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estion of superiority between the beautiful Bettie Ward and the pride of Ascension, Sid Story. Poor Sid, lamed after he defeated the game Lightning in the mud on the first day of the last tournament over the Metairie and never showed again. The Doswell Stake, which will come off on Monday, the 1st April, will bring into the field the crack two-year-olds of their year, in a Sweepstakes of $500 subscription, $250 ft., $50 dec., with $500 added by the Club, heats, one mile. Of the twenty-four nominations in this stake sixteen have been declared not to start and one has died, leaving seven capable of starting. Among these is Ninette, own sister to Planet, and twice a winner this fall; Regret, winner of the Gold Cup Stake, at Natchez, Col. Richards' imp. ch. c. by West Australian; Gen. Wells' b. c. by Lexington; Col. Bingaman's b. c. Tom Reddy, by Imp. Scythian; Mr. Poindexter's b. f. by Imp. Albion; and Col. John Campbell's ch. f. by the "old horse" (Wagner,) out of Mary Taylor.
uthern Confederacy are expected to arrive here before the close of this week. They are accredited to the incoming Administration, and pending the efforts to negotiate nothing will be done calculated to disturb public peace. Official announcement has been made that no argument will be heard by the Supreme Court after Friday, March 8th, and that the Court will adjourn on Thursday, March 14th. The Justices of the Supreme Court will attend the inauguration in their judicial robes of office, and Mr. Chief Justice Tancy will administer the oath of office. He was appointed in March, 1836, by General Jackson, who had previously appointed him Secretary of the Treasury in 1833, but the Senate had refused to confirm the appointment. It has consequently been his privilege to adminster the oath of office to Presidents Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, and Buchanan, and on Monday next, (Deo Volente,) he will administer it to Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois.
Metaire Races--Second day. --The race was for the Doswell stakes, for two year olds, one mile heats, $500 subscription, half forfeit.-- The entries were Doswell's Ninette, Camp' s (Minor's) Regret, Richard' s imp. c. by Australian out of Emilia; Wells' Uncles True, Bingaman' s Tom Reddy. Poindexter' s b. f. by Albion, dam by Sovereign, and Campbell's b. f. by Wagner out of Mary Taylor. It was won by Richard' s imp. c. in 1:49 ½, 1:48 ¾. Ninette was distanced the first heat.
Contributions for the soldiers. Editors Dispatch--I desire to acknowledge through your columns the receipt, from the hands of Miss Mary Taylor of this city, of thirty-five pairs of socks from the Mt. Oliver Sewing Society, and twenty-one flannel Shirts from Mrs. Lavina Taylor, of Hanover county, for the "Harrison State Guards." Co. "C." 31st Regiment Virginia Volunteers, (Mrs. Taylor upon the yarn, wove the flannel, and made the shirts herself.) They will be distributed in accordance with the request of the fair donors, and the recollection of the donation will contribute not less to the comfort of the gallant men, than the articles given. If the men of the Confederate States will prove themselves worthy of the ladies who have contributed so much to our glorious cause, then, indeed, will we be unconquerable. W. P. Cooper. Dec. 23d, 1861.
The Daily Dispatch: June 22, 1863., [Electronic resource], Affairs in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Suffolk. (search)
Stealing money. --Mary Taylor was before the Mayor last Saturday, and committed for further examination before the Hustings Court, on the charge of stealing $125 from Joseph Kepler, on the 7th of April. For this same offence, a girl named Mary Smith, who occupied a room with the accused, was tried and acquitted before the Hustings Court.
on without a fight, which it is hardly probable they did. The rumor stated that we had driven them back, with comparatively slight loss on our side, and that we had captured a large number of prisoners. Among the wounded officers who arrived here yesterday evening, were Col. Griffin, of the 18th Mississippi regiment, who is wounded in the left leg, and Captain George Norton, of the 1st Virginia regiment. We have obtained some further lists of losses among our troops: Losses in Taylor's Battery, (Alexander's Battalion;): Killed — Corporals W P Ray and Joseph Lantz. Wounded — Corpl Wirt, slightly; privates C T Atkinson, E J. Sheppard, Carter Eubank, L P Gentry, Byrd McCormick' all seriously; Vincent F Buford, Jos O Woody' and Oscar Lucas, slightly. Col. Aylett, of the 53d Virginia, was not killed, but slightly wounded by a fragment of shell. Letters have been received from him since his death was reported. Losses in the second company Washington Artillery, Gett
a city watchman, on 27th June, was examined and sent on for trial before the Judge. Wm. Riley, for assaulting and robbing Jas. Parten, on the night of the 6th of July, of $85 in money, his hat and knife, was examined and remanded for trial for felony before the Judge. Robert Ryan and Jas. Logan, charged with stealing $125 worth of jewelry from Miss Virginia Tyler, on the 24th of April, were examined. The Court sent Ryan on to be tried before the Judge, but acquitted Logan. Mary Taylor, charged with stealing $125 from Joseph Kepler on the 7th of April was heard and remanded for trial before the Judge. Carter Tadlock. William Elliott, and John Postower, charged with burglariously entering the house of Mary Stevens, on the night of the 3rd of June, and stealing $1,000 in money and three watches, were examined and remanded for final trial before the Judge. In the Hustings Court yesterday the following cases were disposed of: Wm Fitzpatrick, garroting Philip
Presentments by the Grand Jury. --The following true bills for felony were found by the Grand Jury yesterday: Chas. Amey, Richard L. Bohannon, Francis P. Blair, Jr., Jas. Blake. Leno Eacho, Jno. A. Faris, Geo. W. Farrell, Margaret Folin, Robert S. Ford, M. Fitzgerald, Michael Harrington, Chas. J. Mitchell, Jno. Smith, Chas. Pedrick. John G. Scott, John Downey, Susan Smith, Carter Tadlock, Wm. Elliott, John Postower, Wm. J. Walker, George Weill, Richard F. Williams. Mary Taylor, sent to the Grand Jury on the charge of larceny, was discharged, the jury not finding sufficient evidence, to send her before the Court. The Grand Jury then adjourned to meet again on Monday next.
Mayor's Court. --Before the Mayor, yesterday, the following cases were disposed of: Washington, slave of William Broocks, charged with having and receiving a lot of pork, butter, etc., supposed to have been stolen, was discharged, the accused having proved a clear title to said goods. Florence O'Neal, charged with trespassing on the premises of John Butler, and with being a deserter, was sent to the Provost-Marshal. Anna Williams, Mary Taylor and Mary Blankinship, charged with keeping a disorderly and evil- fame house, were each committed to jail in default of security for their good behavior. Martha, slave of James Royal, was charged with stealing four hundred and forty dollars in Confederate States notes and one dollar in silver, the property of some person unknown, knowing the same to have been stolen, and resisting Constable E. W. Robinson, who made the arrest. The offence having been committed beyond the corporate limits, the accused was sent to a count