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The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 4. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Occasional Poems (search)
on the Merrimac. O dwellers in the stately towns, What come ye out to see? This common earth, this common sky, This water flowing free? As gayly as these kalmia flowers Your door-yard blossoms spring; As sweetly as these wild-wood birds Your caged minstrels sing. You find but common bloom and green, The rippling river's rune, The beauty which is everywhere Beneath the skies of June; The Hawkswood oaks, the storm-torn plumes Of old pine-forest kings, Beneath whose century-woven shade Deer Island's mistress sings. And here are pictured Artichoke, And Curson's bowery mill; And Pleasant Valley smiles between The river and the hill. You know full well these banks of bloom, The upland's wavy line, And how the sunshine tips with fire The needles of the pine. Yet, like some old remembered psalm, Or sweet, familiar face, Not less because of commonness You love the day and place. And not in vain in this soft air Shall hard-strung nerves relax, Not all in vain the o'erworn brain Forego
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 4. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), At sundown (search)
longing prove The foretaste of diviner love! The day is done. Its afterglow Along the west is burning low. My visitors, like birds, have flown; I hear their voices, fainter grown, And dimly through the dusk I see Their 'kerchiefs wave good-night to me,— Light hearts of girlhood, knowing nought Of all the cheer their coming brought; And, in their going, unaware Of silent-following feet of prayer: Heaven make their budding promise good With flowers of gracious womanhood! R. S. S., at Deer Island on the Merrimac. make, for he loved thee well, our Merrimac, From wave and shore a low and long lament For him, whose last look sought thee, as he went The unknown way from which no step comes back. And ye,O ancient pine-trees, at whose feet He watched in life the sunset's reddening glow, Let the soft south wind through your needles blow A fitting requiem tenderly and sweet! No fonder lover of all lovely things Shall walk where once he walked, no smile more glad Greet friends than his wh
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 4. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Appendix (search)
Two Elizabeths. Requital. The Wood Giant. The Reunion. Adjustment. An Artist of the Beautiful. A Welcome to Lowell. 1886How the Robin came. Banished from Massachusetts. The Homestead. Revelation. The Bartholdi Statue. Norumbega Hall. Mulford. To a Cape Ann Schooner. Samuel J. Tilden. A Day's Journey. 1887On the Big Horn. A Legacy. 1888The Brown Dwarf of Riigen. Lydia H. Sigourney, Inscription on Tablet. One of the Signers. The Christmas of 1888. 1889The Vow of Washington. O. W. Holmes on his Eightieth Birthday. 1890R. S. S., At Deer Island on the Merrimac. Burning Drift-Wood. The Captain's Well. Haverhill. To G. G. Milton, on Memorial Window. The Last Eve of Summer. To E. C. S. 1891James Russell Lowell. Preston Powers, Inscription for Bass-Relief. The Birthday Wreath. Between the Gates. 1892An Outdoor Reception. The Wind of March. To Oliver Wendell Holmes. [Date unknown.] The Home-Coming of the Bride. Mrs. Choate's House-Warming. Fragment.
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 4. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Index of Titles (search)
Red Riding-Hood, II. 166. Red River Voyageur, The, i. 215. Reformer, The, III. 314. Relic, The, III. 69. Remembrance, II. 114. Rendition, The, III. 170. Requirement, II. 327. Requital, i. 413. Response, II. 168. Reunion, The, IV. 220. Revelation, II. 342. Revisited, IV. 178. Reward, The, II. 232. Ritner, III. 47. River Path, The, II. 53. Robin, The, i. 314. Rock, The, in El Ghor, II. 247. Rock-Tomb of Bradore, The, i. 388. R. S. S., at Deer Island on the Merrimac, IV. 298. Sabbath Scene, A, III. 159. St. Gregory's Guest, i. 405. St. John, i. 45. St. Martin's Summer, II. 81. Sea Dream, A, II. 67. Seed-Time and Harvest, III. 278. Seeking of the Waterfall, The, II. 76. Sentence of John L. Brown, The, III. 89. Sewall, Samuel E., IV. 410. Shadow and the Light, The, II. 252. Ship-Builders, The, III. 302. Shoemakers, The, III. 291. Sicilian Vespers, The, IV. 338. Sigourney, Lydia H., Inscription o