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r trial for felony before the Judge. Robert Ryan and Jas. Logan, charged with stealing $125 worth of jewelry from Miss Virginia Tyler, on the 24th of April, were examined. The Court sent Ryan on to be tried before the Judge, but acquitted Logan. Mary Taylor, charged with stealing $125 from Joseph Kepler on the 7th of April was heard and remanded for trial before the Judge. Carter Tadlock. William Elliott, and John Postower, charged with burglariously entering the house of Mary Stevens, on the night of the 3rd of June, and stealing $1,000 in money and three watches, were examined and remanded for final trial before the Judge. In the Hustings Court yesterday the following cases were disposed of: Wm Fitzpatrick, garroting Philip L Gregory, on the 30th of May, of a watch and $67 in money. Sent on to Judge Lyons's Court. Lewis Harcum, stealing $72 in money from Robert Reid, on the 29th of June. Sent on for trial. James Welsh, stealing a horse, valued at
The Daily Dispatch: October 12, 1863., [Electronic resource], The torpedo trial in Charleston harbor — further particulars. (search)
Sent to the penitentiary. --The two men, Carter Tadlock and William Elliott, charged with breaking into the house of Mary Stevens, in the night time, and stealing $2,500 in money, have been convicted by a jury, and sentenced to the penitentiary for two years by Judge Lyons. Richard F. Williams, a free negro, convicted of killing his brother William, a negro, convicted of killing his brother William, was sent to the penitentiary for five years, the Judge having refused to set aside the verdict. The Judge awarded a writ of prohibition in the case of Martha Hobson, sentenced to receive twenty lashes by the Mayer for refusing to leave the Commonwealth.
Burglary. --Geo. Jacques, a young man of twenty-five summers, came before the Mayor yesterday to answer the serious charge of burglariously breaking into and entering the dwelling-house of Mary Stevens, on the night of the 3d of November, and stealing therefrom $260 in notes of the State Bank of Alabama, $100 in gold and silver coin, and a gold watch, valued at $500, the property of the said Mary Stevens. When the case was called the prisoner appeared at the bar ready for an examination; but owing to the serious indisposition of the Commonwealth's witness, the investigation was postponed until the 4th inst., and the accused committed to prison.
Daring burglary. --A daring burglary occurred on Shockoe Hill on the night of the 30th of November, and on the following day officer Perrin arrested Geo. Jacques, charged with being the perpetrator. Mrs. Mary Stevens, the keeper of a small saloon, and whose house was entered and robbed, made the following statement, on oath, to the Mayor, yesterday. She said: On the afternoon of the 30th ult., about four o'clock, the prisoner came into my house, and seeing several watches in my show cas my children out of their bed, laid them on the floor, and searched the entire premises, stealing and carrying away $260 in notes on the State Bank of Alabama, $100 in gold and silver coin, and a gold watch valued at $500. The next morning Mrs. Stevens procured the services of officer Perrin, and accompanying him to the neighborhood of the Second Market pointed out George Jacques. The officer took Jacques into custody, and on searching him discovered some specie and two or three bank notes,
paroled prisoner, was arraigned before the Mayor to answer the charge of burglariously entering the dwelling-house of Mary Stevens, on the 30th of November, and stealing therefrom $260 in Alabama State bank notes, $100 in gold and silver coin, and a gold watch valued at $500. The morning after Mrs. Stevens was robbed she procured the services of officer Perrin, and, accompanying him to Dillard's boarding-house, near the Second Market, pointed out George Jacques as one of the robbers. A pofficer Perrin, at the time he arrested Jacques, noticed that Wood was a lodger in the same room. On Saturday last Mrs. Stevens received information that she could recover her money by calling again at Dillard's house. She says she did so, when red more of her money, saw her about it, and learning that Wood had brought it to her arrested him. --Before the Mayor Mrs. Stevens exonerated Wood, and he in turn gave the name of William Leonard as the man of whom he received the money. With these
y minutes were consumed in disposing of the following cases: Fuller, slave of John Enders, charged with stealing one cotton mattress from some person unknown, was ordered to receive twenty-five lashes. The same punishment was inflicted upon Mary, slave of Mrs. Moonalline, charged with stealing two breastpins from some person unknown, valued at $20 each, and two little negro boys, belonging to George R. Bagby, charged with stealing one shad from John P. Taylor, and a lot of eggs from some person unknown, in the Second Market. Silvery, slave of James Holeman, supposed to be a runaway, and Mary, slave of Sylvester Cocke, arrested with an improper pass and having in her possession a lot of tobacco supposed to have been stolen, were committed to jail to await a further hearing. The charge against Mary Stevens, of receiving one counterpane, the property of Theodore Fiega, knowing it to have been stolen, was continued till such time as the Mayor can attend to the matter.