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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 8. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 8.70 (search)
Clellan took his seat amid loud applause, was warmly congratulated by a number of comrades, and on motion of Attorney-General Field, the thanks of the Association were tendered the orator, and a copy of his address solicited for publication. The old officers of the Association were unanimously elected, except that Colonel Thomas H. Carter was made vice-president and Colonel W. H. Palmer added to the executive committee. It was pleasant to see present, as tearful listeners, the widow of Gen. Stuart, (now the accomplished principal of the Virginia Female Institute, Staunton, Va.,) his son, his daughter, and his brother, (W. A. Stuart, Esq., of Saltville,) and to witness the enthusiasm with which former members of Stuart's staff, and others of the old cavalry corps would greet Maj. McClellan's appreciative tribute to their loved and honored chieftain whose feather they had proudly followed in the brave days of 1861-64, and whose memory they have enshrined in their heart of hearts.
n. 16, 1861. John Letcher, Esq., Governor of Virginia: Dear Sir --I herewith transmit a statement of the condition of the Southwestern Bank of Virginia, on the 1st of January, 1861, compared with 1st January, 1860. Very respectfully. W. A. Stuart, Cashier. Comparative statement of the condition of the Southwestern Bank of Virginia,January 1st, 1860, and January 1st, 1861. 1860.1861. debt outstanding, good$99,753.32$137,915.80 sterling bills00.0000.00 Virginia State stf said Bank, and believe the same correct. Given under our hands January 9th, 1861. J. F. Kent, Robert C. Kent, Hugh Spence, Henry Zimmerman, G. Guggenheim. State Of Virginia--County of Wythe, to wit: This day, W. A. Stuart, Cashier of the Southwestern Bank of Virginia, personally appeared before the undersigned a Notary Public for said county, and made oath that the above statement is correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this
heville, Oct. 3d, 1860. To his Excellency John Letcher, Governor of Virginia: Dear Sir--I herewith enclose you a statement of the condition of this Bank on the 1st October, 1850, as compared with 1st October, 1859. Very respectfully, W. A. Stuart, Cashier. statement of the condition of the Southwestern Bank of Virginia, October 1st 1860, Compared with October 1st, 1859. 1859.1860. debt outstanding, good,$95,015.50$151,878.36 Virginia State Stock,130,000.00191,60lating notes of the Southwestern Bank are redeemed at the Bank of the Commonwealth, Richmond. Robert Gibboney, Pres't. Virginia--Wythe County, to wit: This day, personally appeared before the undersigned, a Notary Public for said county, W. A. Stuart; Cashier of the Southwestern Bank of Virginia, and made oath that the foregoing statement of the condition of the said Bank is correct, as he verily believes. Given under my hand this October 31, 1860. C. A. Haller, N. P.
Glass Works. The undersigned have on their land. near Wytheville, Va., a very fine quality of Stone and Sat for making Glass. The quality was tested at burg. Pa. many years ago, and pronounced exos lent. Kelp can be obtained at the Salt works Washington county A most advantageous arrangement can be made with us by any caswiding to engage in the Glass business. Fire Clay, of the best quality, can be had quantities on the same land. J. F. Kent Wytheville, Va. W. A. Stuart. oc 28--12t* Saltville, Va.