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was ordered to the command of the Southeastern District of Virginia, Headquarters at Fortress Monroe.--The Eleventh Regiment of New York Volunteers (First Fire Zouaves) left Washington for New York.--Troy Times, August 13. Twenty-two released prisoners of war arrived at Fortress Monroe from Norfolk, Va., under a flag of truce. They comprise the following persons:--Surgeons, Edward T. Taylor, First New Jersey; Jacob A. Stewart, First Minnesota; Eugene Peugnet, Seventy-first New York; Foster Swift, Eighth New York; S. C. Thunkins, Fourth Maine; B. F. Buckstone, Fifth Maine; Wm. H. Allen, Second Maine; Jas. M. Lewis, Second Wisconsin; Gustavus Winston, New York Eighth; Chas. DeGraw, do.;----Norval, Seventy-ninth New York. These surgeons remained at Sudley Church and the stone building after the battle, attending the wounded, and were taken prisoners. They remained, some at Bull Run and others at Manassas Junction, attending upon the wounded for two weeks after the battle, and then
horses had to be made, the ship's water had to be taken in, and other work had to be done; but all hands were put to work, and it was completed in good time. The Montgomery sailed from her. wharf about 10 o'clock. Officers of the Eighth Regiment. Regimental Officers.--George Lyons, Colonel; Chas. G. Waterbury, Lieutenant Colonel; Obadiah Wintworth, Major; D. B. Kuler, jr., Adjutant; Alderman Charles G. Cornell, Quartermaster; A. C. Smith, jr., Commissary; M. H. Cushman, Paymaster; Foster Swift, M. D., Surgeon; Thos. Rutter, Chaplain. Company A.--James O. Johnston, Captain; Arthur Woods, 1st Lieutenant; Geo. W. Day, 2d Lieutenant. Company B.--Thomas Sweeney, Captain; Chas. A. Enos, 1st.Lieutenant; M. Wall, 2d Lieutenant. Company C.--Burgur, Captain; John Appleton, 1st Lieutenant; Richard Dunphy, 2d Lieutenant. Company D.--E. D. Lawrence, Captain; Isaac Cohen, 1st Lieutenant; Vacant, 2d Lieutenant. Company E.--M. Griffin, Captain; Alonzo Dutch, 1st Lieutenant; Chas
ere so thick with people, that it seemed as if an army of black ants were marching, after their resistless fashion, through the city, and had scaled the houses. Handkerchiefs fluttered in the air like myriads of white butterflies. An avenue of brave, honest faces smiled upon us as we passed, and sent a sunshine into our hearts that lives there still. In a prominent position stood Major Anderson, who saluted us, and was welcomed as such a man should be welcomed. And so on to the ferry. Swift through New Jersey--against which no sneer be uttered evermore. All along the track shouting crowds, hoarse and valorous, sent to us, as we passed, their hopes and wishes. When we stopped at the different stations, rough hands came in through the windows, apparently unconnected with any one in particular until you shook them, and then the subtle magnetic thrill told that there were bold hearts beating at the end. This continued until night closed, and, indeed, until after midnight. With
The Federal prisoners. --The following is a list of the Federal prisoners who arrived in Norfolk on Monday from Richmond: Mrs. Curtis, of Rochester, N. Y., (an advocate of Woman's rights,) unconditionally discharged; Nathan Allen, citizen; William H. Allen, surgeon, Foster Swift, surgeon; J. H. Stewart, surgeon, Chas. L. de Grow, ass't surgeon; R. Penquet, surgeon; S. C. Hunkel, surgeon 4th Reg't Maine, James Norvel, surgeon 79th New York; James M. Lewis, surgeon 2d New York, G. S. Winston, ass't surgeon 8th New York; B. T. Buxton, surgeon 5th Maine; Edward F. Taylor, surgeon 1st Reg't New York. Privates.--Jno. McCarty, Fred. Holmes, Chas. Greenwood, George Henckly, David Sprague, Joseph W. Richardson, J. R. Eldridge, Jas. Callinge, James Collins, W. A. Mallory. Nathan Allen, and all the Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons are paroled, not to serve during the war, or until regularly exchanged. John McCarty, Ned Holmes, Chas. Greenwood, Geo. Hinckly, Dewitt Sprag