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mounting infantry on them. The northern counties of Alabama, you know, are full of Tories. There has been a convention recently held in the corner of Winston, Fayette, and Marion Counties, Alabama, in which the people resolved to remain neutral; which simply means that they will join the enemy when they occupy the country. Since Mississippi seceded people from these counties have been in this State carrying the United States flag. There are suspected men even in this county. Fayette County, Alabama, joins this county. The enemy can approach through that county without being exposed, make a dash on this place, and in a few hours destroy all the public property and shops in the town. There are some 800 infantry and three companies of cavalry, all without arms, at this place. Perhaps there may be 300 guns ready for issue in the shops here. They are making good cannon here. I present briefly some of the crude statements made with great confidence here. You know much more
till three o'clock the next morning, when they were awakened, and as soon as it was daylight, we were on our way. We arrived at Decatur at half-past 6 o'clock A. M., bringing back every member of my regiment that went with us. I wish to say a word relative to the condition of these people. They are mostly poor, though many of them are, or rather have been, in good circumstances. They outnumber nearly three to one the secessionists in portions of Morgan, Blount, Winston, Marion, Walker, Fayette and Jefferson counties; but situated as they are, surrounded by a most relentless foe, mostly unarmed and destitute of ammunition, they are persecuted in every conceivable way, yet up to this time most of them have kept out of the way sufficiently to avoid being dragged off by the gangs that infest the country for the purpose of plunder and enforcing the provisions of the rebel conscription act, but their horses and cattle are driven off in vast numbers. Every public road is patrolled by g