: We learned on Saturday from a gentleman arrived from Florida, that on Monday st, two of the enemy's gunboats visited Pa- and landed about 50 men, who remained some five hours. They then withdrew and in the direction of Welaka, in search of me naval stores, belonging to a man named Gardner. The naval stores, however, were previously destroyed. When within fifteen miles of the latter place, Capt. Steven's company of cavalry, who were in ambush, awaiting their approach at Horse Landing, poured volley into them, killing 12 of their number. The gunboats, after throwing several beat a hasty retreat, coming down the river to Orange Mill, where they obtained number, and, after making coffins, they buried their dead at Madison Point, below the Mill. Affairs in Vicksburg. The Vicksburg Evening Citizen, of Wednesday, 21st, announces the arrival of General Lovell, but is not advised wh
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