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N. Couch commanded the 2d Corps at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Edwin Vose Sumner commanded the 2d Corps on the Peninsula and in Maryland. Winfield Scottecond Army Corps Created by the general order of March 3, 1862, chiefly from Sumner's and Blenker's divisions of the Army of the Potomac as constituted in October, 1861. Major-General Sumner was its first commander, and his successors were Major-Generals D. N. Couch, John Sedgwick, O. O. Howard, W. S. Hancock, G. K. Warren, D. Spotsylvania, on May 10, 1864, it never lost a gun or a color. Major-General Edwin Vose Sumner was born in Boston, January 30, 1797, enlisting in the army inhe commanded the Right Grand Division. When Hooker was put at the head, Major-General Sumner was relieved at his own request, and sent to the Department of Missouri.nteers and major-general of volunteers the following year. He had a brigade in Sumner's Division, a division in the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac, and for a shor
Mar. 13, 1865. Smith, Chas. H., Mar. 21, 1867. Smith, John E., Mar. 2, 1867. Smith, W. F., Mar. 13, 1865. Stanley, David S., Mar. 13, 1865. Steele, Frederick, Mar. 13, 1865. Stoneman, G., Mar. 13, 1865. Sturgis, S. D., Mar. 13, 1865. Sumner, Edwin V., May 6, 1864. Swayne, Wager, Mar. 2, 1867. Swords, Thomas, Mar. 13, 1865. Sykes, George, Mar. 13, 1865. Terry, Alfred H., Mar. 13, 1865. Thomas, Charles, Mar. 13, 1865. Thomas, Lorenzo, Mar. 13, 1865. Torbert, A. T. A., Mar. 13, 1865.862. Stratton, F. A., Mar. 13, 1865. Streight, Abel D., Mar. 13, 1865. Strickland, S. A., Mar. 13, 1865. Strong, Jas. C., Mar. 13, 1865. Strong, Thos. J., Mar. 13, 1865. Strong, Wm. E., Mar. 21, 1865. Strother, D. H., Aug. 23, 1865. Sumner, E. V., Jr. , Mar. 13, 1865. Sullivan, P. J., Mar. 13, 1865. Sweet, Benj., Dec. 20, 1864. Sweitzer, J. B., Mar. 13, 1865. Swift, Fred. W., Mar. 13, 1865. Switzler, T. A., Mar. 13, 1865. Sypher, J. Hale, Mar. 13, 1865. Talbot, Thos. H., Mar. 13,
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), New Mexico, (search)
with notes, may be found in Historical sketches of New Mexico, by L. Bradford Prince. A list of names only, in The annual statistician and economist, L. P. McCarty, 1889, and elsewhere.] Military governors. Gen. Stephen W. Kearnyassumes office Aug. 22, 1846 Charles Bent appointed Sept. 22, 1846 Donaciano Vigilacting Jan. 19, 1847 Lieut.-Col. J. M. Washington appointed 1848 Maj. John Munroeappointed 1849 Territorial governors. James S. Calhoun assumes office March 3, 1851 Col. E. V. Sumner acting 1852 John Greiner acting1852 William Carr Lane appointed1852 William S. Messervyacting 4 months 1853 David Meriwether appointed 1853 W. H. H. Davis acting 1857 Abraham Rencher appointed 1857 Henry Connelly1857 1861 W. F. M. Arny acting 1865 Robert B. Mitchell appointed 1866 William A. Pileappointed 1869 Marsh Giddings appointed 1871 William G. Ritch acting 1875 Samuel B. Axtell appointed 1875 Lewis Wallace appointed 1878 Lionel A. Sheldonappointed 1881 Edmund G.
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Sumner, Edwin Vose 1797-1863 (search)
Sumner, Edwin Vose 1797-1863 Military officer; born in Boston, Mass., Jan. 30, 1797; was engaged in mercantile pursuits in early life, and entered the army as second lieutenant in 1819. He was in the Black Hawk War; served many years on the frontier; was distinguished in the war against Mexico and was brevetted colonel; and in 1851-53 was military governor of New Mexico. In the spring of 1861 he superseded A. Sidney Johnston in command of the Department of the Pacific, and was made brigadier-general of volunteers. He commanded the 1st Corps of the Army of the Potomac in the Peninsular campaign, and was twice wounded. He was also wounded at Antietam, and in the battle of Fredericksburg he commanded the right grand division of the Army of the Potomac. In May, 1862, he was brevetted major-general, United States army. He died in Syracuse, N. Y., March 21, 1863.
ashington, D. C., Aug. 9, 1861, to Mar., 1862. Assistant to Chief Engineer of the Army of the Potomac, March to June 2, 1862. Senior Engineer on the staff of General Sumner, June 2 to July 3, 1862. With the engineer battalion, July to Sept., 1862; in the Virginia Peninsular campaign, being engaged in the siege of Yorktown, Apr. oled, Feb. 22, 1862. Engaged in the Peninsular campaign. On sick leave of absence during Aug., 1862. Lieut. Colonel, Assistant Insp. General on the staff of General Sumner, assigned, Aug. 20, 1862, to Feb. 5, 1863. Wounded at the battle of Antietam. Colonel, 20th Mass. Infantry, Apr. 14, 1863. Brevet Brig. General, U. S. Volunre, while leading the stormers, he was mortally wounded. Maj. General, U. S. Volunteers, July 18, 1863. Died of wounds at New York City, July 30, 1863. Sumner, Edwin Vose. Born at Boston, Mass., Jan. 30, 1797. Second Lieutenant, 2d U. S. Infantry, Mar. 3, 1819. First Lieutenant, Jan. 25, 1823. Assistant Commissary of Subsi
nt and Captain, U. S. Army, Mar. 2, 1867. Transferred to 8th U. S. Infantry, May 3, 1869. First Lieutenant, Dec. 15, 1874. Regimental Adjutant, Jan. 1 to May 19, 1886. First Lieutenant, Regimental Quartermaster, May 20, 1886, to Mar. 9, 1889. Captain, Assistant Quartermaster, Feb. 25, 1889; accepted, Mar. 9, 1889. Sumner, Charles Alien. Born at Great Barrington, Mass., Aug. 2, 1835. Captain, Assistant Quartermaster, U. S. Volunteers, Nov. 26, 1862. Resigned, Mar. 30, 1864. Sumner, Edwin Vose. See General Officers. Swain, Julius M. Born in Massachusetts. Second Lieutenant, 39th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 13, 1862. Second Lieutenant, U. S. Signal Corps, Mar. 3, 1863. Brevet First Lieutenant and Captain, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Resigned, June 14, 1865. Swan, William Willard. Born in Massachusetts. First Lieutenant, 17th U. S. Infantry, May 14, 1861. Captain, 17th U. S. Infantry, Apr. 20, 1864. Brevet Major, U. S. Army, Aug. 1, 1864. Brevet Lieut. Colonel,
., of the 19th U. S. Infantry, to be Captain, U. S. Army, by brevet, for gallant and meritorious services during the Atlanta campaign, and at the battle of Jonesborough, Ga., to date from Sept. 1, 1864. G. O. 71, Aug 31, 1866. Carruth, Colonel Sumner, of the 35th Mass. Infantry, to be Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, by brevet, for gallant and meritorious service in front of Petersburg, Va , to date from Apr. 2, 1865. G. O. 133, Aug. 22, 1865. G. O. 65, June 22, 1867. Carruthers, Lieutenant John W., U. S. Army, and Second Lieutenant of the 33d U. S. Infantry, to be Captain, U. S. Army, by brevet, for gallant and meritorious services at the battle of Cold Harbor, Va., to date from Mar. 2, 1867. G. O. 33, Apr. 9, 1869. Sumner, Brig. General E. V, U. S. Army, to be Maj. General, U. S. Army, by brevet, for gallant and meritorious conduct at the battle of Fair Oaks, Va., to date from May 31, 1862. G. O87, July 24, 1862. Swain, J. M., late Second Lieutenant of t
. Lovejoy, Albert P., Boston. Lovell, John P., Weymouth. Lovering, James, Medway. Lowell, John A., Boston. Lowell, Augustus, Boston. Lowell, Miss Rebecca A., Roxbury. Lowell, Miss Anna C., Roxbury. Lowell, J. Russell, Cambridge. McLean, Francis F., Ludlow. Mack, Dr. William, Salem. Mansfield, Warren, Braintree. Manson, Nathaniel G., Cambridge. Marble, Bradford, Somerset. Marrett, Lorenzo, Cambridge. Mason, Rev. Samuel R., Cambridge. Mason, Rev. Sumner, Cambridge. Matthews, D. P., Winthrop. Matthews, Watson, Cambridge. May, Frederic, Medford. Miller, Josiah, Prescott. Mills, Isaac B., Boston. Moffat, Richardson, Boston. Morey, George, Boston. Morrison, Alvah, Braintree. Morrison, Alvah S., Braintree. Morse, Calvin, Cambridge. Morton, Erastus, Whately. Munson, Garry, Huntington. Murdock, Joseph, Roxbury. Nash, Stephen G., South Reading. Neal, Samuel, Boston. Newton, Henry, Weymouth. Nichols
l. 30, pp. 99, 130, 641, 958. — – Praise of Gen. E. V. Sumner, in corrected despatches of Gen. McClellan. Bo. 119. Field, Capt. Edw. Irish brigade. Gen. E. V. Sumner. United Service Mag., new ser., vol. 1, p. 575a. Army and Navy Journal, vol. 1, p. 650. — – In Sumner's right grand division. Gen. Darius N. Couch. Centobtain their release; letter from Sec. Stanton to Sen. Sumner. Boston Evening Journal, Aug. 7, 1863, p. 2, col. p. 4, cols. 2, 6; Nov. 27, p. 4, cols. 4, 5. —Sen. Sumner's speech. International law. Joel Parker. North 196. — – International laws; Mason and Slidell; Sumner's speech. North American Rev., vol. 95, p. 1. —obtain their release; letter from Sec. Stanton to Sen. Sumner. Boston Evening Journal, Aug. 7, 1863, p. 2, col.ff, 1861. Army and Navy Jour, vol. 5, p. 142. Sumner, col. Edwin Vose. (General) Character, war historg Journal, June 14, 1862, p. 4, col. 4. — – Gen. E. V. Sumner blamed for not ordering up the re
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
rgis, J. B., 138 Sturgis, Russell, 230 Sturgis, Thomas, 358 Sturtevant, Charles, 138 Sullivan, Daniel, 138 Sullivan, G. S. B., 162 Sullivan, H. D., 358 Sullivan, Humphrey, 358 Sullivan, J. F., 390 Sullivan, James, 138 Sullivan, John, Navy, 138 Sullivan, John, 28th Mass. Inf., 358 Sullivan, T. S., 140 Sullivan, W. O., Jr., 480 Summerhayes, J. W., 230, 358, 447, 559 Summers, W. H., 140 Summers, William, 140 Sumner, C. A., 447 Sumner, Charles, 725 Sumner, E. A., 358 Sumner, E. V., 197, 447, 559, 725 Sumner, S. B., 230 Sumner, W. F., 358 Sunbury, H. A., 358 Sutherland, W. H., 358 Swails, S. A., 358 Swain, A. O., 358 Swain, C. M., 358 Swain, J. M., 358, 447, 559 Swain, Oliver, 140 Swain, S. G., 140 Swan, C. L., 584 Swan, Daniel, 584 Swan, Ebenezer, 576 Swan, F. H., 140 Swan, Joseph, 584 Swan, L. W., 358 Swan, W. R., 358 Swan, W. W., 447, 559 Swasey, C. H., 140 Swasey, True, 140 Swasey, W. F., 448, 480 Swasey, W. M., 140 Sweatt, J. S. G., 499