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Court of Gloucester county reversed. Sale vs. Sale's ex'or and als., and Sale's ex'or vs. Sale and others. Argued by John Thompson, Jr., for the appellants, and John O. L. Goggin for the appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of Amherst county reversed. Reid's adm'r vs. Blackstone. Argued by Tucker & Patton for the appellants, and L. W. Taylor for the appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of Fairfax county affirmed. Delk and others vs. Barbara and others.--Argued by Tazewell Taylor for appellants; no counsel for appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of Isle of Wight county affirmed. Morton vs. Morton and others. Argued by Wm. T. Joynes for the appellants, and J. A. Jones for the appellees. Decree of the Circuit Court of Petersburg reversed. Alexandria and Washington Railroad Company vs. Studd and others; supercedes denied. Same vs. Fowle and others; supercedes. denied. Ann C. White against John C. White, Appeal from judgment of Spotsylvania Cir
Trespassing --Charles Smith, a stranger from the North, made his appearance before the Mayor yesterday, to answer the charge of trespassing on W. H. & J. J. Sutherland, and taking possession of a counterpane belonging to Mr. Taylor. He was found guilty, and sent to prison in default of security.
Supreme Court of Appeals. --This Court is still in session in this city. The following decisions have been rendered since the commencement of the term: Still vs. Owen — argued by Tucker and Patton for appellant, and D. Marr for appellee.--Decree of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania affirmed. Holmead, &c., vs. Murphy — argued by Tazewell Taylor for plaintiffs and David May for defendant. Judgment of the Circuit Court of Norfolk city affirmed. Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Company vs. Chandler-- argued by W. W. Crump and R. T. Daniel for plaintiff and Howard & Sands for defendant. Judgment of the Circuit Court of Caroline affirmed. Sellman & Crook vs. McPherson's administrator, and the same vs. McPherson — argued by Andrew Hunter for plaintiffs and Tucker and Patton for defendants. Judgment of the Circuit Court of Jefferson rever
The Daily Dispatch: February 14, 1861., [Electronic resource], Departure of Mr. Lincoln for Washington. (search)
New Music. --We have received from P. H. Taylor, the Carnival of Venice, by Schuloff; I Cannot Lose the Dream of Thee, a ballad; Roses Bloom in Summer Only, a ballad; From Childhood's Dawn, an Aria from Balfe's Opera of Robin Hood, now creating a musical excitement in London; Babble Brook March, and Jockey Hat and Feather, a song by G. W. H. Brockway. All this music is very pretty, and cannot fail to be popular.
warning, but the Electoral votes being counted peacefully, were not wanted. Gov. Hicks was before the special (conspiracy) committee to-day. He said, that from private letters and newspaper articles, he thought there would be a disturbance at the inauguration, and attempted seizure of public buildings. He, however, has no such fears now as he had in January. John C. Wright, of Cincinnati, attending the Peace Conference, died in this city to-day of pneumonia. The Secretary of the Treasury has advertised for a loan of $8,000,000, under a recent act of Congress. The Chief Engineer of the Ordnance Department has modified his former estimates in regard to the fortifications, excluding all appropriations South of the Chesapeake, except Forts Calhoun, in Virginia, and Jefferson and Taylor in Florida. The War Department speaks of the importance of the two last for Gulf depots, and says that $150,000 might be advantageously expended in officering and strengthening them.
rinted. Mr. Willey. of Monongalia, gave notice that on to-morrow he should ask for a decision on his taxation resolutions, one way or the other. Mr. Hull, of Highland, offered the following resolution: Resolved, That a committee of three he appointed to take into consideration the propriety of reducing the number of employees of the Convention, and make such reduction, if in their opinion, it can be done without detriment to the public good. On motion of Mr. Burdett, of Taylor, the resolution was laid upon the table. Mr. Bouldin, of Charlotte, corrected the report of his remarks in the official organ of the Convention, the Richmond Enquirer. Committee of the whole. The hour of half-past 10 having arrived, the Convention went into Committee of the Whole, (Mr. Southall in the chair,) for the purpose of considering the report of the Committee on Federal Relations. An ineffectual effort was made by Mr. Hall, of Marion, and Burdett, to rescind the res
Baker vs. Wise, Governor, &c. --This case, which has been pending for some time before the Supreme Court of Appeals, was finally disposed of on yesterday. It arose upon the question whether the law of Virginia, requiring an inspection of vessels owned in whole or in part by non-residents, and bound to any Northern port, was in conflict with the Bill of Rights of Virginia, or the Constitution of the United States. The Court held that the law did not conflict with either, and was in all respects constitutional and valid. Judge Daniel delivered an able and learned opinion, and Judges Moncure, Lee and Robertson concurred. Allen, President, dissented. The cause was argued sometime ago, by Tazewell Taylor, Esq., of Norfolk, Judge William W. Crump, of Richmond, and --Johnson, Esq., of Boston, for the appellant; and by the Attorney General for the appellee. Judgment affirmed.
worthy of note. The city was reported quiet; no arrests. I have this moment learned, and have just time to add before the mall leaves, that Mr. Fish, above-mentioned, was discharged this morning by the Corporation Court. J. E. Ford and Tazewell Taylor for the prisoner, and S. S. Staples for the Commonwealth. Galerius. Norfolk, August 27, 1861. The steamer Kahukee, Captain Taylor, went down to Hampton Roads, yesterday, at 2 o'clock, with a flag of truce; and, not having rCaptain Taylor, went down to Hampton Roads, yesterday, at 2 o'clock, with a flag of truce; and, not having returned, it is supposed that she had been detained by order of General Wool. The steamer went for the purpose of conveying down the Captain and a portion of the crew of the ship A. B. Thompson, which was condemned recently at Charleston, S. C. Oh board the Kahukee were Captain Huger, son of Gen. Huger; Lieut. J. F. Milligan, from this city, and Mr. J. B. Cary, of Hampton; also, Mis. Williams, wife of John Williams, agent of the Boston steamers, taken prisoner at Boston by Lincoln's authorities,
Confederate victory on the Kanawha. Cincinnati, Aug. 27. --Col. Taylor's force on the Kanawha was badly defeated by the Confederates a few days ago.
be ever zealous, even in these troublous times, in spreading the great truths of the gospel of Christ in the land. Heavy firing was heard here yesterday. I learn that shot and shell were thrown on shore from the batteries on the Rip Raps, but I have heard of no damage. The case of the men charged with keeping a gambling house will be up for trial before the Circuit Court on Saturday. Young Hughes's trial, charged with the murder of Lieut. Adams, is now progressing, Hon. John S. Millson, Tazewell Taylor, and John E Ford, Esqs for the prisoner, and S. S. Stubbs, Esq., for the Common wealth.--Young Hughes is calm and self-possessed. Lieut. Wm. Sharp, who was among those captured at Hatteras, having been exchanged, has arrived here. Lieut. Warden was exchanged for Lieut Sharp. The exchange of Lieut. Loyall, of this city, is refused by Gen. Huger, on the ground that he is not a prisoner of wait, he having been arrested in Boston immediately after his resignation.
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