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em on the ground. With great respect, I am sir, your obedient servant, E. O. C. Ord, Brig.-Gen. Commanding Third Brigade, P. R. V. C. Brig.-Gen. Lorenzo Thomas. Adjutant General U. S. A., Washington, D. C. List of the men recommended for reward for gallant conduct at the battle of Dranesville, December 20, 1861, by Captain H. Easton, of battery A, First Pennsylvania Artillery: Quartermaster's Sergeant John H. Sphar; Orderly Sergeant Jacob Deitrick; Sergeants Peter Cummings, Robert Taylor, John Ruse; Corporals William Weston, Daniel Nerhood, James D. Wolf, Henry Barkholder, Peter Schiele; Privates: Joseph Hinsey, William McDowell, Adam Barr, Henry Deihl, McFarland Marks, John Pink, John Flimswick, John Steele, James Craft, John Higgins, Henry Campbell, Gustavus Seyforth, Oscar French, George W. Welsh, Simon Flory, John Young, William Lawrence, Horatio Houston, James Wilson, Francis M. Peters, Michael J. Crooney, Robert Carman, Reuben Bixler, John Berkholder, Joseph Willia
Monroe appointed, July 10, 1847 Supt. Charles P. Philbrick appointed, May 15, 1848 Supt. Robert Taylor appointed, May 24, 1852 Supt. Rufus C. Marsh appointed, May 26, 1854 Supt. of Wagon Newbury and Berkeley streets, corner-stone laid, Oct. 17, 1865 North Square Methodist, Father Taylor's, cornerstone laid, Oct. 3, 1822 North Russell street, Methodist, built, 1838 Sold torrison, Apr. 21, 1841 For the death of General Jackson, July 9, 1845 For the death of President Taylor, Aug. 15, 1850 For the death of Daniel Webster, Nov. 30, 1852 For the death of Generahief. Francis Tukey, appointed, June 24, 1852 Gilbert Nourse, appointed, July 17, 1852 Robert Taylor, appointed, May 8, 1854 Daniel J. Coburn, appointed, Apr. 19, 1856 Josiah L. C. Amee, 54 Thomas M. Smith, appointed, August, 1854 James D. Russell, appointed, June, 1855 Robert Taylor, appointed, May, 1856 Henry T. Dyer, appointed, Dec., 1866 Lyford W. Graves, appointed
Steam Engines, 144 St. George's Rooms, 144 St. Louis City Government, 144 Stocks, 144 Storms, Rain 144, 145 Storms, Snow 145, 146 Streets, 146 Street Commissioners, 146 Street Superintendents, 146 Street Signs, 146 Strikes, 147 Submarine Race, 147 Sub-Treasury, 147 Sunderland, Leroy 147 Swearing, 147 Swimming Match, 147 Swine, 147 Swiss Emigrants, 147 Synagogue, 147 T. Tan Yards, 147 Tar and Feathers, 147 Taverns, 147-151 Taylor, Robert 151 Tea Troubles, 151 Tea Party, 151 Teeth, Dental 151 Telegraph, 151 Telephone, 151 Temple, Tremont 151, 152 Tewksbury, Mr. 152 Thanksgiving, 152 Theatricals, 152 Theatres, 152-154 Thermometer, 154, 155 Thorn Apple, 155 Three-Card Monte, 155 Thorndike Block, 155 Tile Floor, 155 Times Block, 155 Tobacco Chewers, 155 Tontine Building, 155 Tories, 156 Toronto City Gov't, 156 Torch-light, 156 Torpedo Explosion, 156 Town of
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
son, J. M. Robinson, one private horse. W. J. Saunders, one private horse. J. S. Seddons, J. H. Seddons, D. J. Sledd, H. A. Shiplett, S. M. Stokes, T. J. Stratton, E. C. Swann, G. A. Swann, J. C. Swann, P. Swann, G. W. Taylor, R. Taylor, W. A. Taylor, W. D. Taylor, one private horse. J. P. Tribue, W. D. Tucker, W. T. Tucker, W. E. Walthall, C. T. Whitlock, P. B. Wilkinson, B. B. Weisiger, J. H. Pattison, W. A. Ramsey, J. A. Moore, temporarily assigned, W. C. D H. Harrison, E. Harrison, J. L. Johnson, John Z. Lancastesr, M. B. Lee, Private Samuel McAbee, P. H. Otts, James Ramage, David Simpson, Sandford N. Smith, John Spillers, Ervin Stevenson, Mills Summers, Jno. K. Taylor, Robert Taylor, Wm. E. West, Hy. B. Yarborough. Co. I. 4th Sergeant D. B. McInnis, 5th Sergeant J. H. McCormick, Private J. A. Bundy, H. W. Buttler, E. T. Buttler, C. Baily, D. Campbell, A. Conard, Private W. Dilorn, H. Grey, E. Herring
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.30 (search)
rg; Daniel Spencer; Whitfield Spencer, wounded in battle ——--; Robert Shepperson, second lieutenant, died in service; William Stith, lieutenant, wounded, arm shot off at Drewry's Bluff and died from effects; John E. Smith, lieutenant killed at Five Forks; S. D. Spencer, color-bearer, wounded at Gaines's Mill and Gettysburg; William Spencer, sergeant, shot in battle of Five Forks; Charles Snead; Samuel Spencer, killed at Gettysburg; John Dug. Spencer. John H. Thompson; George Tunstall; James T. Tharpe; Robert Taylor, wounded at Williamsburg; James Thomas, killed at first battle of Manassas—first man killed. —— —— Valentine, killed at Seven Pines. Van Buren Watkins, badly wounded at Gettysburg; Luther C. Watkins; Samuel Weil, wounded three times; James Wilkes; Ham Wilkes, transferred to artillery; Thomas Wilkes; C. B. Wilkes; Joseph Wilkes, corporal; Calvin Wilkes; Charles Williams; Thos. C. Wilkerson, wounded in service; William C. Wilkerson, wounded in battle of Fr
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Elliott Grays of Manchester, Va. [from the Richmond, Va., times, November 28, 1902.] (search)
thouse), J. L. Maxey, J. W. Moore, Henry Marx, V. W. Nosworthy, J. T. Owens, Joseph H. Perdue, R. L. Pollard, E. B. Pierce, C. R. Pollard, Frank Puckett, Charles H. Rushbrook, W. S. Smith, John Smith, Robert I. Sadler, Charles C. Swan, Jeter Snead, Joseph Snead, W. J. Stywald, S. E. Sizer (killed second Bull Run, 1862), J. W. Stegal (killed at Petersburg, June 22, 1863), Talton Tibbs, J. Booker Tibbs, George A. Thadford, William H. Tolby, W. M. Taylor (killed at Sharpsburg), John Taylor, Robert Taylor, William Walthall, Thomas J. Waymack, Andrew J. Wells, Daniel Wren, William Young, Samuel W. Pollard, Henry H. Pollard, Beverley Smith, Emmett Gill. Transferred to the navy, Benjamin Crowfield (killed at Crater), John Ryan, Isaac Thompson, Robert Tarrance, W. H. Kidd, Lewis Kidd. Musicians, Charles W. Mosby, William S. Crawford. A number of men deserted during the war. Some were captured and brought back under guard, but some were never caught. History of Company. The comp
9, 1861. At a meeting of the citizens of Gordonsville and its vicinity, held in Gordonsville, Orange county, Va., on the 18th of April, for the purpose of forming a Home Guard, on motion, Mr. William Cowherd was called to the Chair, and Robert Taylor appointed temporary Secretary. The object of the meeting being explained by the Chairman, Col. Strange then, in a soul-stirring and patriotic address, urged the necessity for this organization, which was unanimously responded to. The meetinges G. Goodman, 2d Vice-President; Wm. Faulconer, Secretary; and John S. Cowherd, Treasurer. On motion, it was resolved that a committee be appointed by the President to prepare and report to an adjourned meeting rules and regulations for the government and action of the organization. Whereupon, the President appointed O. H. P. Terrell, R. F. Omohundro, Col. J. B. Strange, Ro. Taylor, and A. J. Gooch, committee. The meeting then adjourned to meet again on Saturday, the 20th inst.
killed or wounded below the deck. She then surrendered, all her officers having been killed by the fire except the master's mate. The boat took fire from one shot and only about thirty prisoners could be gotten off her. All her wounded were burnt up, it being impossible to save them with one small boat, which was all our men had. The Suwanee carried one 32-pounder rifled piece forward, and two howitzers aft. This same vessel had landed a party during the day and burnt the dwelling of Mr. Robert Taylor. We learn that co. G, of the City Battalion, Capt. Bass, was engaged with the dismounted cavalry in making the capture. While the Suwanee was burning two gunboats appeared around the bend in the river and commenced shelling our men, who were crossing Pickett's field with the prisoners, but without any effect. Repulse of the enemy on the Blackwater. A body of Yankee cavalry, under the command of the notorious Col. Speare, attempted to cross the Blackwater river yester
Confederate States District Court Before Judge Halyburton yesterday a decree of sequestration was entered in the matter of L. H. Chandler, formerly of Norfolk, Virginia, an alien enemy, ordering the sale at auction of a negro, claimed as the property of said L. H. Chandler. Robert Taylor was discharged from all liability to Confederate military service, under writ of habeas corpus, he being over forty-five years of age. In the case of Richard Hicks, of Madison county, charged with harboring Hiram D. Hicks, a Confederate deserter, the Grand Jury found a true bill. After which the court adjourned till 11 o'clock this morning.