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and loyal citizens of Virginia we can and must declare that, in our calm and deliberate judgment, it will be the duty of the people of Northwestern Virginia to provide, in the lawful and constitutional mode, for the exercise of those executive and legislative functions of our State Government which have been intrusted to those who are faithless and disloyal, and thus save ourselves from that anarchy which so imminently threatens us. In submitting this grave subject for your consideration, we do so in the earnest faith and hope that you will send to the Convention of the 11th of June your best and truest men, that such action may be secured as will best subserve the interests of our State and secure the perpetuity of its union with the United States. John S. Carlile, James S. Wheat, C. D. Hubbard, F. H. Pierpoint, G. R. Latham, Andrew Wilson, S. H. Woodward, James W. Paxton, Campbell Tarr, Central Committee. Wheeling, (Va.,) May 22, 1861. --National Intelligencer, June 1.
efactors, by declaring that as a matter of conscience, he would not and could not vote aye unless he had the evidence before him in such form as to justify him on the record.] Mr. Marshall M. Dent next came up and was similarly disposed of. Next, Messrs. Ephraim B. Hall, Chester D. Hubbard, John J. Jackson, (the latter of whom it was unsuccessfully moved to postpone for further testimony,) were expelled by ayes 79, noes 6. James C. McGrew than came up, and was expelled. Next came Mr. Geo. McC. Porter, Chapman J. Stuart, Campbell Tarr and Weightman T. Willey. The case of this last named gentleman elicited a lengthy discussion, during which Mr. A. M. Barbour stated that Mr. Willey's son was expelled from a college in Pennsylvania and banished the State, because he would not take the oath of allegiance to the Federal Government. Mr. Willey's case was recommitted to the Committee, and pending the question on the other names, the hour for recess (2 o'clock) arrived.
ng the forces captured by Stoneman in the vicinity of the rebel capital was a battalion of the Richmond City Guard, an aristocratic organization for home duty.--They had been on a reconnaissance. Nominations in Western Virginia. The Convention which met at Parkersburg, on the 5th inst, to nominate officers for the new State of Western Virginia, has adjourned, having nominated for Governor A. J. Boreman, of Parkersburg; Secretary of State, J. E. Boyer, of Middletown; Secretary of the Treasury, Campbell Tarr, of Brooke county; State Auditors, Samuel Brane of Wheeling, Judge B. O. Berckshire, of Morgantown; Wm. A. Harrison, of Clarksburg, and James H Brown, of Kanawha; Attorney General, A. B. Caldwell, of Wheeling. A brief account of the battle. Falmouth, Va., May 5. --Yesterday two terrible battles were fought by the 6th corps, Gen. Sedgwick, resulting in fearful carnage on both sides. Monday morning the rebels suddenly made their appearance on the hills to the lef