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haw, ordered ten lashes for carrying another darkey's pass; Margaret Moore, required to give surety for assaulting Ann Shannon and calling her "evil names;" Ann Shannon, acquitted of a similar charge preferred by Margaret Moore; care of Abraham Solomon, for retailing ardent spirits without a license, continued; Robert Liggon, (free,) ordered 15 stripes for going about without his register; Anton Beeker, held to bail for assaulting Mary Jane Husher, and selling liquor without a license; Elizabeth Taylor, sent down for committing personal violence on, and shooting a pistol at, Jas. A. Adams. John, slave of Gilbert McNear, John Roberts, (free,) William Roberts, (free,) and Daniel, slave of M. Howard, were arraigned for stealing $35 from a soldier of the 4th Regiment S. C. Volunteers. The proof being defective, the parties were acquitted. The Robertses (free negroes) were sent down to work on the fortifications, along with some fifty others of the same class fished up by the police and
Mayor's Court, Aug. 9. --William Black, drunk in market; let off. Peter Doyle, drunk, lying in the street; let off. John W. Pollard, drunk and deserting from Confederate States Army; committed. Thomas Dobson, throwing stones at negroes in the street; security required. Sam, slave of H. Savage, ordered 20 lashes for stealing a fifty cent note. Elizabeth Taylor, shooting at Jas. A. Adams, $50 security given. Samuel Bellergease and John Rogers, suspicious characters; committed. Matthew Cardona, assaulting Elizabeth Howard; acquitted.
Disorderly House, &c. --A female named Louisa L. Buchanan was put in the cage yesterday on a warrant charging her with being the proprietress of a disorderly and ill-governed house. Elizabeth Taylor was caged on the same charge. Peter Dauly, for lying down in the street while drunk, and being unable to take care of himself.
Police Court, Saturday. --The case of William H. Branch, charged with assaulting Martin Arnold, was continued.--Silas, slave of John Thatcher, and William, slave of Mrs. Louisa Christian, for throwing rocks into the domicil of Mrs. Martha Cootes, were punished with stripes. --Louisa, a slave, for roving around without a pass, was ordered ten lashed. --Louisa L. Buchanan and Elizabeth Taylor, charged with creating a disturbance in the classic region of Rocketts, were sent to jail for the season.
Police Court, Tuesday, August 5th--Recorder Caskie presiding. --Elizabeth Taylor was charged with feloniously stealing from Susan Walsh one silver watch, valued at $50; one breastpin, valued at $15; one gold chain, valued at $30; one neck chain, valued at $25; and one gold locket, valued at $20. The testimony demonstrated that the accused, who lives in the same house with the complainant, entered her apartment on Monday night, secretly, and was detected in the act of going out, followed to her apartment, and discovered letting a man out of her door, whose name, she said, was James Ward. None of the articles were found in her possession. She was remanded for examination.--Isaac Schwartz, A. McCrone, Francis Wein, John Drinker, Rudolf Castleberg, Thomas Bowser, and Dennis Spaulding, charged with huckstering, were severally fined and their purchases confiscated.--Wm. Jones and Wm. Peasley were charged with an assault and battery upon John D. Gentry, and John D. Gentry was charged
ls ice. Christ's Church Albemarle, box of lint. One box bread, biscuit, &c, from--. Mrs Carter Braxton, Hanover, 4 pairs socks. Dr W P Mosely, Buckingham, bandages, &c. Ladies of Nottoway, pillow, shirts, drawers, &c. Ladies of Mossingford Depot, coop of chickens, and bbl meal. Sh S A Lociety, green peas, and cordial, black berry vinegar, ham, &c. Mrs John E Perkinson, Amelia, biscuit, roast and fried chicken. From--, bbl ice. Mrs Dr Walker, Taylor, Bransford, and other ladies of Chesterfield, box eggs, bread, biscuit, &c. Some Ladies of Rockingham, coop of chickens. From--, one box hospital supplies. From--, box ice. E T Jeffress, Nottoway, lambs, onions, green peas, &c. Ladies of Betria Church, Chesterfield, through Miss Kate Cox, 24 pillows, 24 shirts, drawers, pants, socks, comforts, cotton and linen rags, &c. Mrs Martha E Ward, Nottoway, bread, biscuit, crackers, bandages, rags, and feathers. C B
Police Court, Wednesday, August 6th--Recorder Jas. K. Caskie presiding. --Samuel, slave of S. R. Price, was committed for going at large.--Jim Butler, no papers and from Petersburg, ordered 39 lashes and committed for want of a register.--Albert Tappan was remanded for examination before the Hustings Court, for feloniously selling 17 bushels of cats belonging to John A. Lacy.--James H. Ward was sent before the Hustings Court for receiving from Elizabeth Taylor a number of pieces of jewelry stolen by her from Susan Walsh, amounting value to $100.--Clinton James, free negro, arraigned for using abusive language to and striking Ro. F. Kirby, a white man, was ordered 39 lashes, and appealed from the judgment to the Hustings Court.--Sam Johnson, slave to Mrs. Brock, was ordered 39 lashes for beating James Wade, a white person.--Archibald B. Bott was fined $5 for permitting a dead horse to be and remain on his lot for three days last past.--Geo. L. West was fined $5 for allowing a nuis
n Ward was returned and filed.--T. B. Starke and E. M Clark qualified as Notaries Public.--Samuel M. Price was fined $10 for permitting his slave, Paul, to go at large.--William Arney, charged with steeling, on the 1st of August, $170 from Thomas M. Casey, was committed for trial before Judge Lyons. Mary Ann Seagrow and Edward Williams, charged with receiving the stolen money, were acquitted. --Mike Sheehan and Thomas Wilson, charged with robbing John J. Harrold of a purse and $9, on the highway, on the 23d July, were committed for trial before Judge Lyons.--Elizabeth Taylor, otherwise called Ann Ross, of Harlem, New York, was sent before Judge Lyons for trial for stealing $100 worth of jewelry from Mrs. Susan Walsh, August 4th. James H. Ward, who received the same from her, was also sent on.--The Grand Jury presented John Pero, Emmett Pero, Mary Hicks, Bryant Riley, and Jacob Goldstein, for misdemeanors. Adjourned to 12 o'clock. M. Wednesday.--The Court meets at 11 o'clock to-day.
treet, was ordered to be sent to Gen. Winder. The case of James Darden, for threatening to assault Andrew Johnston, was continued till to- day. Elizabeth Palmitier, Mrs. Haskins, and others, will also be tried this morning for keeping a disorderly and ill-governed house. Hustings Court.--Yesterday but one case was tried before Judge Lyons: Aug. Schmidt, for stealing money from Mrs. Stevens. The prisoner was convicted, and sentenced to the penitentiary for two years. Elizabeth Taylor, who was tried Thursday for stealing a watch and some jewelry from Jas. Walsh, was convicted, and sentenced to the penitentiary for one year. She was recommended to the mercy of the Governor. Confederate States Court.--Commissioner Watson yesterday commenced the examination of E. K. Hyde, charged with forging and uttering army pay-rolls, and continued the examination for witnesses. Andrew Dunnavant, examined Thursday, was sent on for trial, and not discharged, as stated in ye
Carried to the penitentiary. --The City Sergeant, on Saturday evening, carried five convicts to the State prison, four of them being men, and all convicted of the larceny of money and jewelry. The fifth convict, a white woman of large figure, named Elizabeth Taylor, went out of the court room in a highly indignant humor, and occupied herself in her journey to the penitentiary in giving vent to some highly seasoned language. She should pray, she said, in her enforced retirement constantly that the Yankees might take Richmond, and burn up everything especially the City Hall.