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as fined for a similar violation of the ordinance. Case of Anthony, slave of Spotts & Harvey, for threatening to assault James Edwards, was continued till Tuesday. Earnest Noke was committed to jail as a suspicious person. Ira Richardson, suspicious in looks and hailing from Washington, D. C., here without ostensible business, was sent to jail.--So was Byron W. Bernard, alias Camp, a kind of Confidence Jeremy Diddler, whose case has heretofore been mentioned. Virginia Lee, free negro, was committed on failing to give security for her good behavior. She had been disturbing the peace of the neighborhood in which she lived. John Curren was sent to prison for beating his wife. Catharine Kay and Mary Sullivan were required to give surety, for making a personal attack on Margaret Sullivan. Josiah Davis gave $100 security for his good behavior, and was released. Adolph Zehle, an alleged suspicious and treasonable person, was up, but the examination into his case was not gone into.
Stealing iron. --Mary Sullivan was required yesterday by the Mayor to give $200 security for her appearance before the Hustings Court for trial, on the charge of stealing sixty pounds of iron from Philip Rham's foundry. She did not do it. Sebastian Kewbard, charged with purchasing the iron, was held for a future examination Rham's foreman complained of the larceny of a good deal of iron — the thieves entering the premises by the rear.
Bailed. --Sebastian Kewboard, charged with receiving iron from Mary Sullivan, stolen by her from Philip Rham, was yesterday admitted to bail in the sum of $100 for his appearance.
Sent back. --An intemperate white woman, calling herself Mary Sullivan, and claiming the city of Lynchburg as her abiding place, appeared before the Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of wandering about the streets the night before, with an infant, and having no place to stay. After a hearing, the police were directed to send her back to her mountain home, Richmond already having more paupers than she can provide for.
Discharged. --The following parties were examined by the Mayor yesterday and discharged: Peter Kennedy and Matt. Caval charged with threatening to shoot Mary Sullivan.--Henry Howe, charged with larceny and being a suspicious person.--Wesley Lowry charged with attempting to stab Mike Ashle
Presentments by the Grand Jury. --The Hustings Court Grand Jury presented the following persons for misdemeanors, viz: Mary Gladson, Washington Brown, John Brogan, Sebastian Knewbard, Patrick McNeal, Benjamin Bolton, Daniel Crawford, E. K. Lockwood, John A. Scott, Michael Kearney, Joseph Vernon, Thomas Smith and Mary Sullivan. The Grand Jury will meet again on Thursday. The Court, by virtue of an ordinance of the Convention of the State of Virginia, passed on the 1st day of July, 1861, order that all able-bodied free male negroes, between the ages of eighteen and fifty years, within the jurisdiction of this Court at the date of the said ordinance, be enrolled, and that said enrollment be deposited in the Clerk's Office of this Court, and that the Mayor of this city be requested to have this order executed. Lucius J. Quinlin, charged with receiving a let of leaf tobacco, (1,000 pounds, worth $100,) on the 4th of July, the property of Wm. H. Kennen and E. H. Chamberlayn
Hustings Court. --The following business was transacted by this Court yesterday:--Case of Joseph Vernon, for an assault; continued till next term. Prosecution against Mike Burns, for being a parent in an unlawful manner, was dismissed, complainant not appearing. Thos. Smith was fined $20 and put in jail for sixty days, for an assault. Mary Sullivan, convicted of petty larceny, was condemned to twenty-four hours imprisonment. Sebastian Knewboard, convicted of receiving stolen goods, was put in jail for sixty days. Case of Patsey Winne, for disorderly house, continued till next term.
Police Transactions. --Saturday night and yesterday proved a busy time for the officers, and developed a somewhat unhealthy condition of the moral atmosphere of Richmond. The watch house register shows the following arrests: Julia Crugan, for stealing articles of wearing apparel, valued at $25, from Joanna Sexton Richard R. Wren for drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Henry, slave of Warner Taliaferro, for fighting a rock battle. Francis M. Smith, a deserter and suspicious character. Robert Hughes, for disorderly conduct, and Solomon B. Terrell, for a similar offence. Richard, slave of Lieut. Peal, for having a pistol in his possession. --Daniel Keys, for theatening to whip Mary Sullivan. Patrick Mullin, for getting drunk, throwing rocks at a house, and engaging in a general fight. William, a runaway slave of Wm. C. Winston, closes the list. These parties will be called before the Mayor this morning.
The Daily Dispatch: October 22, 1861., [Electronic resource], Ineligibility of officers of the army for Congress. (search)
Miscellaneous Cases. --Richard R. Wren, a soldier, made his second appearance before the Mayor yesterday, and the plea of the "same old drunk" availing him nothing, he was committed to jail.--Robert Hughes, of the Eighth South Carolina; Solomon B. Terrell, of the Fourth Texas, (second appearance;) and D. H. Hill, of the Fourth Texas Regiment, were also sent to jail for drunkenness and disorderly conduct.--Daniel Keys was up to answer a charge of assaulting Mary Sullivan; and after some evidence relative to a "bottle uv whiskey," which seems to have caused the difficulty, the Mayor continued the case for a further hearing.--John Burns and Patrick O'Brien, arrested for indulging in the pastime of a little set to in public, were discharged from custody.--James Cordell, charged with mebriety, was required to give security to keep the peace.--William, a negro dressed in soldier clothes, acknowledged that he was a runaway from W. C. Winston, and was sent to jail. Sentence of twenty-f
isorderly in the First Market, and threatening to assault Semon Greenburg, were each required to give $150 security to keep the peace. Finn was also committed to jail for five days for contempt of Court. Daniel Keys, for an assault upon Mary Sullivan, was held in $150 surety to keep the peace, and a former recognizance was declared forfeited. The Recorder thought the quiet of the city would be further secured by placing Mrs. Sullivan also under bonds to be of good behavior. R. F. KiMrs. Sullivan also under bonds to be of good behavior. R. F. Kirby, for keeping his bar-room open for a short time last Sunday morning, was fined $5; Christian Burgin, ditto, So A similar charge against Michael Prent was dismissed. Thos. Holmes and Margaret O'Brien, charged with assaulting Wm. O'Brien, continued until this morning. Andrew Best was fined $5 for violating an ordinance by purchasing butter in the Second Market to sell again. Malachi, slave of Edward Withers, received sentence of 39 lashes for violently assaulting Caroline Abram
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