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Richmond Circuit Court. --The fall term of Judge Meredith's Court commenced yesterday. Six persons were admitted to the rights of citizenship, and some other business of an unimportant character was transacted. No criminal cases were submitted to the Grand Jury. A question was raised as to the trial of any such cases sent on to this Court. Messrs. August and Cropper argued that the Hustings Court had possessed no right to send criminals to Judge Meredith for trial, since the people decided upon the establishment of the Court presided over by Judge Lyons. Mr. Tazewell argued that Judge Meredith had a right to try the cases, and that they ought to be tried. The question will be decided to-day.
Lost or Mislaid --A Bond, for the hire of a negro girl for the year 1860, signed by Geo. J. Sumner, made payable to Geo. W. Trice, and endorsed by him. Payment of the same having been stopped, the finder will confer a favor by returning the same to Geo. W. Trice, Jr., At Miss Tazewell's, Grade st., Between 7th and 8th. ja 22--1t*
The Daily Dispatch: March 20, 1861., [Electronic resource], Farewell of Mr. And Mrs. Crittenden. (search)
Trial for counterfeiting. --The trial of Harvey Wash, for counterfeiting and passing gold coin of the United States, was commenced before Judge Wm. H. Lyons, of the Hustings Court, on yesterday. Testimony was taken till the hour of 3 o'clock, when the Court adjourned till 4. Judge Crump, and J. G. Williams, Esq., appeared for the accused; Mr. Tazewell for the Commonwealth.
Sent to the Penitentiary. --James Clendining was tried before the Hustings Court yesterday, for stealing $260 and a galvanized silver watch worth $15. The prisoner, as on a previous occasion when the jury failed to agree, defended himself, cross-examined the witnesses, &c., and was prosecuted by Mr. Tazewell. The jury having retired and consulted of their judgment, returned a verdict of guilty, with three years imprisonment in the Penitentiary.
Tatewell C. H., Va., Sept. 9, 1861. It is reported in some of the papers that Tatewell has furnished her quota of volunteers. This is a slight mistake; when she shall have sent off the present (8th company) she will very nigh have performed her part.--I may say that Tazewell stands first in Floyd's brigade; and not second in furnishing volunteers from Southwestern Virginia. She has only eight companies attacked to the brigade mentioned: Crops of all kinds were never better throughout the Southwest. Enough has been raised to supply the Confederate Army. Your correspondent had an interview with Senator, Pate, brother of the celebrated H. Clay Pate, on Friday evening last, just from Boone C. H. He gives some interesting incidents connected with the fight at that place. It seems that our forces were small, and that the enemy, aided by a number of traitors, numbered about four times as many. The fight occurred on Sunday morning, early in the day. We lost, only one
The Daily Dispatch: September 23, 1861., [Electronic resource], The Brazilian Screw steam corvette Beberibe. (search)
The Hustings Court, Judge Lyons on the bench, on Saturday, after transacting some unimportant routine business, resumed the consideration of the habeas corpus ease of Mr. Webster. Mr. Howard, his counsel, spoke for several hours in reply to the speeches of the Attorney General and Mr. Tazewell, made the day before, and in presenting his own views of the matter. When he had concluded, His Honor intimated that the opinion of the court would be pronounced on Tuesday. The court then adjourned.
now almost daily a flag of truce between our forces and the enemy's. The occurrence has got to be so customary that it excites but little public attention. It is only when some important movement is going on under the white flag that there is anything like a sensation in the community. I am sorry to record the death of Dr. Mat. P. Waller, an accomplished gentleman of our city. Dr. W. was of the old Waller stock of Williamsburg and that region, and married a daughter of the late Ex-Governor Tazewell, to whom he was distantly related. He had resided among us for a year or two previous to his death, and had won favorable opinions from all his acquaintances. I also regret to learn of the sudden death in Suffolk, of Dr. Dashiell, who was lately connected with the 16th Regiment of Virginia Volunteers, as Surgeon. It has occasioned much sadness. An epistolary contest appears on the columns of the Norfolk Day Book, Captain E. Burroughs, the active commander of the Chesapeake
Hustings Court. --The trial of Charles Murphy, for the murder of Albert, a negro slave, is still pending before Judge Lyons.--The evidence was closed yesterday, and the opening address for the Commonwealth was delivered by Attorney Tazewell. The counsel for the defence are Messrs. Johnson, Steger, and Crane.
Hastings Court. --The trial of Charles Murphy, for the murder of a slave named Albert, had not terminated at a late hour last evening. Messrs. Steger, Crane, and Johnson spoke yesterday in behalf of the prisoner, and Attorney Tazewell closed for the Commonwealth
Miss Tazewell, having taken charge of a family School, desires on addition to their number of nine pupils, making in all twelve. Girls under twelves years of age, or Boys under ten, will be received. Location, Grace street, between 7th and 8th. terms — Per session, nine months, commencing Nov. 1st and closing August 1st, $30. oc 31--12t*
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