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750 Africans on board, 616 of which were delivered to the United States agent at Monrovia. Brig Tuccoa, captured on the coast of Cuba, Dec. 20, 1860, by the United States steamer Mohawk, Lieutenant Commanding T. A. M. Craven. Bark Mary Kimball, captured on the coast of Cuba, Dec. 21, 1860, by the United States steamer Mohawk, Lieutenant Commanding T. A. M. Craven. Ship Nightingale, captured on the coast of Africa, April 21, 1861, by the United States sloop-of-war Saratoga, Commander Alfred Taylor, with 961 Africans on board, 801 of which were delivered to the United States agent at Monrovia. The Cora and Nightingale were sent to New York; the Bonita to Charleston, and subsequently to Savannah; and the Tuccoa and Mary Kimball to Key West, and delivered into the custody of the proper officers. conclusion. In discharging the duties that pertain to this Department, and which have devolved upon it during the brief period it has been intrusted to my hands, I have shrunk
William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 9: Hampshire County. (search)
ian Commissions. Their labors were very great, and their contributions very liberal, and were continued until the return of peace rendered further efforts unnecessary. Pelham Incorporated Jan. 15, 1742. Population in 1860, 748; in 1865, 739. Valuation in 1860, $174,513; in 1865, $197,457. The selectmen in 1861 were James M. Cowan, Warren Randall, Asahel Gates; in 1862, James M. Cowan, Lemuel H. Newell, Philander Bartlett; in 1863, 1864, and 1865, John Jones, Dexter Thompson, Alfred Taylor. The town-clerk and town-treasurer during all these years was Calvin D. Eaton. 1861. No action by the town in its corporate capacity in regard to the war appears to have been necessary during this year. 1862. July 21st, The selectmen were authorized to borrow money to pay State aid to the families of volunteers; also to pay a bounty of one hundred dollars to each volunteer to the number of ten, who shall enlist for three years and be credited to the quota of the town; and that t
Hon. J. L. M. Curry , LL.D., William Robertson Garrett , A. M. , Ph.D., Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 1.1, Legal Justification of the South in secession, The South as a factor in the territorial expansion of the United States (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), The civil history of the Confederate States (search)
released by General Cadwallader, who succeeded Butler in command. The Union defense committee, of New York, through its chairman, Mr. J. J. Astor, Jr., proposed to send a number of rifled cannon to Fort Pickens, but Secretary Cameron would give no such authority as is therein asked for, and informed the committee that the war department would act through the agency of its own proper officers. On the 21st of May, the Nightingale, of Boston, sailing under American colors, was captured by Alfred Taylor, U. S. Navy, with a cargo of 961 slaves, presenting the singular projection of the unlawful slave trade by a Boston ship into the great crisis of the slavery institution. General Scott ordered the arrest of the Baltimore police board by General Banks, successor to General Cadwallader. They were accordingly seized and imprisoned in Fort McHenry, their powers suspended, and a provost marshal appointed. Marshal Kane had been previously arrested. These illegal and violent proceedings o
is, Tenn Friday evening, by which several houses and one or two steeples were badly damaged. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed on Wednesday last, a Metropolitan Police bill for the city of Philadelphia. Woodruff, Democrat, is elected to Congress in the Fourth District of Connecticut, by eighty majority. Thornton Hunt, (son of Leigh Hunt,) recently on a visit to this country, is about to publish a book of his experiences while here. The carpenter shop of Alfred Taylor, at Lynchburg, Va., was destroyed by fire on the 4th inst. Loss $2,000. Hons. E. S. Martin and Fayette McMullen are stumping the 12th District of Virginia, for Congress. Miss Dix, the philanthropist, visited the public institutions of Nashville, Tenn., last week, with the wife of Hon. Jno. Bell. A little girl was badly frightened in Cleveland a few nights ago by seeing a "ghost," and has since died. At the municipal election in Staunton, Va., on the 3d inst., N. K. Tr