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oge, Holcombe, Holladay, Hull, Isbell, Jackson, Marmaduke Johnson, Peter C. Johnston, Kilby, Kindred, Lawson, Leake, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, McNeil, Charles, K. Mallory, James B. Mallory, Marshall, Marye, Sr., Maslin, Masters, Miller, Moffett, Morris, Morton, Moore, Neblett, Nelson, Orrick, Osburn, Parks, Pendleton, Preston, Price, Pugh, Richardson, Robert E. Scott, Seawell, Sharp, Sheffey, Sitlington, Speed, Spurlock, Staples, A. H. H. Stuart, Chapman J. Stuart, Strange, Summers, Sutherlin, Taylor, Thornton, F. P. Turner, Tyler. Waller. White, Whitfield, Wickham, Willey, Williams, Wilson, Wise, and Woods--116. [Mr. Baldwin had paired off with Mr. Randolph, and Mr. Hughes with Mr. Wysor.] So the motion to strike out and insert was decided in the negative. On motion of Mr. Nelson, of Clarke, the Committee rose and reported progress. Mr. Carlile moved an adjournment sine die; pending which, On motion of Mr. Nelson, the Convention adjourned to meet again Tuesday
The charter election near at hand, and old Jefferson Ward has not seceded from the city of Richmond. We beg leave to present to the voters of that ward the following gentlemen for Councilmen and Aldermen: For Councilmen: R. O. Haskins W. H. Richardson, J. H. Greanor, N. B. Hill, Jas. M. Talbott, For Aldermen: W. Taylor, A. F. Picet, C. B. Hill, George E. Sadler, R. D. Sanxay. mh 26--dide Jefferson Ward.
ne ever issued from the press; yet, even in her own State, Sander's, McGuffey's, Sargent's, Town's, and Parker & Watson's, have superseded it. The Arithmetics and Algebra of Col. Smith, of the Virginia Military institute, are allowed to remain on the booksellers' shelves, while Greenleaf, Davies, Colburn, Emerson, Day, Green, Heath, or Ray, is found in almost every school in the South and Southwest. Any carelessly compiled History, well pushed by the active agent of a Northern house, forces Taylor's edition of Pinnock from the Southern University and College, while Johnson's Chemistry and Philosophy give way to Parker and Comstock. We could lengthen this list, but the few examples we have given (and we speak by the card) are sufficient to show that the labors of Southern educational authors have not received that reward which even Northern critics would be glad to see bestowed." The Record expresses the opinion, in which we heartily concur, that the rewards proposed in the Geor
Councilmen and Aldermen. Jefferson Ward.--Councilmen: N. B. Hill. 550; R. O. Haskins, 545; Jno. H. Greanor, 521; A. Y. Stokes, 388. Aldermen: Wm. Taylor, 533; C. B. Hill, 574; R. D. Sanxay, 573; G. E. Sadler, 548; A. F. Picot, 462; J. M. Higgins, 382; E. A. J. Clopton, 309; N. M. Lee, 263; G. W. Allen, 295; Jno. Hagan, 161; T. J. Starke, 262. Madison Ward.--Councilmen: George K. Crutchfield, 850; James A. Scott, 832; D. J. Burr, 790; P. R. Grattan, 752; Thomas H. Wynne, 573. Aldermen: R. M. Burton, 1,082; J. J. Binford, 1,065; James Bray, 1,049; Jas. K. Caskie, 1,019; W. B. Smith, 631. Monroe Ward.--Councilmen: D. J. Saunders, 896; L. W. Glazebrook, 863; S. D. Denton, 731; Fleming Griffin, 729; Thomas G. Epps, 690. Aldermen: all of the old officers are elected.
ported that the election of one Magistrate in Jefferson Ward was contested — John M. Higgins contesting the election of Wm. Taylor, who had been returned as receiving the largest number of votes for Alderman. He thought the matter ought to be referr the concluding part of the report: "In the returns from Jefferson Ward, as made by the conductors of election, Mr. Wm. Taylor is reported as elected one of the Alderman from that Ward, he having received 533 votes; but his election is conteste memorial of John M. Higgins respectfully represents to your honorable body that he does hereby contest the election of Wm. Taylor as an Alderman from Jefferson Ward, at the election held on Wednesday, the 3d day of April last, upon the ground that talist prays that the matter herein alleged may be inquired into, and that he may be declared elected in the place of said Taylor, and your memorialist will, &c. John M. Higgins." Mr. Hill moved that the contested election case be referred to th
The Council Committee on contested Elections held a meeting on Monday, and examined testimony in regard to the contest for the post of Alderman from Jefferson Ward. Mr. John M. Higgins, who received 382 votes, contested the return of Mr. Wm. Taylor, who received 531, on the ground that at the time of election the latter was not a resident of the city or ward from which he was returned.-- The committee, as we learn, reported unanimously that the temporary absence of Mr. Taylor from his usohn M. Higgins, who received 382 votes, contested the return of Mr. Wm. Taylor, who received 531, on the ground that at the time of election the latter was not a resident of the city or ward from which he was returned.-- The committee, as we learn, reported unanimously that the temporary absence of Mr. Taylor from his usual residence did not impair his right of election. The report will be handed in at the next meeting of the Common Council, and the case will then be disposed of by that body.
Printers' ink. --Messrs. Taylor & Hargrove, who not long since established a printing ink manufactory at the corner of Adams and Leigh streets, in this city, have gotten the same in full operation, and are daily turning out fine specimens of blue, green, red and black printing ink. When the Yankees initiated the present difficulties, they feverishly imagined that the want of the above article would necessarily stop all the "rebel" presses between Maryland and the Rio Grande. They will ere long find out they have been as much mistaken in all their other calculations as in this.
Hustings Court. --The monthly term of this tribunal commenced yesterday, when the following business was transacted--Alderman Sanxay presiding: St. Geo. Peachy's account for holding inquests from 14th January, 1861, to 27th April, 1861, was certified and ordered to be paid.--Also, an account of the visitors to the several Tobacco Warehouses of this city. The certificate of the election of Wm. Taylor as Alderman, was returned to the Court and filed. Nolle prosequis were entered in the case of Beverly Bloomer and Geo. Bloomer, charged with felony, and in the case of Caroline Cart and Caroline Cates, presented for misdemeanor. The Sergeant was directed to summon fifteen petty jurymen to-day to try misdemeanor cases.
Sword found at Rich Mountain. --Among the things the Federals picked up at Rich Mountain was a sword bearing the following inscription. It is in the possession of an Indiana Colonel of the name of Sullivan: The blade is inscribed as follows: "In testimony of the intrepidity and valor of Midshipman William Taylor, in two successive actions of the United States frigate Constitution, in which were captured the British frigate Guerriere, on the 14th of August, 1812, and the British frigate Java, on the 29th of December, 1812, the State of Virginia bestows this sword."
A Congress of Artists. --There has been an Artists' Congress held at Antwerp. The city was host, and among the invited guests were Victor Hugo, Amedee Achard, Jules Simon, the King of Sweden, the King of Bavaria, Baron Taylor, members of the French Conservatoire, the Theatre Francais, the University, Edmond About, Gudin the painter, James Ferguson, Digby Wyatt, and other noted people from England, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany, to the number of 1200. Every one of the invited guests was befitted on a Flemish household, and the hospitality of the inhabitants was unstinted. Processions, meetings, balls, discussions, speeches, and banquets, filled up the time.
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