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The death of Capt. Taylor. regret exceedingly to learn that Capt. James L. Taylor, C. S. Navy, has died of wounds received in the battle of Hampton Roads Capt. Taylor was a gallant and and, considering his age, one of the best in the service. He was a son of if Wm Taylor, of Roanoke county, Va, it was in the United States Navy--having at the Naval Academy at Annapolis where he entered September 24th, 1865. the battle of Roanoke he was in com of the gun boat Yanny, and was paretic party praised there for his bravery and skill managing his ship. He received his mortal on board the Congress, and under the of traces. The death of this noble young will be universally regretted, and especially is mented by those who knew him and appreciated his manly, generous nature.
Lyons, 172. For State Senate: Gen W Randolph, 310; R O Haskins, 146. For House of Delegates: Wyndham Robertson, 323; David J Saunders, 196; Thos H Wynne, 184; Wm Taylor, 184; David J Burr, 182, Thos B Bigger, 126; Richard F Walker, 97; Larkin W Glazebrook, 90. Madison Ward--For Governor: T S Flournoy, 377; Wm Smith, 173; Ge Geo W Randolph, 638; R O Haskius, 111. House of Delegates: Wyndham Robertson, 559; D J Saunders, 312; L W Glazebrook, 165; Thomas H Wynne, 278; R F Walker, 186; Wm Taylor, 44; D J Burr, 401; Thos B Bigger, 268. Monroe Ward.--For Governor: Thomas S Flourney, 410; G W Munford, 223; Wm Smith, 181. For Lieut Governor: Samuel Priskins, 9. Henrico and Hanover counties — Garnett, 45; Davis, 7. House of Delegates--Richmond city — Robertson, 32; Wynne, 16; Bigger, 16; Saunders, 11; Walker, 6; Taylor, 1. Henrico — Mayo, 23; English, 3; Carter, 2. Hanover — Fox, 12; Goodall, 5; Swift, 2; Morriss. --Constable for District No. 2 Henrico — Thos. E. West, 11.
ith124183181488 G W Munford119223202544 Lieut-Gov'r: Samuel Price2464714181135 J D Imboden201287338826 J W Sheffey251935 Att'y Gen'l: J R Tucker3257216821728 For Congress: W C Wickham3134044861203 Jas Lyons172348260780 For State Sen'te: G W Randolph3106386091557 R O Haskins146111114371 Ho. of Deleg's: W Robertson3235594131295 D J Saunders136312480988 D J Burr181401318900 T H Wynne184278209671 Thos. B Bigger126268182576 L W Glazebrook90165366621 R F Walker97186144427 Wm Taylor1824465291 Flournoy over Smith, 589; Flournoy over Munford, 544. Wickham over Lyons, 423. Randolph over Haskins, 1186. Messrs. Robertson, Burr, and Saunders were elected to the House of Delegates. Refugee Vote from Jefferson County.--The following is the vote of the refugees from Jefferson county, polled at the City Hall in this city. Congress: Boteler, 22; Holliday, 13.--Senate: Moore, 25; Hammond, 7. House of Delegates: Burnett, 28; J Y Beall, 27; Green, 11; Stonebraker, 2.
e was appointed but having to give up the house he then occupied, he could not get another in the city, and got one a short distance out of the corporation, without the Mayor's knowledge, or Green's knowing that it was against the ordinance of the city. The same privilege had been allowed Capt. Wilkinson, Captain of the Night Watch for a number of years; also Mr. Peachy R. Grattan who served as a member of the Council for 6 or 8 months after he had removed to the county of Henrico; also Mr. Wm Taylor who served as a magistrate for several months and was re-elected while residing in the county, and whose seat was contested, but the Council gave him his seat although living in Henrico. Mr. Hill does not know in what school of ethics the member from Madison Ward was brought up when he stated that Mr. Green's violation of ordinance in living out of the city was a great outrage, and only classed Capt. Pleasants's act of playing cards on the Capitol Square, sending an insulting messag