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pinchers, upon a rail or rack in ascending or dcscending grades. Clinch. Clinch. 1. (Nautical.) A mode of fastening large ropes, cClinch. 1. (Nautical.) A mode of fastening large ropes, consisting of a half-hitch with the end stopped back to its part by seizings. The outer end of a hawser is bent by a clinch to the ring of the, to prevent retraction. Clinch-built. See clincher-work. Clinch′er. A tool for clinching, — that is, turning over the pointed enrought up to engage with and flatten down the point of the nail. Clinch′er-built. See clincher-work. Clinch′er-work. 1. Lap-jointClinch′er-work. 1. Lap-jointed work. A mode of building in which the lower edge of each plank overlaps the one next below it, like the weather-boarding of a house; thethe plates are secured by two rows of rivets, one to each plate. Clinch′ing. (Nautical.) Slightly calking the seams round the ports with oakum, in anticipation of foul weather. Clinch′ing-iron. See clincher. Clinch-joint. See clincher-work. Clinch-ri
.Cat-fall. Boarding-nettings.Cat-harping. Boat.Cathead. Boat-detaching apparatus.Cat-hook. Boat-hook.Cat's-paw. Boat-lowering apparatus.Center-board. Bob-stay.Chafing-gear. Body-hoops.Chain-cable. Bollard.Chain-hook. Bolster.Chain-lifter. Bolt-rope.Chain-pump. Bonaventure-mizzen.Chain-stopper. Bon-grace.Cheeks. Bonnet.Chess-tree. Booby-hatch.Chest-rope. Boom.Chinse. Boom-iron.Chinsing-iron. Boom-jigger.Cleat. Boomkin.Clew. Clew-garnet.Gooseneck. Clew-line.Goose-wings. Clinch.Gore. Clinching.Grafting. Clove-hitch.Grapnel. Coat.Grappling-irons. Collar.Graving. Commander.Gripes. Compass.Grommet. Compressor.Ground-tackle. Concluding-line.Guest-rope. Controller.Gutter-ledge. Cork jacket.Guy. Counter.Halser. Counter-brace.Halyard. Courses.Hammock. Crane.Hand-lead. Creeper.Hank. Cringle.Harness-cask. Cross-chocks.Harping. Cross-jack yard.Hawse. Cross-tree.Hawse-block. Crotch.Hawser. Crow-foot.Hawser-clamp. Crow's-nest.Head. Crupper-chain.Head-fas