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y. Colonel McRae presents the following from the Fifth North Carolina, as deserving special mention at Cold Harbor, viz.: Major Sinclair, wounded early and compelled to retire; Lieutenants Riddick, Sprague, Davis, Brookfield, (severely wounded,) Taylor, and Haywood; Color-Sergeant Grimstead, wounded; privates Noah McDaniel, (who captured seven prisoners,) and John Trotman. Colonel Wade, Twelfth North Carolina, mentions the good conduct of Lieutenant Plummer, company C, and private T. L. Emory,as in the engagement of the twenty-seventh of June, at Cold Harbor, that Captain Morriss was severely, and I fear dangerously, wounded by a musket ball, breaking his thigh bone. My brigade Commissary, Major Lewis Ginter, and Quartermaster, Major R. T. Taylor, more than justified my favorable estimate of their qualifications. I have not referred more particularly to the two field batteries, attached to my brigade, commanded by those accomplished officers, Captains McIntosh and Greenlee Davidson
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
. Ingram, Private Alsim J Kearns, Jesse M. Provo. Co. I. 2d Sergeant Francis M. Bridges, Corporal Jas. S. Elliott, Private Wm. P. Crowder, Thomas Cosner, Private Elcary Davis, William Langsing, Hardin E. Tucker. Co. K. 1st Sergeant Alexander C. Graham, 2d Corporal Alexander Arnett, Private Geo. H. Askew, Wiley H. Brently, Private Neil Graham, David T. Grady, Dan'l J. McLauin, Duncan McRae. [110] Thomas's Brigade. Edw'd L. Thomas, Brig.-General. R. T. Taylor, Maj. and Q. M. A. R. Nisbet, Capt. and A. C. S. E. A. Higgin, Capt. and A. Q. M. E. L. Lewis, 1st Lt. and A. D. C. Richard P. Lester, Col. 14th Ga. James M. Shannon, Lt. and Adj't 14th Ga. Hiram Perdue, 1st Lt. Co. A, 14th Ga. W. N. Ryle, Capt. Co. B, 14th Ga. W. J. Smith, 1st Lt. Co. B, 14th Ga. H. Low, Capt. Co. C, 14th Ga. W. J. M. Preston, 1st Lt. Co. C, 14th Ga. J. A. L. Hull, 2d Lt. Co. D, 14th Ga. J. W. McCollum, 3d Lt. Co. D, 14th Ga. J. M. McAfe
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
Major N. M., 238. Tanner's Battery, 465. Tapscott, Lt. J. B., 2. Tarpley, Capt. T. W., 287. Tate, Ass't Surg. H. W., 197. Tate, Surg. J. L., 286. Tate, Capt. J. M., 358. Tayloe, Col. George E., 333. Taylor, Major E., 69. Taylor, E. B., 18. Taylor, Lt. E. P., 95. Taylor, Lt. J. F., 3, 431. Taylor, Lt. J. L., 304. Taylor, Capt. J. M., 204, 210. Taylor, Lt. J. M., 305. Taylor, Lt. M. F., 69. Taylor, Maj. R. B., 347. Taylor, Lt. R. P., 73. Taylor, Col. R. S., 161. Taylor, Maj. R. T.. 393. Taylor, Lt. W. B., 295. Taylor, Col. W. H., cited, II. Taylor, Surg. W. H., 71. Taylor's Battery, 44, 54. Teezley, Lt. A. J., 110. Telegraph Operators, 465. Temple, Cadet P. C., 454. Temple, Surg. T. P., 347. Tennant, Rev. J. C., 263. Tennessee Infantry, 1st Regiment, 287. Tennessee Infantry, 8th Regiment, 288. Tennessee Infantry, 14th Regiment, 288, 456. Tennessee Infantry, 17th Regiment, 289. Tennessee Infantry, 23d Regiment, 290. Tennessee Infantry, 25th R
ng, M. Fontaine, Wm. T. Gibson, W. G. Gray, S. Gray, J. W. Green, T. R. Green,--Gentry,--Gilliam, Irving Hull,--Haynes, Pat Henry, M. Hudgins, P. B. Jones, Dave Jones, R. J. Jordan, T. Kellogg,--Lind say, E. B. Meade, S. D. Mitchell, Chas. Mittledorfer, J. R. Mountcastle, A. H. Mebane, J. French Meredith, Charles A. McEvoy, W. H. P. Morriss, J. E. Mayo, R. McMurde, R. G. Maddux, W. Norwood, L. Nunnally,--Pardijons, J. G. Powell, W. A. Piet, H. Picot, J. H. B. Paine, W. A. Pegram, George Peterkin, G. R. Pace, T. A. Pace, W. G. Pollard, H. Peaster, Mann Page,--Redd, T. Randolph, D. J. Burr Reeve, J. J. Reeve, C. A. Robinson, R. T. Robinson, W. S. Robertson, G. Rennie, A. Jackson Singleton, R. A. Sublett, C. Skinker, E. H. Smith, M. Sizer, A. R. Tatum, V. H. Tatum, C. E. Taylor. E. B. Taylor, R. T. Taylor, R. M. Tabb, R. E. Tyler, Ed. Tompkins, Benj. Van Buren, Jos Willis, H. H. Watkins, A. S. Watkins, R. White, J. H. Worsham, T. R. Worsham, J. Porter Wren, R. Waldrop, Philip B. Wright.
Confederate States District Court. --The Grand Jury, which met yesterday, is composed as follows: D. A. Wilson, Lynchburg, foreman: T. M. Keller, Wm Cox, Charlottesville; T. Brown Dean, Lynchburg; B. B. Moseley, W. J. Baker,. Norfolk City; James Jarvis, Portsmouth; J. W. Sener, B. E. Gill, Fredericksburg: Dr. R. T. Taylor, John W. Lane, Amelia; Egbert G. Lee, Powhatan; Dr. Thomas P. Atkinson, Danville; Wm. A. Armistead,Robt. A. Pollard R. H. Lorton, Wm. P. Ragland, Thaddeus B. Starke, E. M. Porter, A. M. Bailey, R. M. Allen, Peter D. McKinney, John H. Leftwich, Richmond. Judge Halyburton charged the Grand Jury as follows: Gentlemen of the Grand Jury: The 13th clause of the 7th section of the 1st article of the Provisional Constitution of the Confederate States, in pursuance of which you are now assembled, declared, in the exact words of the Constitution of the United States, that "no person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless